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  1. In other GoFundMe news: https://www.gofundme.com/help-greg-quotfritzquot-hinz-recovery "On Monday, November 12th, Greg "Fritz" Hinz suffered serious injuries after a fall from his roof while installing shingles." He should have started a GFM campaign to gather the funds to hire a roofer.
  2. MCChris

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    I hope the tracheal tube didn't do any permanent damage to his Adam's Apple.
  3. MCChris

    Joe Perry in Bad Shape

    I'm sure he'll be back in the saddle again soon. Make that the comment section of any website. Or the content of any message board. Or the entire internet.
  4. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/van-halen/1982/cobo-arena-detroit-mi-53d2eb25.html
  5. MCChris

    OLD Guitar Finish Ideas

    That guitar should have been in the fireplace, not propped up in front of it.
  6. This. The good news is, they (or zZounds at least) have a price match policy that they will honor if you see one of those other retailers (or any other) advertise the item for less within 45 days of your purchase. It's just easier if it's one of the other two in that trio because you're comparing the exact same item (no games about slightly different nuances). I took advantage of it thru zZounds with no hassle whatsoever. Got another $100 off the already low price on one of these guys.
  7. The memory of the Epiphone is still fresh in his mind. It's impossible to *not* be disappointed by an Epiphone.
  8. No one is a happy camper when they're playing an Epiphone that's a direct knockoff of the Gibson they really wanted but were too cheap/broke/impatient to buy it.
  9. Dibs on that band name.
  10. Probably for the same reason there are few men on handbag forums. In both cases, trying to be "inclusive" won't change those numbers in any significant way.
  11. Aaaaaaaand the Rear Page thread has been locked lol.
  12. Disagree. Jokes like the ones that have touched off this controversy can be self-deprecating, demeaning to others, or just plain silly.