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  1. I have a mahog 97 Standard that's a brick but it rings like a bell. I bought a set of Shlabotnik's for my four digit, but I think the brick would sound incredible with those. Might have to order another set for 0109.
  2. Wow. Nice. If i didn't have my Shishkov I'd be totally gutted as they say. Luckily...
  3. So about an eternity back when I went into GC, there was a lonely Vox AC4 for cheaps and the tag said "EV loaded" which I thought was bs until I picked it up and it was Ampeg-class heavy. I don't think I even plugged in before I ran it to the register and paid lol. Got it home, installed a mod kit, and swapped in a Weber silver pup. Killer. That EV'S around here somewhere. Maybe I ought to plug that into my DRRI or PRS Dallas II...
  4. the one on reverb was posted 24 days ago (according to the Product Specs page) so I don't think it's the GC FM Special unless he has a time machine lol (and if he does, I'll give him the $300 and ask him to go back to 1959 and pick me up a new Les Paul).
  5. I thought I had heard (and could be completely wrong on this) that David Gilmour would often take a few passes at a solo, and then mark out phrases he liked from all the takes, and then either learn it play in one continuous take or patch them together if the segments sounded good enough. I sure can't complain about his results (and not that I'm throwing stones, but Waters gets Gilmour, Clapton, and Jeff Beck to play on his songs? and then Doyle Bramhall II and Snowy White? that's like Pappy Van Winkle every night lol). For myself, I think it's being unfamiliar with recording and getting
  6. nothing like standing in the control room with a tyrannical band leader who's stoned out of his mind while you're trying to lay down a track and solo live. sitting 6 feet from me watchin' my hands and visibly cringing at any flub. after a while I had them set me up a loop of the track and sent them out to do a few more hits so I could focus. it was just like having the yips while putting...
  7. There was a King Biscuit special with Aerosmith back when they were a rawk band; a bandmate from years back said his family owned a cabin on the same lake where Aerosmith used to hang in the early days and the porch was a stack of empty beer cans the likes of which he never imagined...
  8. who'd thunk that the Tossers could help with pronunciation lol..
  9. I think it was Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives at the Academy of Music in Northampton, Mass on March 1. Feels like a million years ago. Didn't really discover Marcus King until lockdown - from Youtube it seems like that would be a great show to catch.
  10. A Diablo priced at $800ish would likely have to be Indonesian or maybe MIM to make money. Even the PRS S2 series (which are somewhat stripped down from the Core series) which are US built iirc start at $999. I doubt Hamer made much profit on the Diablos new (at $799 in 1993 dollars iirc) even though they had some simplifications compared to other shredders. It'd be really tough to make profits at that price now.
  11. made it from the woodpile to the guest room and brought a friend. needs to find a workbench so i can carbon-date the strings though.
  12. I am amazed at some of the craftsmanship of a few folks up here, and those look fantastic. The imperfection on #14 is like Cindy Crawford's mole. I lucked into a Stingray 5 string bass with a solid rosewood neck, and it has a really great sound (that low B through an SVT 8-10 is ridiculous). I'd wager those two sounded really nice.
  13. People mistake me for an astrophysicist all the time. At least the green would differentiate us.
  14. Which (at his and our age) might be about 7 more points of articulation than is realistically possible. Growing old sucks lol.
  15. We survived 2020. We're blessed with (some) family left, and our hearts go out to those who lost much more in this horrid year. We've sent a few pieces along to homes that will appreciate them, and hope that the new owners find happiness with them. Sometimes we're "just the man until the real man comes along". It's really cool when you hand a Hamer to someone, and you see the light glowing brighter. I was just hanging on to it until you were ready. Call me the curator lol.
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