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  1. I have only seen a few FB's go up for sale over the years, Scepter V I think I've only seen two go up for sale. Watson 4-5 but yet again im looking for them more. 2001 I was in Japan for a business trip & asked around if there were any music stores that sold guitars near by. The only Hamer in the store was a Watson that had an head stock repair, flame maple top, I think it was about $1200, I was closing on my house two weeks later so I didn't spend the $, Kick myself all the time for not bring it back with me.
  2. bruce919

    NGD: None more pink

    NON more Pink mmm.
  3. The Rick Nielsen models had a checkerboard stripe under the logo.
  4. bruce919

    Floyd Saddle Screw Hole Repair

    if its an M3 , drill out to a #38 drill & re-tap it with a #5-40 UNC , done it on an old Chap I had years ago. One a side note: The chrome floyds don't strip out as easy due to the plating adding some strength to the fine thread surfaces.
  5. bruce919

    Was there a wraptail P90 Studio?

    remember seeing a Goldtop P-90 with a wrap-tail on the board years ago.
  6. Well Duh! Goldtops sound better , that is common knowledge
  7. bruce919

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Wait till you see the paint !!
  8. OK , What could Gibson do to make the guitar world happy?
  9. 1985 - Beach Boys, John Cafferty & The Beaver Band at the tennis courts in Indy before there was a outside summer venue built.
  10. bruce919

    Mike Soldano Retiring....

    Hamer gone... Soldano… gone, ugh My Lucky 13 is been my #1 amp for 10+ years.
  11. bruce919

    Name the Gravelin