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  1. For example, when Toby and I get together our conversations cover everything and we go down, seemingly, every rabbit hole, leaving no stone unturned. Makes for heavy, deep, long conversations. I'm not sure if that's strictly Korean, but I've known quite a few like that. The korean people have immense pride in their country and how they represent it, and i think that shows in their products.
  2. Keep those old blocks if you do replace because if this continues the industry will eventually go to bigger blocks as a standard marketing feature and then everyone will be clamoring for those real vintage small blocks!! I do think it would change the sound somewhat. Do you people know if this makes a bigger difference in regular strat type trems or on a floyd rose?
  3. I always thought the Heartfield lineup was cool.
  4. I have an all-flame maple body set-neck Chap Custom that I don't really consider bright but more as articulate. One of my favorite things is how even with heavy distortion I can still hear the higher strings ring through the mud when you hit an E chord then hit the top 2 strings to ring out perfecly, just a great blend. ... hopefully that makes sense! They supposedly used big leaf eastern Maple and it's supposed to have different tonal qualities than whatever the other kind is, works for me. I know it's easy to make fun of questions people ask, but how else are you supposed to know? When I pick up a new guitar to try one of the first things I notice is the weight of it. If, for example, it's a regular strat but it weighs 12 pounds that won't work for me. My Chap weighs 8.8 pounds. Not sure what a mahogany Chap weighs... anyone care to chime in, as I'm curious? I'm guessing maybe mine's 1 pound more, just a guess. IMHO, this guitar is worth that price. Where else are you going to get that features list, with Hamer quality, stadium logo etc. Just beautiful. I'm not in the market and haven't been for several years but even I did a double take and start computing what I could sell to get it etc! But, I can't, so someone here get this and keep it in the Club!
  5. We'll, it would have been better if you had both feet on the wall! I wish I had some old pics of me playing, but the only one I can remember ever being taken was when, inspired by the day on the green concerts in the Bay area back in the day, we decided to have a band practice in the backyard of my friends house. It was pretty loud but the police weren't called. I guess his neighbors liked priest, maiden, Saxon and y&t!!
  6. John Travolta was in Grease? I only remember Oilivia πŸ’˜πŸ˜ And, to make sure I wouldn't forget her I had her poster on the wall! The one from the movie in her black leather bad girl outfit. Yes, next to Heather Thomas and Farrah Fawcett (even though I preferred Jaclyn Smith as my angel). And, in regards to those k-teI records ... I actually believe that the wide variety of music most of us older cats were exposed to back then was a great thing; musically and societally. We would often listen to a wide variety of music on trips in the car with my parents in the 70s. It would go from Ray Charles, Steve Miller, Lawrence Welk, ABBA, soul, classical, Linda Ronstadt 😍, Donna Summer, gospel, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Kenny Rogers, old AM radio hits whatever. On TV it was Sonny and Cher, Hee Haw, American Bandstand, Soul Train, Lawrence Welk to the late night rock concerts like cheap trick etc. Total variety! Societally, it seemed to give everybody something more in common that we ALL could relate to, some common ground. Nowadays (that's an old folks word!), everything is so divided and sub-divided that everyone is just into their own little world.
  7. You looked a little like Neil Geraldo in the first pic. In the next pic I like her white pants better than yours! She's pretty cute. Which one sang better, the 2nd one? It's so great that you guys have all these cool pics!
  8. I sure hope I'm not sticking my foot in my mouth, but how did you lose your right leg below the knee? 😁
  9. Yes, bass and drums rocked on that one. For some reason the basslines reminded me of Tom Scholz's bass lines from Boston. That may be from just listening to a Rick Beato "what makes this song great" vid about "Hitch a Ride", but that's what it reminded me of. A part Japanese, part Puerto Rican friend of mine (I call him, a Japarican! Any PC people out there just deal with it!) let me borrow the Band -maid CD. I listened through it but didn't record it. He also turned me on to a really cool soundtrack from RWBY (pronounced ruby) tv series that has the father laying down metal type tracks to his daughter's vocals. I did record that, it rocks!
  10. Man, I just love that song, the production and bassline!
  11. Looks almost like my '89 except I have a recessed Floyd (and different pickups). What year is that? When did they recess or not-recess Floyds?
