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  1. I've always thought the Brad was an amazing guitar player and was impressed he was able to fill in after Randy died. I always wanted to see NR in concert,but never got the change until I got to open for them in about 2007. I played an outdoor festival in Laredo Texas which had a bunch of bands playing all style of music. We took the 6:00 pm slot and NR went on after us. After we finished out show, we went back stage while the roadies set up NR's equipment. I got to meet BG and talk shop with him for about 15 minutes and got a pic with him. The guy was actually pretty down to earth and really seemed interested in talking shop. After the band got on , the band I went around to the front of the stage and there was a fence the blocked off the stage so no one could come about 20 feet in front of it. So I sorta got my own private concert in front of the stage with nobody in my way . I stood in front of Joel Hoekstra who was the other guitar player in the band, for the 1st half of the concert, and I stood in front of BG the last 1/2 After the encore, Brad walked up to the front of the stage and handed me his guitar pick. So I tell this whole story just to say that BG does not suck, and is actually a pretty decent guy.
  2. I give you props NOBF, for the attempt at reducing your collection. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I live in a part of the country where they basically give awayquality used guitars away at the pawnshops in the area. I did a MAJOR purge 4 yrs. ago, and sold off 35+ guitars and basses. So for the last 4 yrs. I've hovered at around 50+ guitars and basses. Since my son plays guitar and is in to guitars like I am, I've decided to keep buying and selling guitars until I retire. At that time, we can evaluate which guitars are worth keeping in the collection. In 10 years, guitars may be like Beanie Babies, and might not be worth holding on to anyway. If that's the case, we might end up selling the whole lot in a fire sale.
  3. I enjoy both their playing for different reasons. I kinda have a very small connection to both players. I have guitar picks from both guitarists when I got to see them locally. I found the Van Halen pic on the floor when the hall cleared out the night I saw them late 1978. Randy personally handed me the only guitar pick he gave out the whole night after the encore. I was in the front row right in of him, and I'm pretty sure he remembered meeting us earlier in the day. The Ozzy concert took place Feb. 21 1982, which was 26 days before he died on March 19 1982 Here's the set list they played that night. Diary of a Madman (Introduction) Play Video Over the Mountain Play Video Mr. Crowley Play Video Crazy Train Play Video Revelation (Mother Earth) Play Video Steal Away (The Night) Play Video Suicide Solution Play Video Guitar Solo Play Video Drum Solo Play Video Goodbye to Romance Play Video I Don't Know Play Video No Bone Movies Play Video Believer Play Video Flying High Again Play Video Iron Man (Black Sabbath song) Play Video Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath song) Play Video Encore: Paranoid (Black Sabbath song) I know this thread is about who's playing I like better, but I just wanted to share this. This is probably because of my ADHD. The Van Halen pick is obvious,and the Randy pick is the Fender Medium in the plastic bag.
  4. Thanks Gary. That was a crazy story about that Gibson LP. That guitar was most likely a lifer that you would have never ever sold. It's crazy how sometimes we made good decisions when we were young men, and later in life we realize it was the right one, and we're so grateful we did. In the case of your Goldtop, everything was out of your control, and there wasn't any decision you could have made to change the outcome at the time. A lot of you guys here have had some AMAZING guitars go through your hands, and at least were able to experience owning and playing them.
  5. Yes sir!! I'm pretty sure if he hadn't called me to offer the Fender Strat and Tele, I would have done the trade. Everything about the trade seemed too hurried and desperate on his part. I'm VERY happy he " Overplayed his Hand". ?
  6. The closest I've EVER gotten to having a major regret over selling a guitar was back in '84. I was lucky enough to have scored my '80 Gibson "Jimmy Wallace" '58 Reissue Prototype LP Standard from one of the guys that would hang around our band. I bought it off of him for $500, which was A LOT of money for me at the time. I took it a week later to a local respected guitar shop to have it looked over and give it some TLC. The guitar tech call me to tell me my guitar was ready. He told me he really loved the guitar and asked If I wanted to trade it for a complete sound system and 3 Mighty Mite Partscasters. Well I was VERY excited about trading 1 guitar for 3 guitars and a sound system,but I told him I had to sleep on it and I'd let him know the next day. I got home and called my band and told them I was going to own some killer gear pretty soon. Well the guitar tech called me later that night and offered me an early 80's Fender Strat and Tele on top of the 3 Mighty Mite guitars and the sound system. I wasn't very educated on guitars back in '84, but I knew enough to know that he was offering TOO much gear for my guitar. I figured it must be something very valuable and I had to hold on to it. I told him I wasn't going to trade or sell the guitar. He still hounded me for another year or so and finally gave up. Here's the one that almost got away.
  7. 37 - Electrics 5 - Electric Basses 7 - Acoustics 3 - Classical 1 - Mandolin Definitely due for another big purge.
  8. VERY cool Hamer. I LOVE red. Congrats on a real beauty!!
  9. Thanks BM. I'm still in the Honeymoon phase right now. I'm going to play it as much as I can and do a lot of A/B-ing with some of my guitars with hot pickups. If there's a redundancy with tones of other guitars, then most likely I'm going to sell it. If you were in Texas we could meet to make a deal. Unfortunately I don't ship guitars, as I only sell and buy guitars in person.
  10. I didn't know he screwed people over on guitar deals. THAT'S the worst thing you can do to fellow forum members. I just assumed that the tool he was, eventually made him unbearable to the forum, and he was banned.
  11. I didn't realize there was so much hate for Peavey, Carvin, and Heritage. I'm sure Brent helped a bit with the Heritage hate.
  12. I guess they figure they'd get some chump believing the guitar is worth the $2476, and offer them 1/2. They'd think they were low balling and getting a deal, when in reality they were getting it in the bum.
  13. This is the pic I took at the pawnshop. Look at the ridiculous , crazy, idiotic price that had it at BEFORE the so called CLEARANCE price of $800. The had it originally at $2476. No wonder it had been bounced around a lot of their stores without getting sold. I guess they were thinking that blowing it out at $800 was going to get it sold quickly.
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