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  1. Just seeing this. Big fan of the GH stuff.
  2. I can't decide which is worse: the modification itself or the seller thinking someone would pay more than a penny for this.
  3. Yeah, breaks are as outdated as a club musician's pay scale. Rare is the band that is actually welcomed back from a break. Far more common is a band committing hari-kari by letting a DJ or jukebox take over and play music that the patrons would prefer to hear, not the Jethro Tull cover the drummer insisted on shoehorning into the second set.
  4. In other words, don't talk your way out of a sale. Or in this case, don't talk your way into a 5% fee.
  5. I thought we called the V the Gemini and the Explorer shape the Apollo.
  6. It would be an all-time understatement to say I've never been a Jimmy Buffett fan. As such, I was not enthused about being assigned to review his show during my summer internship at The Milwaukee Journal in 1989. But I did what few critics are capable of: I made it less about me and more about the people who are into it. One of the few times in my life when I displayed some actual professionalism. And yes, I know I got a song title wrong. Google didn't exist back then. I blame the copy desk for not fixing it.
  7. Next time tell everyone it's a Cheap Trick cover, even if it isn't. You'll have 50 listens within 5 minutes.
  8. Gone way too soon at age 80. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/robbie-robertson-the-band-obituary-1234803234/
  9. Saw a couple Krautsters in the wild last night and they sounded awesome. A sign from the universe that letting go of mine would be stupid, so this one is no longer for sale (at least until I decide I want some dineros again).
  10. Another buyer swooped in on the 'verb with a better offer, so... IT'S GONE!
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