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  1. Fresh off the frozen jam... shout out to the women of HFC...we need some vocal prowess in the upper register whos gonna be the latest 4321 celebrity??
  2. Kick ass!!!! frozen jam means the worst of the winter is behind us. Let’s do this!!
  3. Sure, I couldn't make this one.... For someone whos "not a standard" guy, Bruce has had some amazing ones. The orange sparkle still drool worthy
  4. Yeah, you scored big. Enjoy! da da dum dum dum, another one bites the dust.
  5. I cant remember the last time I owned one. I keep saying they look nice, but never vote with my wallet. My favorite LP was a plain top. I just dont understand myself somedays. And the PRS craze never flipped my dripper. What is WRONG with me.
  6. I accept the challenge, with one slight wrinkle. How about a BIG F**KING AMP to blow the neighborhood up. It's time to kick some lunchpail amps to the curb. So, YES, lets do this.
  7. um... i think im out as I acquired the JOHN5 junior..
  8. i wonder how your feelin' .. theres ringing in my ears..
  9. Ok, I'll buy it buy you have to tell my daughter she only gets 3/4 years in college. I got an idea after it gets here...
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