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    MCChris' old blonde cruisebass, Nightwolf's old BCR JR, Ovation doubleneck
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  1. Sadly, could not attend...in SoCal...not frozen...but sad that I could not attend. Priority will be hitting Bruce’s #marchmadness
  2. Yeah, you scored big. Enjoy! da da dum dum dum, another one bites the dust.
  3. I cant remember the last time I owned one. I keep saying they look nice, but never vote with my wallet. My favorite LP was a plain top. I just dont understand myself somedays. And the PRS craze never flipped my dripper. What is WRONG with me.
  4. I accept the challenge, with one slight wrinkle. How about a BIG F**KING AMP to blow the neighborhood up. It's time to kick some lunchpail amps to the curb. So, YES, lets do this.
  5. i wonder how your feelin' .. theres ringing in my ears..
  6. Ok, I'll buy it buy you have to tell my daughter she only gets 3/4 years in college. I got an idea after it gets here...
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