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  1. I'll bet you could really slice through a mix with that guitar. Come on, someone had to say it.
  2. Don't sully the Ramones' legacy by making any connection between them and this idiot...even in jest. One of the most ridiculous jackasses not only in music history but in humankind in general.
  3. Yeah, but how haunting are the mids? Gotta hand it to you: "strident" is a new one.
  4. I hear Billy G. will take the stage stripped to the waist and oiled up like Phil Collen as a show of solidarity with DL.
  5. Sure is. A more concise way of saying "fuck off".
  6. At least a Donkey Punch is something you could possibly use in a practical application. Not so with anything related to 5FDP.
  7. Could've been worse. Could've been something from Five Finger Death Punch.
  8. This has probably been mentioned already as this is a long thread, but whatever, I'm bored: If you're a bender, play plain strings of the highest gauge that allows you to bend in tune with just enough effort to get there (up a whole step) but not fall short or cause muscle pain or fatigue. "Tone" don't mean shit if your playing is out of tune. If you're not a bender, play the highest string gauge that doesn't cause debilitating pain in your fingertips. Everything else is dick-swinging, SRV-wannabe bullshit that makes for marginally entertaining online forum/YouTube video fodder.
  9. I owned this guitar for a lot of years. Can't say I've ever seen another one in this particular finish. The buyer will not be disappointed, with the guitar or the seller!
  10. I hadn't either. It's brilliant, I tell ya! No need for the wrap-under thing (although no harm in doing that too).
  11. That's like owning a dozen or so Epiphone Les Pauls when for the same outlay of cash you could have had 2 or 3 actual Gibsons.
  12. That's because they're a bunch of entitled asshats who haven't gotten the memo that their profiteering days are over.
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