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  1. "normal people don't do this" I have friends for whom music is a commodity like ice cream or just background noise to their days; they just don't get it. They'll never realize the joy of creating the big, fat groove that gets the room bouncing, or the magical joy of trying to palm-mute that screaming guitar and amp set to kill during the count-in where the crowd had no idea that the country band they were watching all night was about to nuke them with "Play it all night long". When you get to the end of the song and everyone looks at each other in amazement "where the fuck did that come from?" (In a good way lol). When your hands magically produce the note that you hear in your heart, and everything that is you steps aside and lets the music flow. Normal people don't do this, but I hope they find their own peace/joy/happiness somewhere. To quote DBT: " I'll keep living just to bend that note in two".
  2. I will confess that i spent a day or two trying to find my 'Commie Red' Danelectro baritone; i knew it was in a gig bag but i bought a couple Stratosphere 6 packs of guitar and bass gig bags for those B-stock Squiers that keep landing on my doorstep. I did find my Dano U2 and a pair of Time guitars from the 70's though. Also found a Silvertone that I thought was gone (now if I could just find my Korg M1 - I forget who I loaned that out to lol). the two rules that mrs stonge has are 'no banjos and no bagpipes' lol. The mandolin almost generated a third rule lol.
  3. that's the end of the maple neck where it was glued into the (mahogany?) body.
  4. just got the 10th anniversary remaster of Jason Isbell's Southeastern; disc 1 is the remastered recording disc 2 has the original demos (neat to see how some of the songs changed, and some remained the same), and disc 3 is a live recording of the Southeastern album with his band the 400 unit. The video for the live set is here: Still one of our favorite albums.
  5. if the guitar sounds and plays great that 90% of the battle right there imho. I'd put the cover back on and forget about what the interior looks like (maybe the mojo is in the crud).
  6. thanks for the post - ordered sets of 50's strat and 60's jazzmaster pickups (I picked up a Squier Jazzmaster, so we'll see if the Vintera pickups are an improvement or if that's just the way Jazzmasters sound lol)
  7. squier with a laurel fingerboard, right? hope you got a lighter one than mine. looks cool, but mine's a brick lol
  8. yes. The first photo in the thread was from the shop i bought it from iirc. I think MikeC shot the second one; he did some great photos of my gear many moons ago. The neck is stamped 922--- so it's an 89 s/n and signed by Jim O'Conner and dated 1990. It sounds as good as it looks lol. Here's another shot with the twins (consecutive s/n Calis in blue and green).
  9. I have a catalyst 100 for my 'living room' amp. It's an easy fuss-free amp for jamming with the stereo or testing pedals. I usually leave it on clean or low gain drive, and I only use the reverb but not the built in effects. I have the foot switch, and I think you can reassign the effects button to activate the boost in the editor (I haven't tried the software, but it supposedly lets edit parameters with more detail). The power settings work well - half power is more than enough to jam or do a small gig with.
  10. It sees and never blinks lol
  11. I'm not 100% positive, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't routed for a neck pickup (if it was i probably would have installed one).
  12. That used to be mine, and it is a fun beast. Only sold because I had 2 Phantoms and 2 Phantom Customs and that was 2 too many lol. Hope that one finds a good Hamer home. GLWTS!
  13. skip to 30:10 for the amps gotta love those vhs transfers...
  14. It's a 1990ish PRS solid state amp designed by Eric Pritchard. This was PRS's first attempt at amps. There are product videos on YouTube demoing the half stack and the combo versions. I've got the half stack with the 4-12 cab and I like it well enough.
  15. Did you order a Peter Townshend reissue? It matches the Marshall cabs with the speakers caved in like the early days...
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