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  1. does anyone have a source for the black Schaller baseplates as used on the Hamer locking trems? I'm running low on those and need a few more to rehab a couple of shredders.
  2. I picked up an Eminence Hempdog which is marketed as a cross between the Cannabis Rex and the Legend EM12 (the Legend is supposedly Emi's version of the EVM12L). Although it was developed with Pete Anderson who plays Deluxe Reverbs, it doesn't actually fit into the DRRI that I own because the output transformer hits the cast frame of the speaker lol. It sounded pretty good plugged into the DRRI, but I need to find a cabinet for it (it didn't fit into a Mesa open-back 12 cab either - the frame of the speaker runs into the reinforcing wood between the baffle and cabinet). I'm sure it will sound good if I ever manage to find a cabinet that it fits into. It is also rather heavy (spec'd at 16 lbs).
  3. What are the differences between the regular and naked versions? I picked up the SRV so naked and am really happy with it so far.
  4. that is about the coolest Gretsch currently made "none-more-Gretsch" GLWS
  5. Super Six Stevie Mod. The video by texas blues alley closed the deal. Been watching videos for their other Fender amp-in-a-box pedals (Champ, Blackface Deluxe etc). I don't need another pedal obsession (Wampler covers that for me) but I suspect I will be keeping half an eye out for Lovepedal sales.
  6. Just got an email with the shipping notification and tracking. Looking forward to checking it out.
  7. that's an interesting way to showcase all your products - looks like fun. it's an interesting option to have him build a 3 or 6 pedal 'fly rig' personalized for what you want/need. while a software-driven rig is more flexible, it's just easier imho to look down at knobs and just twist them rather than scroll through menus and screens trying to find the parameter on the effect that needs tweaking. now if i could get all my Wampler pedals integrated into a single box like that I'd be pretty happy but it would be bigger than my Holeyboard.
  8. I'd at least try them - I gigged a DRRI for the last few years and never got above 4 on the volume knob using dirt pedals. Lighter wouldn't be a bad idea (a bad idea is probably the Emi Hempdog that I just picked up for it - that's gonna make the amp heavier and louder so maybe not my best idea). I had a TRRI with a 15" for about 2 hours before it went back to GC and that was heavy enough to not want to keep, but a lighter Twin might be a nice tele/pedal steel amp and a little more portable than the 15 version. I think some of the original tweed Fender amps were pine cabs, and my tweed Champ and Deluxe both have a nice little thump to them. Leo used pine because it was cheap lol but now it's boo-tiki. I think the first tele protos (the snakeheads) were pine made out the wood used for amp cabs iirc. I do like pine teles, but they can vary in weight like any other wood.
  9. Welcome to the Hamer-hood lol. I'll fire up the grill for a welcoming party,and we can all go spelunking in the basement. Maybe you can even meet "beavis"...
  10. my guess would be the lacquer yellowed over the binding. I don't imagine that would have been painted that way.
  11. this looks similar - IR for your guitars? $99 at Amazon with next-day delivery. who's going first? lol
  12. Ron's Guitars in Groton, CT had a pink SS hanging in the front window that bleached out really quick - they sent that one back to be refinned according to Ron.
  13. the really nice thing is that you can return items to your local GC - I ordered a Fender Twin Reverb Custom 15 that showed up with a replaced speaker and dead tremolo circuit. That thing was delivered at 530 and was returned to the local GC and my credit card refunded within 90 minutes.
  14. I know the seller; he plays in an Irish band with the bassist from my country project and the bassist texted me earlier today about this one. The seller worked for KMC and the guitar was shipped to him after Fender shut down Hamer. I don't have the book of face, but the serial number I got in the photos was 8561nn but it seems that is a couple hundred before the final builds. Without knowing what else got shipped after Hamer closed, I can't say whether or not it was the last one out. I heard there were a couple partial Hamers in the warehouse that the Ovation guys were looking after - not sure what ever became of them though. Still a nice looking guitar from the photos I got. Based on what I saw, 2K seems reasonable and I have no idea what the list might have been at the time.
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