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  1. Klon KTR. basically a Cantaur clone designed by Bill Finnegan.
  2. ok I realize it has literally been twenty years...any chance anyone has these files handy on mp3, specifically the track I did (called "Dumpy Donkey")? It was my attempt at a shameless EVH ripoff, and his passing this week reminded me of it, and what do you know, I'm not sure if I remember it, and I can't find the files anywhere. Even if I somehow found the CD...I don't even have a CD player anymore lol.
  3. down to six right now. I never really have more than 12 at a time; I don't have much enthusiasm for collecting for collecting's sake and if I'm not really connected with an instrument it gets sold on.
  4. those things thunder; there's nothing subtle about it. If you want to lay down some serious bedrock bass, that's what you want. I had one for several years, but ultimately it just didn't suit my more guitar-like approach to the bass, so I replaced it with a gen 1 5-string Cruise bass, which has much narrower string spacing. and reverse headstock. functional AND sexy!
  5. lol I totally respect that, hence me wishing/hoping that there's gotta be more than just that one out there
  6. jeebus christmas. I put far more hours on the 12 string neck of my Californian doubleneck than any other guitar, and it's been that way for literally 20 years now. I've wanted a single necked version for 20 years, but none have fit the bill. There's literally just a couple 12 string Californians, but they're not setnecks. There's the Eclipse 12, but it doesn't have the same bridge/stoptail, and that hardware is a huge part of the magic. And here before my eyes is, if not a Californian body, a Hamer 12 string with the key features - 1 5/8" neck, super heavy bridge/tailpiece, set neck, mahogany
  7. hi tobie

    i just read some old virt post.

    just to let you know - i own the catalogue ice pearl snakeskin virt.

    also the celestial.

    brgds gerry

    IMG_0339 5r.jpg

    1. gerry


      the virt was unfortunately routed for a humbucker  so i have to restore it back to original condition. thats why i made the photo like that.

      you dont want to see the hole haha

      i hope you still have your virt

      brgds gerry

  8. for a "simple" pop rock band, their instruments have always, always been standouts. cool-ass Sunburst. B12A bass. And anyone notice the very vintage and rare Rickenbacker that Zander is playing??
  9. I am in love with the SD Quarter Pounder. I realized this today, although I had a feeling for a couple weeks. This love supersedes everything on earth. I just ordered a bunch more with the punch-drunk idea of putting these pickups into everything I own. Need to come back to reality....but the tone is like heroin.
  10. my guitars have survived the wildest humidity swings, without fret ends sticking out no less. the necks do shift though. this recent cold has dropped RH to 15~20% in the house. I've started running humidifiers and I've been straightening out necks all week. One thing about super dry weather, and I don't know if I'm imagining it, is that I feel like the guitars resonate acoustically a little more when they're dry. Conversely, when it's summer and RH is very high, the resonance feels slightly soggy...but the necks stay straighter and the action is lowest and least buzzy during the humid months.
  11. I always thought a cool variation on a Virtuoso would be to make one with a 24 fret neck, but with the same body. With the 24th fret at where the 31st fret is on a Virt, the bridge would move backwards and you'd have a nicely compact superstrat!
  12. I thought about picking up that one myself and not posting the link, but with the recent amp and pedals purchase, and also the fact that I already own the exact same guitar...I would have been thrown out of the house for sure! So I'm happy to see it stay within the HFC family I personally love the feel of the 26.25" scale. But what is unquestionable is the *sound* of that scale. It's an amazing guitar, even if you never venture above the 24th fret. ETA: I don't think you'll miss having a neck pickup. Part of the appeal of the guitar is how much more dynamic control the left hand has over the
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