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  1. I'm kinda confused as to why a guy named "Bob" would have "Bab" engraved on the truss rod cover. Same as how I never understood why the decals on your parts guitars say "DCV" when your last initial is "O".
  2. Dang, outstanding top. Maybe @BadgerDave should treat himself to another one as a belated birthday present (or replace the latest one he inexplicably sold, whichever applies).
  3. Chambered body, dimensions somewhere between a Les Paul and a 335, Fender scale.
  4. And you would be correct about that. This week I realized it totally slipped my mind that I once sold mine to Jaye. Glad he sold it back to me!
  5. Now he's in really bad shape. The Dying Continues...
  6. The temperature always drops when noobs show up asking for a price check while simultaneously trying to tell us what their guitar is worth.
  7. Oh, but this is a MINT guitar (which is a lie; mint guitars don't have the gold finish tarnishing off the tailpiece) and is so much better than all those "lesser examples" out there. Pony up or fuck off, pauper.
  8. Which is generally the end game of someone whose first posts are in the FS forum asking us to put a value on something.
  9. I was more into his "lay a brand new guitar on a rough roadway" phase. And who could forget the "Trollops of LeMoyne" phase?
  10. Then YOU ain't gettin' no poker chip. Know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
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