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  1. The band where Jeff Lynne honed his only skill: riding the coattails of someone infinitely more talented and charismatic than him (which describes pretty much everyone else on the planet).
  2. I've got your back. Tried to make it through the solo twice and couldn't do it. Impressive technically but not musically, and I have unconditional respect for Nuno. He's on Vai's level in terms of having absolute command of the guitar. But I won't fall in line because Rick Beato says it's a great solo. It's not. And I also got STP vibes from the song.
  3. Props on the Reverend! Today's start time is in line with this: https://www.aarparrow.com/inside-dope/rock-hard-and-still-be-in-bed-by-10
  4. Wow. If that's what jacked up SuperPros are going for, I might have to think about cashing out.
  5. Shocked and in utter disbelief to hear this news. Gone way too soon.
  6. I had an EL34 Shiva for a while (in fact, I'm pretty sure I bought it from you, Ernie). On paper it was the perfect amp for me. In practice I just couldn't get all the way to a sound I liked. Odd how that happens. Even with the top-shelf stuff, you just never know until you plug in and let rip.
  7. I can only assume he's holding a rebranded Epiphone. No other explanation for his facial expression.
  8. ...of a man holding a Heritage guitar.
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