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  1. Duane Eddy and his twangy guitar.
  2. louhamer

    My Newport has returned home!

    If I ever sell the studio custom that you sold me you have first dids. I wouldnt plan on it unless I snag a triple threat😁.
  3. They are the real deal. Grab them if you need them.
  4. louhamer

    Pickup selector switches for Newports

    Thanks cynic 👍
  5. louhamer

    Pickup selector switches for Newports

    Thanks,. I'll look for the proper switchcraft.
  6. Do all Hamer Newports use Rickenbacker pickup selector switches?
  7. I bought the Newport Pro. 😁
  8. I saw that myself. Why doesn't ebay catch stuff like that?
  9. louhamer

    on the bay

    Thanks donned. I already have 2 Newports with fat cats. I wanted one with Seth Lovers and a maple top. That one was spectacular and easily worth much more than it sold for. Congrats to the buyer.
  10. louhamer

    on the bay

    I tried to contact the seller twice and got no response! I noticed that the top of the listing had 2 separate Hamers? One was the Newport, and one was some Korean one. They also had 2 separate sellers? Looked fishy to me. I would have loved that Newport.
  11. louhamer


  12. Sure no rush.  I have to figure out how to PayPal you. I have only used PayPal on eBay.  My email is 


    i live in Norwell, MA which is south of Boston.


  13. Hi it's Lou,

    I'll take it😀