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  1. I've been using my Mesa LoneStar head with an open back 2x12 for around 15 years, I keep trying other amps but nothing else quite does it. Takes pedals really well too.
  2. Clapton, SECC Hydro, Glasgow 2014. There were sound problems all night, and the man from the very start obviously didn't want to be there and just went through the motions. He walked off after an hour without a word, came back on for 1 song which Paul Carrack sang and walked off again to the sound of 13000 people booing.
  3. I don't know any guitarists that live in the real world!
  4. If it inspires you to play that's all that matters. But if you're talking about recreating every scratch and ding, remember those famous artists probably bought the original because they saw it looking al shiny and new and fab and are laughing because someone wants to but a guitar replicating the years of wear that they wish it didn't have!
  5. At that price? I'm almost tempted to put mine up for sale again (I said almost, it's probably the best sounding guitar I've ever played).
  6. I think the editor said, "we have a couple pf pages we need to fill up someone come up with something". There are myriad of reasons guitar music and players are not to the fore and none of them are to do with guitarists having a go at other guitarists. I watched Christmas ToTP and not only did I not recognize any of the music (that is my failing for being a crusty old git and not listening to radio other than rock channels), none of it was what you could call guitar based. Popular music has moved on as means of making music has developed and generation's tastes and cultures have changed
  7. Man, that is so sad! I had the privilege to spend an entire evening in is company at a jam in Saltcoats, what a genuinely lovely, funny guy. There were guys up jamming Cant Get Enough and with a shout of "I love this song!" he got up on stage to sing backing vocals with them (thought the singer was going to s**t himself). He got up and played a couple of songs too, it didn't matter what he played through he still got that tone. It was a great night. After that he always said hello whenever we went to his gigs in Glasgow. RIP Leslie.
  8. JAM Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme - at nearly $400 for an analog delay it's up there but it's nearly worth it for the name alone! Delay Llama - the sounds it can create are a spiritual experience šŸ˜€ Only wish I could afford one.
  9. Pretty sure it was still an SG but not sure if he'd switched to humbuckers by then.
  10. Zal Cleminson from SAHB on................Midnight Moses šŸ™‚
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