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  1. I don't suppose you'd be interested in sharing the Kemper Rig you used? ;-) seriously though - sounds great!
  2. " I'm trying to move to .0095s on everything, " thats pretty much where I am now. My G&L ASAT feels a bit rubbery with them, but I'm getting used to them. Everything else feels just right. perfect cross between 9s and 10s. "I do have to say I wish I discovered 9.5-44 strings years ago and thank God they are popular now, many choices!!" I actually find the options fairly limited for these. Pretty much just D'Addario or EB. I guess PRS makes some? - but I'm not sure they're worth the price? anyone?
  3. huh, never tried bending on the autre side of the post. Really? I've found that you do have to make sure the nut grooves are not prone to pinching. FR's are a whole other discussion, but basically other than that - tug on the string quite a bit and tune up. rinse and repeat as necessary...
  4. ( In my best Darth Vader voice) : "Impressive...."
  5. Yes, absolutely. It is definitely exhibiting slowness on navigation/loading pages. Appears to be somewhat intermittent (not every time). I'm sure there's some issue ...and I'm sure Ted will get it sorted out ;-)
  6. My live rig consisted of a MB 20/20 for over a decade. Changed tubes right when I bought it (JJs, if I recall correctly) and once about 6 yrs later (don't remember the brand). The change was just precautionary - I never had any issues with the amp or tubes. MB makes great stuff.
  7. I ..don't see any cracks? I guess I cannot make it out - are there cracks?
  8. Fender Pro Junior 15 Watts, 2 knobs, 20 pounds!!
  9. It's nice to know I'm not alone in this. I switched to 9.5-44 on all my guitars (except one) about a year ago... Not much selection, brand-wise, but love the feel. 9s were too loose(always), 10s too tight( typically, but not always). I Love the way they feel
  10. "Guess that guitar player sure could play" yes, he sure could.... RIP
  11. Mercy Street by peter Gabriel. Can't listen to it without getting red eyed. Pretty much anything Maria Callas sang that wasn't meant to be 'light'...
  12. BillW


    Wow, that sucks. I knew he'd been somewhat ill, but I guess I thought it had gotten under control. We'll have to have a toast and a jam at an upcoming 4321 for him...
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