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  1. Best seek happiness from other sources then, because none of that is happening to you.
  2. As it applies to celebrity deaths, the rule of 3 usually occurs in a time frame closer to 10 days, not 10 years. SS might want to explore looser-fitting wigs.
  3. HR was on that album. In fact, it was his comeback. The one time I saw Bad Brains live was with Chuck Moseley on vocals. Not good.
  4. He also produced Bad Brains' first album. Needless to say, the man had quite the varied career. And yes, plundering Porizkova was not only an obvious triumph for him, but for regular schleps everywhere.
  5. It is when you consider that someone who matches your description in the first sentence is pretty much a lock to moisten the labia of every female on the premises.
  6. Yeah, where 60-year-old assholes somehow are still playing 4-hour gigs (with repertoires that require a doubleneck occasionally) when the live entertainment world seemingly is transitioning to DJs and music that women might actually want to hear.
  7. What’s your definition of a professional musician? The clad-in-cargo-shorts fuckos who plink around on Tom Petty covers under a flat screen in the corner of the local B.Dubs (and stare into iPads while doing so because Tyler and Emma's soccer schedules precluded band practice) get real torqued when you question their credibility and professionalism.
  8. The bolded part of this quote calls into question the "super information" part. The signal-to-noise ratio there is out of whack; info from people who actually know what they're talking about is often (if not always) buried beneath an avalanche of garbage from the wankers, wannabes and blues lawyers who simply parrot all the trite talking points, have no practical experience, and can't play their way out of a paper bag (skills of a toddler and all that).
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