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  1. I know the official guitar is a P-90 Doutone.
  2. Can’t you just duct tape the switch to the bridge setting and leave it at that?
  3. I think when it comes time to refret my Newport Pro, which has binding on the fret ends, that I’ll have the nubs filed down and have the frets go to the edge. I wasn’t crazy about the way Hamer was binding the fret ends at the time, and requesting them not to do it was, obviously, too obvious.
  4. I guess laquer could have the same effect of sealing the end grain and slowing the moisture from leaving.
  5. I suppose I’d expect that response from a cynic
  6. I watched a mandolin building video the other day and the builder says the binding protects the instrument from getting dinged on the edge, but also keeps moisture from escaping the end grain of the wood. It makes sense to me now that I hear it though I never contemplated the real purpose of it.
  7. Southern Culture on the Skids just covered this in a really good way.
  8. It think it maybe dead, but I also think it might be alive.
  9. Get yer Ya Yas out has some magical moments on it. “Live With Me” kicks all kinds of ass
  10. Up to $2K. I’ll mention the Eastman.
  11. I’m urging him to look at guitars that weren’t stamped out in Korea or Indonesia, but a quality built guitar. So the Japanese made GB Would be an option over a newer one.
  12. This will sound odd to a lot of you but I’m quite happy with the 13 guitars I have. In fact I just sold two and don’t plan to replace them. Well one funded my mandolin purchase.
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