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  1. Gorch, A couple years ago I bought a Dual CS627Q off Ebay for $70 and fixed it up. I didnt do caps but it still sounded better than my Sansui. I did have to fabricate a new Steuerpimpel ( no, I didn't make that word up!) out of a part from a writing pen and replace the central automatic gear thingy that I found NOS for $26. It all works great now. It has a cool feature on the auto return where it shorts out the audio signal to silence at the end of the record right before you would normally hear the mechanism through the cartridge/stylus microphonics. Still running my old Empire 2000 E/
  2. Good but sad read. RIOT rocked. We covered a few tunes back in the day. The albums, yes vinyl, I have are Narita, Fire Down Under and the following one and/or maybe a live EP they released. I liked how they would mix a distorted background chug with clean chords over the top.
  3. I had a similar thing happen to me this past year. My PC wouldn't boot normally and kept going into CHKDSK forever. A lot of stuff out there about that but nothing worked... until I disconnected my 2nd drive and things started booting up again and things seemed fairly normal. I also had the weird move your mouse and weird noises came through the speakers. The weird thing was my recovery PC process which has always worked in the past, and even my various backups did not work! I thought it was the C drive all along but apparently it was the 2nd drive . BUT, in my frustration of trying everything
  4. How was Danny Kaye? 😉 I don't have quite the great detail that you have but I do wish I saw Ozzy with Randy Rhoads in Santa Cruz, CA, just around Monterey Bay from us, but I probably had some lame excuse like work! I later saw Ozzy in SF or Oakland but a little past when RR had already passed, it may have been Brad Gillis but at the time we thought it was another guy who's name escapes me right now but was somewhat familiar to people back then (possibly Bernie Torme? but that doesn't seem quite right) like a journeyman player but not someone that went on to become a more recogn
  5. HHB said, "Man making videos is such a fucking rabbit hole." /////////////////////// Hey now, take it easy on yourself Bill. I've known you on this board for close to 20 years and not once have I thought of you as a "fucking rabbit hole" ! 😋
  6. If you don't mind saying, what do you think your total cost will be when finished? I've always wanted to to my own build so just curious.
  7. London 1666 is pretty rocking with blistering solo action (whatever that means). I've always liked that Graham Bonnet wasn't afraid to go outside the usual palette of ideas to write songs about. Polar Bear seems like a weird thing to write about but when you read the Eskimo story in the Youtube stuff above it's pretty cool. I always thought Starcarr Lane was a very emotional song with cool lyrics.
  8. I think I'll buy it, thanks for posting! I've always liked Graham Bonnet and Alcatrazz, especially with Yngwie. Hopefully means I'll get to see them in concert again one day... actually now I'm not sure If I saw them live or not. I know I saw Yngwie before, but maybe not Alcatrazz. Don't mind me, just having a conversation with myself! Gary Shea, bass; and Jimmy Waldo, keys were originally from the band New England. Anyone remember them? I liked them, especially the song P.U.N.K. Anyway, here's more info on Alcatrazz...a lot of guest players on the album, interesting. From the Y
  9. Man, I actually like that blue and red. I'd love a white guitar with blue hardware like that. Maybe it's just me?
  10. He means putting an extra ball end on the string. Slide the little metal ring down the string so that when inserted from the pickup-side of the tailpiece it can't enter as far and that will keep the wrapped part of the string inside the tailpiece and only the string itself will protrude from the non-pickup side. So, that when it's bent up and over the tailpiece it won't be bending and possibly start unwrapping the wound end of the string due to the extreme bend. It's an excellent idea...I'll give it a try!
