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  1. I'd read they were going to ask Kirk to include a wah pedal, but he said he can't live without even one of them. Hammett wishes he was Gary Moore. You know, except for the dead part.
  2. I'd love to hear a full report about them. Typically with lower priced stuff, the watch outs are stuff like inputs distort a little quicker, high end may be sharp, connectors may not be robust and they don't do well if you're rough with them. Can't speak to the Harbingers particularly, but that's what I've run into.
  3. Nice! Hey, doesn't have to be fancy for great results.
  4. I dig the Audix OM5 and OM2 as a lower cost version. The Audix mics really like you to be on them to sound their best, not a foot away, so mic technique may need to be adjusted. I've also liked the EV N/D767, but haven't tried its replacement (ND67).
  5. Looks great, decent price. If I didn't have one, I'd look at it. But, I wonder if the chair comes with it. The guitar seems to really like it. ๐Ÿ˜†
  6. Well, I hadn't found one before, and it looks cool, but not $6k cool. For only a few thousand more, you could have the coolest guitar he's ever owned!
  7. Yeah, there's a lot of similar looking ones as well as the Xvive. I played in a band a few years back and the bass player's wife bought him a wireless without asking anyone about it from Amazon. It didn't sound good and picked up interference. To me, with Carvin or Boss or Shure, you have someone you can call if there's a problem. The Amazon ones might be fine, but you're relegated to just buying another if something happens with it. Stuff happens and you can go to a cable, but I wouldn't want to be in front of people if that's when you find out it's a bad purchase.
  8. I forgot to add I have both the Xvive and the Carvin branded ones. The Xvive use 2.4GHz and the Carvin use 5GHz. 5GHz is typically less crowded. The new rack stuff is crazy. Shure also has a pedalboard unit, if that's more palatable: https://reverb.com/item/2077227-shure-glxd16-digital-wireless-guitar-pedal-system Apparently so does Boss: https://reverb.com/item/25770327-new-boss-wl-60-wireless-system-for-guitar-pedal-boards?bk=eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJqdGkiOiJjODQ1N2FhOS02ZDU5LTRlZTEtODVjYS1jNGYzOTc4N2E2YmUiLCJpYXQiOjE2NjM1OTY1OTQsInVzZXJfaWQiOiI1NzIwNDciLCJzZXNzaW9uX2lkIjoiMjhiMGM1ODgtNTI1NS00MjJiLThjZTktMzBiNDE0ZjBjYThlIiwiY29va2llX2lkIjoiMDQ2Zjc3YWQtZmZlNi00OTgxLTk0NTEtNjcwNDNlYTFkZTgyIiwicHJvZHVjdF9pZCI6IjI1NzcwMzI3Iiwic291cmNlIjoiTk9ORSJ9.Vyig88m6nM09-iMAN7y86QUz7Hg4KIH9u3COsAt5w8w
  9. I've tended to not want the Ginger Baker style stick to the back of my head.
  10. Boy, if someone was mad at the drummer, a bump from the back of those Kustoms and he's a goner!
  11. Shure is great. Lots if not most touring acts use it, but the high end is pricey. Their BGX and PGX-D units get good reviews too. When I worked in theatre, we used the ULX-D. Great units. Yngwie uses the full rack Line 6 model, the Relay G90. That's about all I've got.
  12. Bose have the specs, and they're RMS not peak like many manufacturers publish. You can find them easily by searching: Bose L1 Model 1 specs: https://assets.bose.com/content/dam/Bose_DAM/Web/pro/global/discontinued_products/loudspeakers/L1_model1/tds_l1_model1.pdf It's 250W for the LF amplifier and 250W for the HF amplifier. They're not designed to be really loud in front of them, like standard speakers, but consistent volume for a longer distance before falling off. Standard speakers will be really loud in front and drop off more sharply. Horses for courses. To me, without a sub underneath each one, I don't like the visual of the tripod. I dig QSC as well. I've got a pair of the original K8 speakers. The 8.2 top at 122dB continuous while the Bose L1 M1 tops at 115dB continuous. QSC also list Peak wattage only. They used to list both in the past. The EV Evolve 50 specs only lists its maximum SPL at 127dB, so I suspect it's probably continuous at 120-122dB.
  13. The Vertec speakers are around $5k per speaker in the array, may be over budget. If there were five in the band, they're doing it as Bose intended. The Bose sticks were originally designed so that each person in the band had their own. The 180 degree spread basically meant you could hear each other without monitoring and you're not stuck in one spot onstage. And basically the audience hears pretty much the same thing, so not really guessing from the stage if it sounds good out in the house. They are pricey, but using them as they were designed is why it sounded good all over. I'd say go somewhere and just listen to a few if you can. Bring a live recording to get a sense of how it may sound, or just music you know really well.
  14. Whereโ€™s Pat Simmons? Heโ€™s still using the Wonderbar.
  15. Exactly, which is why I think he actually used the Carvins because they built him what he wanted and then when they weren't doing that any more, Dave Freidman stepped in to help him design a Synergy module, which he seems to dig now.
  16. True, but in the same Anderton's interview, he says as long as he had the Legacy pedal, he could have his sound. That pedal doesn't sound like an old Marshall. I also don't see Vai going to through the machinations to have all the Carvin stuff onstage for so long and pay the money for transporting that extra stuff if he's just using a Marshall the whole time. As far as the southern rock guys, I think the Peaveys gave them a sound they liked and were solidly built to go on the road. Maybe EVH was using a Pignose all along.
  17. That looks cool. Zoom did something years ago with one of their processors, but the expression pedal was Up/Down or Left/Right, not this continuous variability in all directions. Looks pretty bulletproof too.
  18. I saw an interview with Vai on Andertons I think and they had a Marshall for him there, and he said he can get by with it, but it was really clear that he wasn't giddy about Marshalls.
  19. To me, that and Passion and Warfare were great tones.
  20. Great stuff. Love these guys. What's that guitar Vernon's using at the top of the show?
  21. Welcome. Congratulations! That one looks like it's in great shape!
  22. I actually don't recall pictures of Alex Van Halen ever out in public just doing normal stuff or even at a drum shop. EVH was seen at guitar center and other places around. Does Alex never leave his house?
  23. I haven't heard them in person, but HK Audio looks good. The EV Evolve stuff has a good rep. LD Systems. There's some JBL stuff but haven't heard it. How much you looking to spend? The new Bose Pro 16 looks good and is priced around the Evolve 50. RCF makes some good stuff. Yamaha has one out now too. Those are the brands I'd look at as delivering the better quality sound, but Turbosound (Behringer) and Peavey also make some that are less of a spend but seem to be hit and miss on reviews. I usually like zzounds.com if I don't want to fork out all at once for pricier stuff. They'll split into 12 o 18 payments on your card with a one time fee. Sounds like you have a mixer etc. or is it looking for a downsize as well?
  24. I hear you. Yeah, I've toyed with doing stuff on my own, but without a good space to work on things, it's kind of a non starter. And I feel like I'd completely wreck (or relic depending on your point of view) something to where I'd need a professional to do it anyway.
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