  12. I never heard this before even though Sweet has always rocked in my book. I love Scorpions too...Now I need to find that Action cover! >>>>From Wiki... "Fuchs geh' voran" is a German cover versionof the song with lyrics about a literal fox being chased by hunters to sell its fur. It was released as a single in 1975 by the German rock band Scorpions as The Hunters. The B-side also features a German cover version of another Sweet song, "Action", as "Wenn es richtig losgeht". >>>
  13. Yesterday I got an email from Steve Haynie on whether Rodney (Jettster) and I would be at the show. Rodney mentioned how it's just too hard to make the weeknight shows with work etc. I know how he feels. I've been motivated to work on our house lately and I know I need to take advantage of that motivation whenever I feel it! But, I kind of overdid it especially with a stand-up show ahead of me last night. At 55 those stand-up shows after work can take the energy out of me quick. At least compared to how it used to be! But, I had my ticket and the show must go on! Michael Schenker was essentially the last of the guitarist I had to see before I die so it was mandatory. I got there right at 8 and was able to be around 9 people back from the stage right in front of Michael right before the show started. For those that don't know, Michael Schenker Fest is a project involving the 3 singers from MSG and Doogie White from Michael's Temple of Rock band. Their first album, "Resurrection", was pretty strong. I read that it charted at #81 on the US charts (don't know any specifics) and better in Europe and Japan. 2nd album coming in August I believe. During the show, they mix it up quite a bit with each guy handling his respective time period in basically chronological order. They share duties for the UFO tunes, sometimes each singing a verse. They also played 2 Scorpions tunes that Michael penned; starting the show with Holiday with Michael singing and later playing the great instrumental Coast to Coast. Lately, Michael's been very public about how his brother, Rudolph, ripping him off, copied his black and white V etc. and it just comes off as petty and negative to me. I do feel that Michael's been taken advantage of through the years by quite a few characters but this isn't the way to go, IMHO. Nevertheless, he started the show talking about his brother even before playing a note and then again on the other Scorps tune. Somehow, it didn't really bother me though and hope that it is some kind of cathartic process for him this year and that he just gets it out of his system. Gary Barden's voice was the weakest of the 4 singers which was unfortunate as that's one of my favorite periods for the band. He was at the end of the tour (2nd to the last show) and even Michael was wearing an elbow brace, so maybe old age and active touring does that to you. He did have good charisma with the crowd and was still a good front man. I thought Graham Bonnet's voice was still very strong and I've always liked his non-typical-hard rock/metal rock star look - clean cut, short hair, suit jackets sometimes etc. I enjoyed his solo albums and now I might want to see him when he goes on tour again, I think soon. Robin McCauley had your typical rock star look and man, he really sings great. It was just unfortunate that as the singers got better the material, to me, got weaker. Doogie white came out in typical medieval garb/kilt thing and reminded me so much of Jack Black. Very funny , energetic and he can belt it out! I never listened to any Temple of Rock stuff but I have to now, any recommendations? The 4 singers thing actually worked great as they could sing backups to fill in the songs better and help each other out as needed. Seeing the lack of ego involved was refreshing, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Chris Glen was on bass. I never knew he was with Alex Harvey. Man, 3 hours of solid playing; no wonder Michael was wearing an elbow brace at the 2nd to the last US tour date! The singers all rotated through the night but Michael was playing the whole time, 31songs I believe! I still remember the day that Kevin Jennings came in to Mr. Cappetti's drafting class in high school with the new MSG album on cassette; my life changed! His uniqueness, note choices, vibrato and his melodic playing made each solo a song within a song. I remember back in the day that I would routinely fast forward albums to just listen to the solos from certain artists, but with MSG I thought all the playing throughout the whole song was quality. The 2nd MSG album is a definite desert island disc for me! Michael was great! He was very interactive with the crowd which I didn't expect. He seemed comfortable up there, slapping peoples hands in the crowd between parts of songs etc. I was just glued to all he was doing last night! I had already saw the setlist but was surprised that he doesn't play "only you can rock me". One of my all time favs and that solo is Michael Schenker in a nutshell. Steve showed me a pick of Steve Mann's (keyboardist/guitar) setlist and they had it listed as one of the encore tunes but they didn't play it.That was the only real disappointing thing about the show.
  14. That first video was the first instance I've seen of progressive mouth shredding, pretty cool!πŸ˜‰
  15. Perfect timing! I'm sending my address. Thanks! I've not been playing guitar as regularly as I used to (everyday) over the last 2 years or so. I just decided to get back into it more which includes restringing all my guitars! I used to keep up on all that stuff religiously but just lost all the passion for some reason; depression will sap the life out of you.
  16. So right on old Crue! I often play the first one. No heavy production, just a real raw sound, like watching them play in someone's garage. Perfect for their tunes back then! Also, nice job OP on the cool tones!
  17. Is that one of those fender fat-finger things on his headstock question mark is supposed to improve tone. Does anyone have any experience with those? I guess I could just take a heavy metal vice and put it on there with some material to protect the finish just to test the theory.
  18. I recently read two things that peaked my curiosity about Ozzy's treatment of Randy Rhoads and his other guitarists. Or, I guess I should say how did his boss, Sharon, treat them? We all know how the Osborne's chose to screw original band members out of royalties by re-recording the parts they made famous. I was sickened to hear of how great Ozzy is to give Lee kerslake one of his dying wishes of finally getting his gold/platinum albums (whatever they were) for his work on them after almost 4 decades! Then, I read how Vivian Campbell said his deal with Dio (yes, that he agreed to) was no royalties, publishing, nothing for the first two albums except $250 a week in today's dollars the first year, and $1,000 a week on the 2nd. That's for both all the creative work on the albums plus the ensuing tours. He was promised to get some equity on the 3rd album but it never happened and Vivian left. Yes, Vivian agreed to it and it certainly was great exposure. And, he ultimately landed on his feet and hopefully with some money in the bank now, but I felt that was crappy. Anyway, does anyone know what kind of deal RR had with Ozzy? Jake etc?
  19. I know it was just a little jam to highlight Brad's playing but I missed the great descending bass part of the original. I missed seeing RR so I saw Brad at the Oakland colliseum (I think, or was it cow Palace in SF?). Anyway, he did a good job. Would have been interesting to see what original music they would of made together.
  20. I'm not telling anyone what to do but it would be fair to mention that it's not just some dance troupe but part of a religious / political movement that you may or may not support. That's up to you. Plenty of stuff on the internet machine about it if you're interested.
  21. I thought Pat Thrall was also in the mix of touring guitarists after RR, but nothing to back that up except memory. EDIT: seems like Pat just set Ozzy up with Brad.
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