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  1. Have finally gotten some time this weekend to work on guitar projects. Many of string changes, pickup swaps, got a input jack that needs replaced in an old Sunburst. Crank up some tunes and get to it!!!
  2. if you like how it sounds & plays. Don't mess with it. if anything , give it a few months before ya change the configuration.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Many may not have liked that guitar, but other would have enjoyed learning to play with one. Did they have a meeting at Gibson to decide how we can screw up more then the "we know who you r are video" ? I think they have topped it!
  4. I have my grandfather old Heathkit tube tester he built back in the 50’s . It will check just about every tube available at the time frame . But it’s not for sale .
  5. Find a local trophy shop that has a laser, just bring them design and you back plate. Done. I am 99% sure that how it was done one the ordinal batch. I have 3 with the checkerboard logo. They are just burning off the black Anodizing. Over time the Aluminum could oxidize in the exposed ares & turn white and little powdery.
  6. Any PRS, the McCarty is the only model i have ever connected with at all, even then the 90-mid 2000's McCarty still feel & play different then then model new models. PRS have outstanding build quality & most look damn fine, but just don't like how they play or sound. I've had several over the years , after I sold off the last one i decided they were not for me.
  7. Is this one a HFC approved color ? 25/50 VAC w/reverb
  8. Late 90's - early 2000's you could get 80's Specials , Vectors , prototypes for $400-600 all day long , if you could find them, there were not many shops that had used inventory online. When one popped up it went quickly. I use to make weekend trips to different areas and look up the music & pawn shops up in the phone book and plan out the day. Would always ask do you have any old Hamers around. It paid off once , the guy went in the back and bought out a Sunburst, still have that one. Best two deals were the GC by Hamer Chaparral for $150 , it was missing the Floyd rose, of course the Watson for $550 + $60 for import duty fee. Remember the USED gear by mail catalogs? The Hamers that showed up there were always gone by the time I called.
  9. when you start looking at the salad options on the menu instead of the burgers.
  10. roughly after the 25th anniversary year (until the logos ran out) that model just became the Artist Mahogany instead of the anniversary model.
  11. I like the TBX as a tone control. had my Shishkov built with one. I think the mid to late 90's USA & Mexico Fenders were very well built for the money. 96-98 seem to be the prefect years for me in consistency & build quality of the guitars. To each there own...
  12. Its got a 87 serial number. I would say late 87 time frame. I had a 87 Chaparral that I sold to another HFc'er that was only approx. 250 numbers away from this one. They were all spec. out the same other then the head stock logo & an ebony fretboard. This popped up on eBay a few years back, very dirty , missing the Floyd & all the cover plates as well. it been played quite a bit, some one had a Roland pickup installed in it at one time.
  13. That really translates to his wife has “em” in box somewhere he will never get to them again!!
  14. It plays very good, other then a fretboard cleaning the guitar look like it left the factory last week. The the guitar sound more strat like then shredder , don’t know if it’s the alder body and or the EMGs. Always on the fence on EMGs , they have great articulate voice on clean to semi distorted tones , but when you crack up the gain the all sound the same . I’ll get a few more pics posted this weekend . It a great looker and player. It’s Gonna be around for a while. @cmatthes the serial number on this one is only 6 numbers away from your old Standard . i had a 92 Cali deluxe in the black and gold granite finish . Sold it to another HFC’er in Chicago , wish I had not sold that one too. If you wanna sell it back let me know .
  15. 91 Hamer Chaparral Deluxe looks like it hardly been played.
  16. well its only has 6 strings, some Boomerang inlays, & I doubt it ever belong to the late great Mr Campbell
  17. The hole pattern on the bobbins look to be Dimarzio pickups.
  18. Stubbled across a rare model Hamer today ... photos to come once it shows up.... I’ll keep ya guessing
  19. Sweet . Play the heck out of it !!
  20. from about 2004 only have few left from these phots. Lower photos shows the three 97 Mahogany Standards.
  21. 3d printer !!!! BTW. If someone want to send me one to take measurements. I will draw up the CAD model so you can get one printed. I will return the ring back once I get the model done.
  22. That is exactly what popped into my mind when I saw that awesome paintjob. Looks great. Congrats. Play the sparkle out of it!!
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