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  1. I totally understand where you're coming from. I know you're trying to work with Rick on this, but $700 is WAY too low of a price for your guitar. I REALLY hope you don't end up feeling guilted into selling it for a price you're not happy with. If the family wants the guitar that bad, you'd think they'd gladly pay a fair market price. Stick to your guns hamer-on.
  2. Nice looking guitars. I bet that the name Rabbit Is was some Japanese person hearing the words "Rabbit Ears", and assuming an English speaking person was saying "Rabbit Is". Well, that's my theory on the name Rabbit Is.
  3. That's a real beauty right there. Congrats!!! If I EVER can find a killer deal on a Pete Thorn sig, I WILL snag it.
  4. Thanks Peter. South Texas is a great area for music. A lot of talent here. The Carr isn't mine, I just quoted Dutchman's post. The amp is his, and you're right, it is an awesome amp.
  5. Thanks for much for the kind words Gary. My son and I are best friends, and we both love guitars and 70's rock music. We take weekend trips to San Antonio & Austin to check out as many guitar shops and restaurants as we can. We also go to check out live music as well. We're both going to see Jeff Beck in San Antonio on Sept. 22, which is going to be so cool. I don't have any other close friend I could go with that would enjoy and understand someone like Jeff Beck. My son is worthy of a gift like this for just being who he is.
  6. Nice collection Dutchman. I'm guessing he digs the Charvel the best. That's one sweet guitar.
  7. I commissioned a guitar to be built for him about 4 months ago without my son having any clue about it. So the guitar finally got finished and I planned on surprising him yesterday afternoon. He knows that I'm constantly scoring killer deals at pawnshops, and is pretty much used to the stories. I called him and told him that I scored one of the most amazing scores EVER in a pawnshop today. I told him to bring his camera because he was going to want photographic evidence of the score. When he got to the house, I stopped him and told him to give me his iphone so I could video him narrating this moment in his life. Here's the abbreviated video he posted on his Instagram last night. The video is under his profile pic. The Guitar. Here's the link https://www.instagram.com/ahernandez59/ Here are the specs of the guitar. Here are some pics he took of his guitar with his digital camera:
  8. Congrats!!!! Both of those are killer looking guitars, but the 1st Double cut is just AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!
  9. Congrats Bill. That sounded REALLY good. My son grew up listening to 70's and 80's rock because of me. He's done quite a few videos at the local college studio. The professor asked him to sing a PF cover they were doing for the education dept. there. Here's the video. https://youtu.be/QgRAlAQaVoE
  10. This is why I try so VERY hard to never unload a great guitar. I don't want to have to regret it in the future. Some guitars can never be replaced, and I never want to have to go there.
  11. WOW!!! All 3 a killer guitars, but the one in middle with the zebra pickups, was a real beauty. That's a killer looking trio you had Travis. Also, thanks for heads up for budman on JFC. That info could definitely come in handy one of these day.
  12. OK. I just didn't know where the question was coming from
  13. Thanks for the heads up Jeff. I really appreciate it.
  14. No. There's not damage at all. Are these guitars prone to damage in that area? The whole guitar body is in perfect condition as far as any crack, dents, gouges. It only has a few small scratched on the back of the guitar.
  15. That's too funny Gary. Haha! I didn't really steal this one. The were asking $500 for it, and it had just come out 1 hr. before I got there. I did a quick search on the Jackson Charvel forum and Reverb. After reading several threads and looking at several Reverb ads, I realized how rare and expensive these were. I tried my best to get them to come down, but they wouldn't budge. The guitar didn't come with a case, but I got them to throw in a Road Runner padded case. I think $500 is still a pretty good price for this guitar. I'm Happy.
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