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  2. Aaaaand I just realized how long this tour was going on last night...LOL. Boy do I feel like a dum dum... I posted my previous comment from my phone, and my phone doesn't show me multi-page posts. All I saw was the initial post talking about the idea. I spent a couple hours reading back and listening/watching vids, looking at pix, checking out wyldbill.com, etc. Wowed. Very, very cool tribute.
  3. Thats very cool. Don't know bil (or any of you, really)...but this speaks volumes. Very glad I joined the forum...looking forward to building my Hamer collection! Being a noob...I don't expect to be able to participate, but I will be watching for pix and following along Awesome idea. Awesome group.
  4. I may have to jump on this...have one already but can't find a damn T-51 to save my life...
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