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  1. Wow! Those guitars just have rock written all over them.
  2. Man, those are awesome! Love the cream coils on those finishes.
  3. He tweaked a couple of things while he was in there? Sounds like a warranty voiding mod to me. 🤣 Seriously though, Dave seems cool about dealing with stuff. During shutdowns on the ToneTalk YT show, he'd tell people to email him and send him stuff since he had free time. My only beef is the whole Boutique Amps Distro thing. He seems to be the main driver of that, but they seem to obscure who the actual owners are. Their website only links to the companies they manufacture for and only actually says they distribute for them. I'd think they'd want to shout from the rooftops that they have Dave and Wampler and these other company founders behind it.
  4. Thanks, it does help. Just wanted the info for future reference, not enough free cash right now for that one. I do have a Chap, though not that pretty.
  5. Thanks, just to be clear, not trying to steal @Ham Rex's purchase, just curious in general for the future. Those Japanese stores have lots of cool stuff!
  6. I hope Lee Greenwood threw a tomato at him.
  7. So, would you rather watch him play or "work" on a guitar?
  8. Their mix of blues, folk, rock and even other influences to me is pretty much unbeatable. I love that they didn't let being a 4 piece limit their studio work. Their layering on songs was phenomenal. Page had to pick and choose what parts to play live, so the songs had a different life live. I admire that Plant continues to put out new music and rework the old songs live rather than just do tours trying to sound like he did in 1970. I also think that the Celebration Day show was a fitting cap to their work.
  9. Really great version. I loved the live choir pad. Perfect rendition. Thanks for sharing it.
  10. With his Clapton Epi-face about that finish.
  11. Welcome. Good score and upgrade. I've got a flat topped Korean made and it's a really good guitar. I paid $200 for mine like 6 years ago, so you got a good deal. The USA Hamers are great. No regrets in the ones I've gotten.
  12. No, it just looks dumb because it's a studio and broadcast mic. I'll assume it's the only one he has, but then just don't use it for the video.
  13. This is $149: https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/microphones/mv88
  14. Can't go wrong with Pete. Great player, seems like a cool guy. Love that he writes an original piece of music with depth for like a delay pedal demo.
  15. At a minimum EQ the sound a little, but I'm with you. A new SM57 is $100, less used.
  16. I have a bunch of EMGs. Let me know if you want some. I go back and forth with them. I like the sounds but hate dealing with the battery stuff.
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