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  1. Just do it ! see how it plays sounds, change it back on the next string change it it does not work out. I have a few guitars I keep set this way others it did't seem to play correct.
  2. I had that SS at one time. I bought it off Ed Roman website back in the early 2000's . Had to reduce some guitars a few years later for work on my house. It had black hardware on it at the time is owned it.
  3. Those are the early 90's version the Sustain block bridge. See the groove for the height adjustment screws, those are the only version to have that feature.
  4. That one is tempting. I am sure it will not last long.
  5. email from them : Hey Matthew! That one is currently going for $1699.99. Our vintage specialist, Kent, is at the shop today if you wish to give him a call about it. The number is 813-254-8880 if you're interested. Skyler Alexandre maybe it too much attention too quickly...
  6. FYI : Not affiliated, I saw this on Instagram. https://www.replayguitar.com/ has a 1996 Hamer USA Standard in stock , flame top with dot inlays. $1700 , other then the pic on Instagram I know nothing about it. its not on there web site. you actually have to call.
  7. Look nice. Congrats. Most Carvins always seem like they are well built. Can only say i have played 3-4 of them over the years. Had a all mahogany neck thru tele style for a short time in the 90's , it was an OK guitar, but there are many many OK guitar brands out there. To each there own. I am sure some would say the same about our sacred Hamers.
  8. At one time I had used 2007 Mahogany Standard in Vintage Orange that was originally ordered though them. I think some one here has it now.
  9. Great find. Excited to see more photos. Have one only 11 numbers away from that one...
  10. I went to his shows for many year until the ticket prices went crazy. It hard to justify most big names shows at all due to the $$.
  11. Have finally gotten some time this weekend to work on guitar projects. Many of string changes, pickup swaps, got a input jack that needs replaced in an old Sunburst. Crank up some tunes and get to it!!!
  12. if you like how it sounds & plays. Don't mess with it. if anything , give it a few months before ya change the configuration.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Many may not have liked that guitar, but other would have enjoyed learning to play with one. Did they have a meeting at Gibson to decide how we can screw up more then the "we know who you r are video" ? I think they have topped it!
  14. I have my grandfather old Heathkit tube tester he built back in the 50’s . It will check just about every tube available at the time frame . But it’s not for sale .
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