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  1. Did that belong to Mr. Watson at one time? I know he had at least one Scepter V in white, I seen some photos of him with just a white Vector with binding as well. Most of his Mid 80's Hamers Had the PJ Marx pickups though
  2. I will take it. I think it only has four previously unreleased tracks. Hopefully there have some more recordings for future albums. Got to see him play when he was doing the Scars tour & the mini- tour he did with BB King in 06.
  3. Classic & Classic plus . Center line to centerline of mounting holes are approximately 3.093”
  4. Cleaning out the parts box. Here is first group. TV Jones Powertron set. , Chrome cover, traditional Filtertron style mounting (no ear or universal mounts) 4 wire conductors, Bridge & Neck set. Neck & Bridge wires 13" long. $195 shipped lower 48 USA via Paypal. TV Jones Classic Neck & Classic Plus bridge set , Chrome covers, English style mount (with ears that are part of pickup base, NON traditional Filtertron type mount) two wire conductor, Neck wire is 11" , Bridge wire is 7.5" $195 shipped lower 48 USA via PayPal Dimarzio Tone Zone T (tele bridge pickup
  5. Congrats , cool score, that is on a list of Mesa I have wanted to try out.
  6. Very very cool. Congrats. that was a killer deal for that one. I call dibs if you ever want to let that one go.
  7. I had one of the Limited run Waton's. Yes it had the typical early 90's thinner neck profiles.
  8. I know there were some Mahogany P-90 specials built in New Hartford. I saw several in the stock room at one of the HFC open houses it was either in 2000 or 2001.
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