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  1. No affiliation. A couple of Hamers up for auction in UK - estimates seem good. Would have a punt for the Vector myself but the boss says no. https://guitar-auctions.co.uk/portfolio-post/lot-31-1981-hamer-vector-electric-guitar-made-in-usa/ https://guitar-auctions.co.uk/portfolio-post/lot-32-1993-hamer-studio-electric-guitar-made-in-usa/
  2. Good post: Zal Cleminson - first guitarist I saw live that made me ask myself why I even bother trying to play the guitar. Bill Nelson - Appeared in the mid 70s when there was a lack of good guitar music getting airplay in the UK.
  3. Got into slide unintentionally years ago. It was a 3 guitar band, the other two had worked out their parts so I picked up the slide cause I couldn't think of anything else. I always use standard tuning and have all guitars more or less set up the same, however it depends on fingerboard radius too, the flatter the radius the harder I find it to play single notes cleanly. favourite slide is the glass Rock Slide which has great weight and tone and fits my finger really well.
  4. It's missing reverb for that authentic toilet sound.
  5. Midnight Moses

    Midnight Moses

  6. Just goes to show how underpriced the Artist Ultimates were - more intricate, hand made one-offs at less than 1/4 the cost of these! What price those at Fender rates?
  7. Hi Dave, Really happy you're enjoying the Standard, it was a pleasure meeting with you. If you're down in Glasgow again on a Tuesday night looking for something to do, there's a blues jam in the State Bar in Holland St.
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