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  1. It been several years since I've been down to St Augustine. Still have a few cousins that live in the area. I can recommend a very good sea food restaurant. https://www.schooners-seafood.com/ . It not a fancy place but always has very good sea food & its reasonable priced.
  2. I ran across one at a pawn shop down in Indianapolis in the mid 2000's, it was the single pickup version, good shape too had the dark burst finish. I think they only wanted about $450 for it. At the time I didn't have the whole amount. I put $50 on it to put it in lay-a-way, guy gave me a receipt. A month later i want back to pick it up. He had sold it someone else. Got my $50 back but that was BS.
  3. I actually did. That how I introduced myself. Told him I came to take some photos and get some info the the HFC. He handed me the bass let me look it over . When I took out my phone to take a few pics , he got pissed and reply he was not comfortable with me taking photo and put it back on the wall. That is exactly what I was thinking when he took the bass back. Hay I'm trying to get this info to a group of people who actually might want to buy this, but after his attitude, my final was let the thing rot on the wall.
  4. I stopped in the store yesterday. its is a 1996, finish looks to be org. , the back of the neck has some dull spots, over all it looks good, all the tuner buttons have been changed out to pearl type plastic. The finish is a dark transparent purple. The individual in the shop was a giant d-bag. "He didn't feel comfortable with me taking photos of the bass or other guitars in the shop"
  5. Never go to the person house or property. Always meet in a public place & bring a buddy to keep an eye on things form an outside perspective.
  6. take off the sustain block & pickups, then give it a Viking funeral !!!
  7. I've seen a few Specials with a wraptail but never a Mahogany Studio, but with Hamer ya never know if one will show up.
  8. Too bad I'm not going to Cali any time soon my company has a plant near that location. Id swing by and grab that one. Some one get it.
  9. Damn, I didnt look at the computer all weekend. I would have come down to Indy If id known.
  10. Agnesi is standing behind the camera say if you want the check hold the guitar and look at the lens.
  11. The few times I got to see Gary Moore play live he was always using Custom Shop Les Pauls , I was always waiting for Greeny or his other Vintage Burst to make an appearance. In 03' he was using the Red Strat & a white Explorer most of the show. He bought out a custom shop Version of his signature model when he did Still Got the Blues & Prarisienne Walkways. Saw his two time in one week in 06 while he was on tour with BB King. He had a verrity of different Custom Shop Les Paul on that tour & I think he bough out the Red Strat & a Tele for one or two songs.
  12. Sunburst have body binding, & can, but not always have Crown inlays & binding on the necks.
  13. It been on there about two months now. Ill stop in and take a few pics if its still there next time I'm in Indy.
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