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  1. Stating the obvious here, but the market dictates everything. If these guitars sit unsold, it'll be because 1.) the price is too high, 2.) no one gives a shit about Wolf Hoffman, 3.) both of the preceding.
  2. An appropriately named TGP "member" because I Don't Give A Shit about his opinion. There are better headstocks out there, but Hamer's made sense to me when someone described it as a snake's head viewed from above.
  3. I know. I can't believe Jaye is selling something!
  4. This just in: 2020 does NOT suck! https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/05/weather/us-lightning-strike-deaths-trnd/index.html
  5. Felt the need to scribble this off last night: *** In 1979, I was at a very impressionable stage of my life. I was 12, and my family had moved to a home a couple blocks away from Fiddler’s, a music store on Detroit’s far northeast side. I was starting to broaden my rock appreciation horizons beyond the Beatles and Kiss, and in September of that year, I successfully convinced my dad to buy me a guitar. It was a nylon-string Yamaha classical, which made my Spanish mother very happy. Me, not so much. I wanted an electric. Dad said I could have one if I took lessons and stuck with it for
  6. All I got is the analysis of this song on my podcast. Of course I spoke reverently of him, but I'm sure not nearly enough.
  7. Calling a PRS a POS is a bit harsh. I mean, it's not like it's a Baker.
  8. I'll give PRS the benefit of the doubt and assume they put a ridiculous number on that proposal in hopes of pricing themselves out of it ... and the filthy rich mofo who sired that brainchild agreed to it.
  9. Saw that one with my own eyes at Make'n Music in Chicago.
  10. Oh no, it's some sort of shield proclaiming the owner to be a member of the Guitar Nerd Justice League.
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