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  1. Texsunburst59

    Anybody Remember the Top Gun Theme song video?

    I don't Steve. But I can get the church to post a video on youtube of one of the services, and I can post a link.
  2. I looked up this video because my son played the guitar part in church service today in honor of "Veteran's Day" For some reason I've never seen the is video before. EVER!! I just wanted to post this because he's playing a Hamer in the video.
  3. My 1st concert was the Jackson 5 on Feb. 4 1974 in Houston at the Astrodome.
  4. Wow!!! His face looks like he regrets any type of deal he made or is going to make with Epiphone. He does not look like a happy camper at all.
  5. Prayers and positive thoughts go out to you and your family Jon. Hopefully this hurricane isn't as bad as Harvey that hit us last August 25th. We had a little damage,but Port Aransas and Rockport got destroyed. I'm still doing glass work that is a result of last years damage. Hope all goes well for all those in Flo's path.
  6. Texsunburst59

    My Opinions on Guitar

    That's a beauty for sure django49. WAY to spensive for my poor ass. I was lucky/blessed to have been at the right place and time to snag this. '80 Gibson "Jimmy Wallace" '58RI Quilted LP Standard back in '84 for $500. There's no way in hell I'd ever be able to afford one these days. Anyway, this one reminds me of you quilted top PRS.
  7. Texsunburst59

    Second new Steve Perry song

    Wow. I hadn't heard any of his new song releases yet. To my ears, his voice sounds really burned out and really rough. I think he might have pushed his voice too much back in the day. I give him credit for trying,but his present voice is not appealing at all to me.
  8. Congrats on a killer Anderson guitar score. I've personally have never had the chance to try one of the guitars like the one you picked up, but every Anderson I've ever auditioned has been top notch in playability and tone. I own 2 Tom's. My 1st is a '99 Hollow Drop Top Class I bought new and was my #1 for 10 yrs. while I was out still gigging. The 2nd one , an '03 Hollow T Drop Top, I just picked up last December in a pawnshop in mint condition for $1200. Still can believe someone must have pawned the guitar. The Hollow T is my new #1 right now, as it offers the best playability and tone of any guitar in my collection. It offers up the most tonal variety due to its switcheroo system. Here are my 2 beauties:
  9. Texsunburst59

    Guitars that punch above their weight.

    Those are both really good looking Strats you've got there Gary. I'd love to test drive both of those guitars to see what those PK necks are like.
  10. Texsunburst59

    "Tele Guy" on a slippery slope

    I've owned several Tele's for many years, but never really bonded with them. I never sold them either. I know guys will say that my '03Tom A HSH Hollow T Drop Top isn't a "True" tele in the "Classic" sense,but it's my best Tele style guitar I own. The newest Tele guitar I picked up is my '86 Fender MIJ '69RI Pink Paisley Tele, and it's the best "Classic" style tele in my collection by far. It's loaded with a set of Lollars. The Royal T in the neck, and the Vintage T in the bridge. It's also got a series toggle switch to me it even more versatile. These 2 guitars take care of all my Tele needs for sure.
  11. Texsunburst59

    Gene Simmons studio event

  12. Texsunburst59

    Guitar Shopping

    Congrats Gary!!!!! That's the choice I would have made. I've been on the lookout for a nice Gibson Goldtop like yours for a long while. I'll eventually stumble upon a good deal on one. Enjoy that beauty Gary!!!
  13. Texsunburst59

    Guitar Shopping

    For me I'd go Gibson Goldtop. I couldn't own the MM because of the huge neck. If the neck suits you and the tone is there, the MM should be the one that goes home with you. Gary you don't want to look back and kick yourself because you passed on the MM. Don't let that MM haunt you because you might need to take a few $$$ out of the bank. Good luck Gary which ever way you decide to go.
  14. Texsunburst59

    NGD 1996 Fender AVRI Telecaster

    Congrats on a Classic and Classy looking Tele Gary. Sometimes it can take years before you pickup a guitar you haven't owned in years. Enjoy your new Tele. 😀
  15. Texsunburst59

    My Pink Paisley Tele in action!!!

    For sure Steve. How could you NOT spot that Pink Paisley. That guitar is like a beacon in all that mayhem on stage. With that Pink Tele, you'll never be able just to blend in on stage.