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  1. Significantly better than Neil Young, I hope?!
  2. Now, this is a profound expertise from a man who should know about pickups!!! Thanks for that. I would subscribe to every single word. Thanks. In fact, I'm not very much into that whammy thing, too. At least, the Kahler doesn't look as aesthetically offending as a Floyd... . After changing the strings I had the time of my life to get the guitar back in tune... The horror!!! I even watched a YouTube tutorial with "grandpa" Kahler to understand the basics. It stays in tune, now !!! Here's a question to the experts: I found these mysterious signs under the bridge pickup. Does anyone know what they mean? Thank you in advance.
  3. Slowly but surely I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty...
  4. Thanks! Yes, I think that's the secret! As a side note some trivia. That's what the seller wrote after I'd received the guitar: "Yes well I think it has basically been in its case for about 25 years. It belonged to my father-in-law, who played a lot in his teens and 20s (he even used to hang around with the guys who later became Def Leppard!) but he hasn't played for a long long time." FWIW, I didn't ask the seller not a single question about weight, neck size, acoustic voice or other BS before buying! I never do.
  5. It has a medium thin (whatever that means) but remarkably wide neck. I got to get used to it, first. The sound of the Hamer Slammer pickups is great: a lot of bite and treble with the bridge PU and an extremely full, rich and dark sound at the neck. Both pickups switched together, the sound gets a bit nasal (out of phase?), unusual but useful. The acoustic voice of the guitar is less convincing: I will try to describe it ... better not.
  6. So here it is! Some stupid guy posted a PSA here on the board. Pablo, you are to blame! First, I have to admit that for quite a long time I've regarded the Scarab as one of the ugliest creations Hamer ever made. So I bought the guitar kinda half-heartedly. But it seemed to be in an acceptable condition, unusual color, Brexit still pending, seller seemed to be credible, my offer was accepted ... and it was a missing link in my Hamer collection! It arrived last Friday, meticulously packed, incl. original Hamer case. Looking at the fretboard it was obvious that the guitar had not been played much for quite some time (it stuck in the case for about 25 years, as the seller told me today). And that's how it looked: It definitely needed some TLC and my full "steel wool and oil"-treatment. Things are getting better ... and even better ... And here it is, and it is so cool: These discolourations on the back couldn't be removed by my own means. But these are the only bad news. The color of this Scarab is hard to capture: I suppose the finish once was a bright sky-blue but now it has aged to a beautiful kinda sea-foam green!!! At least if you see it in person. And it definitely rocks!!! Hard!!! Hope you like it, too.
  7. It's been quite some time since I've been counting them at last. I did it today... OMG! 34!!! Received my latest acquisition last Friday. Teaser pic: More to come in the near future. Now I should better commit myself to the insane asylum... 🤢 Hey, we do have now an awful lot of emojis on the board! Don't know what they all mean but...
  8. This is the one Jol is holding: The 2005 NAMM Show Filtertron Newport. The COC says: "Ivoroid Binding on Back of Body", but there is none!!! However, the top has multply binding. Simply the perfect guitar! The top of Kiz's Newport looks even better!
  9. Les Paul and Mary Ford: The Hitmakers Yes, they were!!! It's still amazing to listen to his outrageous recording techniques and his astounding sound effects. This and the velvet voice of Mary Ford… even if the music sounds a little old-fashioned today. Still great! Here on original late 50s/early sixties 60s vinyl... By the way: I'm very pleased to see other guys here still using those big old turntables. Better and truer than anything else!
  10. Here comes the sun... #0148 Let the Sunshine in...
  11. See you next year… the answer will follow… this is a part of it… A Happy New Year to everyone here! Michael
  12. I was thinking that if I bought it, that would be the first thing to be jettisoned into the woods. Are you foolish??? Don't throw that knob away!!! These knobs are worth a fortune today. No kidding. Try to sell it on Ebay. You will remember me. Besides environmental pollution! Michael
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