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  1. Dammit they only offered me 350 for the wife. Checking couch cushions now.
  2. Pandemic, riots, murder hornets and now this. Surely the world is coming to an end? Never thought I would see you part with old number 48. Sorry I'm not in a position to snatch her up. Good luck with your sale, Arnie. What a beauty! Cheers!
  3. Yep still pillaging the great NW. Let me know where he's headed next and I will get him on the way! Arghhh!
  4. The area we were in is often referred to as "Freak Peak". Really it's Capital Hill but it is known for its diverse culture. I worked in an emergency room on cap hill and can tell you stories you wouldn't believe! The guitar is nothing! ?
  5. The Mrs. aka Photographer for a day.
  6. we went by Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesites just because they were close, not guitar related but what a great Martial Artist! Too many wierdos hanging out to break out #5. Didn't seem appropriate anyway.
  7. Fremont Troll - That is a real VW Bug under his left hand.
  8. Anyone in the greater puget sound area that wants a photo op and some noodle time with #5 pm me. We're going Mo-bile this weekend. The rain finally let up! For now..... Cheers!
  9. Wyldbill is hanging with friends in Seattle. Fixin to have a fat bologna sammich' and piss off some neighbors proper. All in the name of the man! Nice talking to you today BTMN, thanks for allowing WB to mingle in the Emerald City. Cheers! More to come......
  10. Hi Arnie,


    Thanks so much for offering up some picks. You can send them to the address below. I would be happy to pay for them + shipping just let me know what I owe you. Thanks again!! Much appreciated!!


    Ken Nunn
    18331 9th ave ne
    shoreline, wa 98155

  11. Has Wyldbil made it to Seattle yet?? if not, maybe put me on the list? Maybe we could go see Jimmy?
  12. I knew this day would come, and I was right, makes me sick that I missed out on this. Beautiful guitar!!!! Congrats!!
  13. 9th Row for the Seattle show!! Cant wait. Rush is one of the only bands I haven't seen live. I always missed them the few times they came to Seattle.
  14. From the wife; Bonamassa tix, studio lighting and Seahawks stuff (Go Hawks!) From me; Quilted Artist and a Quilted Monaco I am so good to me.
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