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  1. Thanks. It's a 23"scale. It's not as boomy as a full size D-28, but the tone is way more balanced with more mids. It's still on layaway, so I don't have new Strings on it yet. This is the impression I got with the strings that were on the guitar when I played it. I've read that even though it has the Dred body, because it's scaled down, it's closer sounding to a OO Martin body. I'll report back once I get it out and get some new strings on it
  2. Thanks Gary. Hope you and yours can stay safe and we all get though this . I know when you strip everything down, it our love one's that matter most to us and not our guitars. Sometimes you just have to get your last shot in before everything changes. Could this be my last guitar for a while or ever? I'm trying to be positive and believing were all going to get past this, and we'll all be looking for our next piece of gear. Take care Gary
  3. I wasn't planning on buying any guitars, but last week during my pawnshop rounds, I happened upon a guitar I've NEVER EVER seen in my life. They were asking $2k, but I said there was NO WAY I'd spend $2K+ tax on this guitar EVEN if it's a pretty rare guitar. The guitar in question is an '81 Martin 7-28 7/8 scale D-28. The market rate at the moment is between $2000-$3000+ depending on the condition. I told the shop where I've bought several guitars over the years, that I'd probably pay wholesale price at the most , which would be about $1K. They said they couldn't do it, and I gave them my number if they changed their mind. The called me at the end of the day and said they'd do $1k+ tax. I told them I that I decided that I'd put 1/2 down on a total of $1K for the guitar, and the salseman said he'd have to talk to the manager. He called me back and said they'd do it. So this may be my last guitar for a VERY long time. '81 Martin 7-28 7/8 scale D-28
  4. This guitar is at a local pawnshop for $370 out the door, and even I don't want to bring it home. It's an $1100 dollar guitar that's in mint condition with the stickers still on it. The Evertune bridge that comes stock on it is $500 by itself. The only reason I'd buy it is for a flip,but for some reason I can't bring myself to do it. I'm REALLY trying now days to be pickier with my scores. I've passed on A LOT of good deals lately that I'd have snatched up without even thinking a few years ago.
  5. I had an amazing 2019 I scored this '87 USA Kramer Baretta for $212: Scored this '95 PRS Custom 24 10-Top for $1000: Scored this '09 Fender Highway 1 Honey Blonde for $100 Scored this '89 MIJ Charvel 750 XL for $500 Scored this '98 ESP Horizon for $320 Found this '76 S.L. Mossman Great Plains for $785 Scored this '92 Hamer Chapparal for $190 Found this '09 Taylor 210 E for $258 Scored this '05 Gibson LP Studio the last day of 2019 for $286
  6. Supposedly this one Modeled after the EBMM Armada can be had for cheap. https://ashaudio.com/product/custom-music-man-ernie-ball-armada-gold-black-opaque-electric-guitar-2/?attribute_options=Guitar&msclkid=4f0907092a051a1cef4e5904cd92d07b
  7. This is the only true custom order guitar my son and I have in our guitar collection. My son had been wanting a Fiesta Red SSH Strat style for a while with SS frets, compound radius neck,Roasted flame maple neck, and a light ash body. We both went to a bunch of high end guitar shops to see if we could find one off the rack with most of these appointments, but we could not. So I surprised him this past August with this guitar for his birthday. '19 Rohlack Symphony Fiesta Red SSH
  8. As a true guitar whore, I can't give myself to one guitar brand. There's way to many great guitars out there, and I'd rather just enjoy as many as I can.
  9. Over the years I've been able to score some really great instruments that were lovingly gigged for many years and have the many bruises and scars. One of my "Real Relic'd" instruments in my '74 Fender Jazz bass I found in a pawnshop back in '08. The original owner gigged the crap out of this bass, and I know why he did. This bass sounds and plays amazingly well. \ Here's even a real relic'd case I got for my Jazz bass. They're a perfect match for each other.
  10. Congrats!!! That PRS has such a killer looking top. Great score for sure.
  11. I totally understand where you're coming from. I know you're trying to work with Rick on this, but $700 is WAY too low of a price for your guitar. I REALLY hope you don't end up feeling guilted into selling it for a price you're not happy with. If the family wants the guitar that bad, you'd think they'd gladly pay a fair market price. Stick to your guns hamer-on.
  12. Nice looking guitars. I bet that the name Rabbit Is was some Japanese person hearing the words "Rabbit Ears", and assuming an English speaking person was saying "Rabbit Is". Well, that's my theory on the name Rabbit Is.
  13. That's a real beauty right there. Congrats!!! If I EVER can find a killer deal on a Pete Thorn sig, I WILL snag it.
  14. Thanks Peter. South Texas is a great area for music. A lot of talent here. The Carr isn't mine, I just quoted Dutchman's post. The amp is his, and you're right, it is an awesome amp.
  15. Thanks for much for the kind words Gary. My son and I are best friends, and we both love guitars and 70's rock music. We take weekend trips to San Antonio & Austin to check out as many guitar shops and restaurants as we can. We also go to check out live music as well. We're both going to see Jeff Beck in San Antonio on Sept. 22, which is going to be so cool. I don't have any other close friend I could go with that would enjoy and understand someone like Jeff Beck. My son is worthy of a gift like this for just being who he is.
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