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  1. Get back to us when you procure a rusty trombone from someone famous.
  2. Were there ever interested parties in a non-wig Steve Stevens collection?
  3. They look like Clapton after someone put an Epiphone in his hands.
  4. Proceed with caution: there's precedence here for chicanery with that sort of thing: Specifically, someone soliciting donations for something related to a medical situation, then flaunting luxury purchases soon after receiving the funds.
  5. Smallbox. Best amp I've ever owned. The hype is real!
  6. Well, everyone's situation is different with hardships, etc., but yes, luxury items should not be in the mix. As guitar nerds go, these are the clowns who have a stable of Epiphones with a combined value of a Gibson...because they couldn't afford a Gibson. People who deal on eBay and such want all the perceived benefits of a business (profit) and none of the other stuff (customer service, taxes and other costs of doing business), which were not as much of a factor in the Wild West days, which are now over.
  7. And the ability to stick to your guns boils down to how desperate you are as a seller. As anyone who's been paying attention for the past 20+ years knows, guitar nerds are often desperate, due to being : a.) Broke b.) Needing to fund their next gear purchase c.) Needing to pay for some catastrophic financial condition that they foolishly disclose in their listing and expect sympathy in the form of a full-price sale d.) Any combination of the preceding
  8. Yeah, but then you'll have buyers bitching about the cost of shipping and wanting to grind you down on it. Ideally you bake the cost of shipping into the price of the item and call it "free" shipping, but again, they'll just grind you on the overall price. You list things for $0 on Reverb, eBay etc. and some people would ask you to pay them to take it off your hands. The best option is to minimize your selling activity, ideally reducing it to zero. Internet deals are like lines of cocaine: you can do several without consequence, but your next one could be the one that sends your life careening into unnecessary chaos.
  9. Exactly. Ask yourself why pretty much every commerce site has policies skewed toward the buyer. As with everything else in this world, follow the money. Buyers = profit.
  10. I always preferred this variation (cutaways meet the body at a rounded angle, no 24-fret board):
  11. ....but ready for action at a basement session last Saturday:
  12. Three of the best bullet points I've ever read.
  13. Body contours, noiseless pickups, rolled fretboard edges, compound radii. Yawn indeed.
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