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  1. That's the first thing I do when I receive an item from Jeffro....sanitize it thoroughly.
  2. All that's missing is one of the local beauty queens.
  3. Yeah, but no "rockers" liked any kind of country music back in the day. To say otherwise is revisionist history, and to latch on to Johnny Cash because Rick Rubin and Trent Reznor did is pathetic.
  4. I've ranted about this very thing many times on my podcast.
  5. Agreed. Great band, great set. Same sentiment applies to this show that was posted a couple weeks ago:
  6. I don't recall what the recording gear was for my contribution, but the guitar > amp > cab was a Hamer Mirage II > Soldano Avenger > Friedman 1×12 with a Creamback. Kiss recorded a song called "Do You Wanna Touch Me Now?" for the Revenge album but never released it, and no one has ever heard it. This version was an attempt by my podcast partners and I to speculate what that song might have sounded like, and what lyrical content it might have had. The most notable thing about this song for me was my first attempt in 40 years of playing guitar at double tracking a solo. Ca
  7. Me and the boys did a ZZ episode recently:
  8. Explains a lot about how you turned out tho. To my ears, Leslie West was the first guy to have a saturated, gainy tone. A true pioneer, and yes, a man who embraced what to this day remains the greatest electric guitar effect ever created: sheer volume. Axe FX? Get TFO.
  9. LESLIE WEST Is Reportedly 'On His Deathbed,' With Only 'Hours' To Live https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/leslie-west-is-reportedly-on-his-deathbed-with-only-hours-to-live/
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