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  1. It's missing reverb for that authentic toilet sound.
  2. Midnight Moses

    Midnight Moses

  3. Just goes to show how underpriced the Artist Ultimates were - more intricate, hand made one-offs at less than 1/4 the cost of these! What price those at Fender rates?
  4. Absolutely gutted Big Ted is one of my all time favourite drummers and I had the huge privelige of getting to jam with him once. Always was prepared to take the time to talk if you met him. Saw him give a history of drumming from caveman banging on a log to modern metal drumming just using a snare drum - awsome!
  5. Hi Dave, Really happy you're enjoying the Standard, it was a pleasure meeting with you. If you're down in Glasgow again on a Tuesday night looking for something to do, there's a blues jam in the State Bar in Holland St.
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