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  1. Hey now. Speaking of "Hey now"..."All Star" (or anything else) by Smashmouth should get a skewering by this guy.
  2. He's definitely targeting legitimately terrible stuff. i.e. 3 Doors Down.
  3. Twenty minutes spent analyzing "All Summer Long"? That's like analyzing every KISS song on a podcast.
  4. The Stones without Charlie, ZZ Top without Dusty....yeah you could say that. Plus, when you're a brand, you employ a lot of people, both directly and indirectly. Pulling the plug on a tour, especially a stadium tour, puts a lot of people out of work.
  5. Big talk from a company that can't even put decent photos of its used inventory on its website. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/commitment-innovation-ravi-balwada/
  6. This part: Jol is such a great talent. I have much respect for him. He was a great guy to work for.” Could have simply been replaced with: Best,
  7. GC has always been astonishingly, embarrassingly bad with their online approach. Guitar nerds should stop rewarding them with their business.
  8. Yeah, that's a terrible idea. Not unlike detoxing from alcohol without medical supervision. That can kill a person just as easily as overdosing.
  9. They come to that understanding when they get serious about recovery and discover things like humility and accountability.
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