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  1. I played through one at a Music Go Round several months ago. It was the Plexi 20 head version (into an orange v30 2x12). I couldn't believe how good it sounded...like a slightly less woolly 1959, tbh dropping the output to the lowest took a little too much off the timbre, but at the top 2 settings - it was a plexi alright!
  2. Nice Chap! good luck with the sale!
  3. I enjoyed it. Sustainiac, huh ... my first thought was it was an eBow. Nice stuff
  4. FWIW...I have an American Performer JM. I Agree with the 'Strat with a JM body' comparison to some degree due to the (essentially) strat trem, but it does have its own vibe. It has been my main live axe for over a year now, and while it ain't perfect, I love the way it plays/feels. Really had to mess with the nut and to some degree the bridge to get the trem to be somewhat stable. I also had to balance out the PU height a little to even out the string volume, and I do still find it a bit bright sounding on the higher strings at times, but overall I dig the SC twang it gives. Nice on cleans and
  5. I feel badly (sort of) for saying this, but I've played about 11 times since ...late June? Mostly Acoustic Duos, but several full band as well. In fact, got to see Sir Dan at my last one!
  6. I don't suppose you'd be interested in sharing the Kemper Rig you used? ;-) seriously though - sounds great!
  7. Mercy Street by peter Gabriel. Can't listen to it without getting red eyed. Pretty much anything Maria Callas sang that wasn't meant to be 'light'...
  8. BillW


    Wow, that sucks. I knew he'd been somewhat ill, but I guess I thought it had gotten under control. We'll have to have a toast and a jam at an upcoming 4321 for him...
  9. BillW

    Eric Otten

    Sad. Condolences to all his loved ones.
  10. subtle sneak-in there, md9255...welcome to the board! - please feel free to 'share your wares', we love guitar porn (or is it pron?) especially the Hamer variety. I played a nice Eclipse at the 4-3-2-1 club one night ( I think it belonged to Bloozguy?) I didn't hear it plugged in but it was setup perfectly and played like a dream (surprisingly resonant too) Some day maybe I'll pick one up, they've always intrigued me.
  11. yeah - this is totally new for me too - where do you live?
  12. My fave are short scale, set neck Chaps (particularly those with the 5 way as opposed to the toggle switches). I like the playability of of the Phantom A5 (as well as the tone versatility) but for pure 'shredder' - I like the early-mid Chaps. Bolt-on Cali's do have good shredder necks for playability though
  13. Why don't I use a cappo more? I mean, I used to think it was like ...cheating...but now hmmmm...pretty cool device!
  14. I know EVH ..well..over did them for the most part... but I love the one he does in Panama right after the break from the drum/intro (after the C#minor)
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