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  1. Absolutely be cautious. He never solicited funding. Travis offered up and I went with that sentiment also. I feel the OP was unaware of the potential rareness and cost of such a nice one off Hamer. Maybe they can't really afford it but really miss the lost family member. I get that. My idea was just that, an idea. Passing it on, paying it forward, all that. If you do not wanna give, no one has to. Please give elsewhere this upcoming holiday season. It will mean a lot for some and yes, some that don't deserve any assistance will get a piece of that pie too.
  2. So Cool Story so far. I see that the guy that wants a piece of his brother back for his family has $700, not nearly enough for such a guitar. Travis you serious about having a lil something to chip in. I got $25. We as a group did this kinda thing once before and I recall it generated a lot of good feelings. Christmas is coming maybe it is time to contribute to something like this or somewhere else you choose. So anyone in? 🏁
  3. I just noticed 3 there way in the back that I have no idea whom they are.
  4. Brad, Robbie, BruceM, Bubs, Ray, unsure, unsure, Eric Weston, ScottM
  5. I understand all the guitars sold in less than 2 hours. I was not interested in any but I saw one I did play at the Dean factory. The Korina Zero #10/50 that was the second highest priced sale at $4250.
  6. Sadly some may find that comment a dig at Dime being buried with EVH's Yellow and Black guitar. Hope that was not his meaning. Dave is a rather sarcastic SOB so it could well be about himself after all.
  7. FWIW I measured a '79 Hamer Standard, '97 Standard in Mahogany, a 2005 Korina Vector and a 2005 Korina Mini Standard all 1.75 inches thick. Then I measured a 2008 Korean Dean V, '96 USA Korina Z Standard, a '79 Z Standard, and a 2009 Baby Korina Z all 1.5 inches thick.
  8. My problem is I want this and the Red one. This one in this thread is probably within 5 miles or even less of my house and I will never see it.
  9. Glad to read of your continued recovery. Yikes!
  10. IIRC, Daryl had this Mandocello on his show. Can't recall if Rick Nielsen brought his or played Daryl's when Cheap Trick guest on that show.
  11. BTMN


    Rest well Ray you are sure missed around here. Ray and I traded T51 bodies and pickguards to get something we both wanted. The guitars looked great after refitting. That and seeing him at the 4-3-2-1 brought him here for a visit and I was honored to take him on a tour of Dean even if it ended up fueling G.A.S. for some Korina we found hanging there. Ray delighted in seeing me go gaga.
  12. If I didn't have guitars I would probably have a '57 Nomad or tricked out '59 Chevy Sedan Delivery. Always wanted one or the other. Although a nice 1977 Firebird Redbird with a sweet motor would be nice too. Wait, how about a 1969 El Camino?
  13. ML is the name Dean Zelinsky gave to his half Explorer half Flying V that he did at the start of his company Dean Guitars in 1977. Story goes he named it after a friend Matt Lawrence who passed away when they were kids. Here is a 2004 example. Dimebag Darrell was synonymous with the guitar. He won a new 1978 ML when he was 13 in a Dallas guitar playing contest and it was with him his whole life after that.
  14. Dime also has other ML variants from that time period with a reverse headstocks. BC Rich made him one and Charvel IIRC.
  15. No need to apologize to me I hated that headstock from 1978 until 2003 when I bought my first Dean V. After I played it a few times I realized it wasn't as big as it seemed. Plus I found out there are at least 3 sizes of the V headstock from Dean.
  16. We need some cheap guitar pron!
  17. If nothing else it is a cool lil import that with a bit of tweaking could be a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. A test bed for some Gravelin pickups too.
  18. Saw them at the Ohio State Fair when I was a kid and remember thinking why aren't these guys a hard rock band? The strat and the Orange amps were cranking. Of Course I was 13 and what did I know?
  19. I was also thinking it might be a lil older than that. I was told in 2004 at an HFC open house that the numbers do not mean anything in dating them.
  20. It is finishing up a visit to NYC with Geoff Hartwell and will be visiting Diablo175. It is headed South and Va. maybe a good place to go. BP I have not forgotten you.
  21. Welcome! I have more experiance with the import models just before the XT versions. My stand is that the Korean line of Hamer imports for the most part are great bang for the bucks spent. Play it and switch pickups rotate all the pots and get a good feel of that one. If it feels good and the money feels right grab it up. Comparable guitars are the Korean made Deans.
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