  11. ZR


    We just did this so my obsessive research may help you save hours of your time. About 20 years ago we bought a Comfortaire, which was essentially the original air adjustable bed. The guys that worked there left and started the Sleep Number beds you see in the malls etc. They recently bought out Comfortaire so their plan was quite successful. I enjoyed going through the original guy and he was less expensive. I could call up and he would answer from his kids softball game and help me out. The product was great but we did have to send a pump back under warranty but it was all handled well. We'v
  12. Sorry, I know we're getting off track here (see below) but I saw that show last year when they came through ATL and thought it was great! I thought the camaraderie between the singers was fantastic, each giving the others their space. I thought they were all good at their own thing, but I tend to like Graham Bonnett a lot. It really looked like they were having a blast! Michael was just fantastic, hopefully his demons have been tamed and he keeps on a good track. He did his whole bad mouthing his bro thing which doesn't win people over that well regardless of how true it may or may not be, who
  13. Nathan, You had a lot of good points, good post! Good post Nathan! I agree with a lot of it but where I differ is in Jake's playing, I was the opposite; I didn't care for his Ozzy stuff much but really dug his Badlands stuff! To be fair, I didn't care for Ozzy's music as much after Rhodes until Zack came on board, especially the No More Tears album. Some of Ozzy's songs I can barely stand because to me they simply were not that good on a technical songwriter type basis - just album filler. Whereas Queen covered sooo much ground stylistically that even some of the newer stuff I could
  14. I wonder if there will ever be a time in the future when we will say, "remember back then how everyone had to say stuff and voice their opinion about everything? Man, we were at each others throats back then. Glad that all passed and people just went on about their business and lived their lives" Somehow, I'm not sure that's going to happen, but we can dream right?
  15. Yep, Tom Sholz put almost those same words on some of their albums too re. sounds made by guitars by people actually playing them... Something like that anyway.
  16. Have you been playing more? That's what's done it for me the last few years. I've been getting into theory and guitar vids on YouTube and writing a lot more of my own music. I hardly look at ebay etc. anymore, at least not like I use to. What helped me the most was the theory side of taking the time to see what I was really doing on guitar, instead of just remembering patterns. I always have some apps up while playing now to help me see what I'm playing. Anyway, it's helped me a lot.
  17. I saw them open for kings X at the Masquerade in ATL several years back (anyone else at that show that can confirm?Steve?). I bought the CD with That Song or whatever their pretty big hit (relatively) was. Ian especially is very talented! I'd see them again!
  18. Have you guys used the UPS map tracking where it shows exactly where the truck with your package is? On more critical shipments I've tracked them throughout the day. I now know their general route in my area so I have a pretty good idea when it'll arrive. But, I felt like it could be used by criminals to track ups trucks so they know exactly when to follow them and steal delivered packages.
  19. That's a bummer. As much as I'm a Schenker fan I enjoyed his work with UFO. Man, tough gigs having to follow Gary Moore and Michael Schenker! RIP! Didn't someone on here take some lessons from him in FL?
  20. Sometimes I think it might be best to just have one instrument to really bond with but then I rationalize the others I have as filling a specific niche. So I have a 6 string acoustic cedar top and one in spruce, a 12 string acoustic, a classical guitar made in Sweden. A Hamer Cruisebass, a Fretlight guitar with LEDs in the fretboard that light up chords, inversions, scales etc according to dials set on the guitar. It's a strat like guitar so fills that purpose but I would definitely want a better strat type instrument eventually. I mainly got it to illustrate things to guitar student
  21. How many guitars/basses do you own? Doesn't matter what brand etc. just spill the beans! No prizes will be awarded but I'm not promising that there won't be any interventions. Of course, that would only be for those that didn't have enough!😁 Here's mine; 9
  22. Well, I don't know the man but do have a Full-Drive 2 (which isn't going anywhere) and from what I understand he was making a comment about the government turning a blind eye in protecting innocent citizens' property. He only posted that after 4 nights of the rioting and looting. If I'm wrong please correct me as I like to seek the truth but it seems to be harder and harder nowadays with the internet, social media and the way the news is reported (or is it reported anymore? or just editorialized?). Anyway, once people jumped his shit and deemed him a racist he turned things back around on them
  23. Sweet is great stuff! Read up a little bit more on them lately and I never knew Saxon covered Set Me Free, Joan Jett covered ACDC and Pat Benatar covered No You Don't.
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