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  1. One of my favorite finishes for Floyd era Hamer's. There were several variants. Has a Cali Deluxe with a Black/gold finish.
  2. Congrats , play the heck out of it. Always like the electronics set up in the Clapton Strats.
  3. damn, I have been looking for one in Blonde to pop up cheap from some time. If any one knows of one for sale let me know.
  4. Seen many Newport Pro's with Phat Cat pickups. If this one was orange Sparkle I would have already snatched it up & put a set of TV Jones pickup in it.
  5. Many, I need to have a long weekend , just the soldering iron & me. Lots of string changes overdue as well.
  6. It basically a Newport Bass short scale. It was in the Hamer builders blog back in the 2000's Jack customer ordered it, if I remember correctly , he wanted a lighter bass then his normal B4S Blades bass he had been playing for years. It got Gold covered EMG pickusp. It got damaged as well, Jol had a blog on fixing it.
  7. Many of the guitars mike has build have photos of the build process. I think any one that has got one made should put all of those photos on a flash drive/CD & keep it with the guitar, so future care takers of the instruments will know how much craftmanship when in to these fine guitar/basses.
  8. The big pickguard and top mount controls make me want to projectile vomit on those guitars. Gibson you know the recipe !! don't F^*K it up!!!
  9. NIce, it looks like a been sitting under the bed for 25 years, I've been looking for a beater Diablo II to pop up for sale, don't see them very often.
  10. In the 70-80's when regular production Les Paul were crap I could see the attraction to the Old well build Les Paul's. Now with the Custom shop models being built so well, the only appeal to the vintage LP, is they are rare. Same for the Dumbles, Black-guard Tele's etc... A player has more options then has ever been available before, if you still sound bad, its not your gear...
  11. Marshall Class 5, 1x10 Combo, Missing back center panel. Has some bumps & scraps in the Tolex and one spot in the grill cloth. Works fine no issues. Someone had installed a Dr Z Attenuator in before I got the amp, appears to be all stock otherwise. $370 shipped or make offer if we can avoid shipping & PP. (NOTE : Dr Z attenuator NOT included) Stay tuned for more odds & ins of gear, time to move some items out. Will get photos posted later. NOT looking for trades or shipping overseas. tess919 at live dot com JCA45 is sold.
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