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  1. Thank you so much for being concerned about my well-being . I've already found a solution. I keep the case closed and look at this: it wears no scratch at all ! Another serious question: what do the Hamer-logs say about this particular instrument? "Serial"? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Good question. I'm still not quite sure. The switch with the LED activates the built-in preamp. The three way mini toggle has one position with the pickup working in passive mode and in middle position boosted by the preamp. The third position adds more treble and a bit more noise (coil split?) and even more loudness. Members being in the know may enlighten us. Calling "chromium"!?
  3. I saw them once in 2001 here in Germany playing in a rather small venue (old movie theatre). There was a even smaller crowd of not more than 50 people in front of the stage But Cheap Trick did a show as if they would have played in a stadium in front of 50.000 fans!!! Unforgettable! And Rick Nielsen had all his cool Hamer guitars with him. Since then I love them! Still have one of the picks which Rick was throwing out in the "crowd".
  4. Yes, Sir. It didn't look like this when I got it. The finish was stained and dull. It took me a few hours to revive it. But all Hamer finishes are of such good quality that they can be restored almost always.
  5. … 'bout that bass, no treble, I'm all about that bass … And I'm not even a bass player! It's such big fun to play this fantastic instrument. Thanks to "filtre" for posting this PSA. Except from an annoying scratch near the controls it seemed to be in a decent condition, and after a few hours of TLC it looks like this: As promised, here are some pics for your entertainment, and maybe some of you can provide a few more informations about this cool bass. It came to me with its original case in like new condition, inside and outside!
  6. Significantly better than Neil Young, I hope?!
  7. Les Paul and Mary Ford: The Hitmakers Yes, they were!!! It's still amazing to listen to his outrageous recording techniques and his astounding sound effects. This and the velvet voice of Mary Ford… even if the music sounds a little old-fashioned today. Still great! Here on original late 50s/early sixties 60s vinyl... By the way: I'm very pleased to see other guys here still using those big old turntables. Better and truer than anything else!
  8. See you next year… the answer will follow… this is a part of it… A Happy New Year to everyone here! Michael
  9. I was thinking that if I bought it, that would be the first thing to be jettisoned into the woods. Are you foolish??? Don't throw that knob away!!! These knobs are worth a fortune today. No kidding. Try to sell it on Ebay. You will remember me. Besides environmental pollution! Michael
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