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  1. VERY cool Hamer. I LOVE red. Congrats on a real beauty!!
  2. Thanks BM. I'm still in the Honeymoon phase right now. I'm going to play it as much as I can and do a lot of A/B-ing with some of my guitars with hot pickups. If there's a redundancy with tones of other guitars, then most likely I'm going to sell it. If you were in Texas we could meet to make a deal. Unfortunately I don't ship guitars, as I only sell and buy guitars in person.
  3. I didn't know he screwed people over on guitar deals. THAT'S the worst thing you can do to fellow forum members. I just assumed that the tool he was, eventually made him unbearable to the forum, and he was banned.
  4. I didn't realize there was so much hate for Peavey, Carvin, and Heritage. I'm sure Brent helped a bit with the Heritage hate.
  5. I guess they figure they'd get some chump believing the guitar is worth the $2476, and offer them 1/2. They'd think they were low balling and getting a deal, when in reality they were getting it in the bum.
  6. This is the pic I took at the pawnshop. Look at the ridiculous , crazy, idiotic price that had it at BEFORE the so called CLEARANCE price of $800. The had it originally at $2476. No wonder it had been bounced around a lot of their stores without getting sold. I guess they were thinking that blowing it out at $800 was going to get it sold quickly.
  7. Consider any DC127, DC150, DC200, or DC400 yours, If I run into one for $650 or above. I'll definitely give you a heads up and info to where they're at, so you can wheel and deal on them.
  8. I'll let you know if I do find one, and I pass on it.
  9. I remember seeing the Carvin adds for all the different 80's models in the Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines,. I wanted several of the models so badly, but ended up with a Strat and Les Paul instead.
  10. Hahahahaha!!! I know that last part was coming. Well I've never owned a Peavey, so I guess that's gotta have SOME merit. Right?
  11. Thanks Jon. That's comforting. I didn't realize there was so much Peavey like hate for Carvin. You're almost a leper for owning either brand. 😞
  12. This has me worried a bit. Am I the potbelly dude with the big nose and small hat? Am I one of the gay guys discussing which roach motel they're going to hook up at? Am I supposed to be the dazed and confused Al Pacino? My main question is why buying an '80's Shred Carvin equates with being one of the characters? Gun to the head, I guess I'm D&C Al.
  13. What did that DC150 run you? About $600-$650? I really wish I'd have found a DC150 instead of the DC127, but I guess I can't be choosy.
  14. That was one of the 1st models along with the DC127 and DC400 that I wanted from Carvin back in the day. I just didn't have the cash back then to get one. I heard that SG style Carvin was a great guitar, but they were heavy as hell.
  15. Huh? I might have paid $200 for that guitar and the 'G&G Tweed case. MAYBE or NOT. It's really hard throwing down good money on a guitar you'd mostly like Never have bought, if it wasn't for the stupid low price. I always want an out on a guitar, and if I can buy it low enough, I can at least get my money back and then some. Paying $600 for that Carvin Bolt-on, and you're pretty much stuck with it.
  16. That's most likely what I'm going to do. Now I have do some pickup tone searching on youtube.
  17. Yea Willie, the neck and the neck heel feel AMAZING,but it's the pickups that don't quite do the guitar justice. They're a little too hot an middy for my tastes,but I'm just not sure if I want to invest any money, and then realize I need to sell it. I'm going to sit on it a bit and play it for a few week/months, and see if I can accept it for what it is, and what it isn't.
  18. Thanks for the heads up Johnny. I'm going to check out YouTube for some sound samples. I've played a guitar with Bartolini pickups before. It would definitely make it a unique sounding guitar in my collection.
  19. Thanks Jon. I'd never run into a deal on. Carving until now. I'm not really a fan of the pickups, and some good ones could make it a keeper. I've always thought Carvin were kinda like Peavey guitars. They make good guitars, but just nothing I'd pay good money for. I'll have to give this guitar some more playing time to see it's a keeper. I will say that I have paid more money for some guitars in the past that weren't as good as this , for what I paid.
  20. I did my daily pawnshop rounds yesterday and ran into my 1st Carvin at a pawnshop. For some reason, I've never seen any in a pawnshop around these parts. I've seen them in GC over the years, but never for a price I'd ever pay. They had this guitar tagged for $800, and I happened to run into the regional manager at the store. He knows I buy quite a few guitars, and asked me if I was interested in the guitar. I said I've never bought a Carvin before, and told him that the $800 was WAY to high for this guitar. I said maybe about $500 would be a better starting price. He said he was trying to move merchandise at the store, and asked what price I'd be willing to pay for it. I said I really don't want or need it, but if I were to buy it, it would have to be SUPER cheap for $100 out the door. He said he'd take the $100 out the door for the guitar. So I'm now the owner of a 1988 Carvin DC127 with a Schaller LP6 fixed roller bridge. This particular bridge was only used for 1 year in '88, and that was it. The guitar has a super smooth and fast ebony fretboard, and the neck is very comfortable. The tones lean toward the heavy shred side, so I guess this guitar will fit a niche in my collection. I'm not sure I'm really sold on the stock M22SD humbuckers loaded in this guitar, but I guess for the price I can live with them for now.
  21. You have an amazing collection of Avalon's Dave. Love all the tops on all of those. I was offered one about 4 yrs. ago from a local guy named Dan. He's supposed to have the biggest collection of Robin guitars in the world. Anyway, he has quite a few killer Avalons in his collection. He sent me a pic of the top he was willing to sell me. I think the top is amazing,but I just couldn't bring myself to take it off his hands for $3k. I don't keep up with Avalons, and don't know if they command $3k for a top like this. I haven't touched base with Dan in a few years, and don't know if he's willing to sell this one. Here's the pic of the Avalon top:
  22. My hope is I'm never in a position, that I HAVE to sell this Classic. I don't have ANY guitar regrets so far in my life, and I'd like to keep it that way.
  23. That's a beauty for sure. Congrats!!! I owned a Pacifica 621 back in the mid 90's, but it's long since gone.
  24. Thanks Rob. WOW!!! That's an AMAZING top on your Classic. They did an killer job on the burst blend. I hope that guitar is never going anywhere.
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