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  1. Jeff R

    3-Way Switching Options

    I don't know about the click-to-off pot, particularly in common guitar K value like 500K or 250K, but ... Maybe wire it like a J-bass, so either or both of the pickups can be blended into the circuit? Like this ... notice two of the lug assignments on the two vol knobs are reversed compared to typical guitar wiring circuits. I'd also change that cap value to .022, especially if the two pickups are humbuckers.
  2. Jeff R

    New Standard Toggle?

    Springing back like that, the switch itself is messed up, poker chip and/or different tip won't help that. Probably want to replace with this ... this is what I'd use at least. The "long" variety is for LPs and may be too tall for a Standard due to its body's thickness (or lack of, to be precise). Your old OEM tip should screw onto it just fine. https://www.allparts.com/EP-4066-000-Switchcraft-Short-Toggle-Switch_p_1360.html
  3. Nudda vote for a Reverb or pawn shop Seagull S6. Look for a spruce top if he's a strummer, a cedar top if he's gonna lean fingerpicking.
  4. Jeff R

    Screw spacing Hamer humbuckers

    I'm pretty sure Duncan JB/59 were the stock pickups in the Centaura 2HB but memories of the two 2HBs I've owned are faded with age ... many moons ago.
  5. Is that that band with the seductive bass chick you shared with me? Hubba hubba! LOL
  6. Jeff R

    Flangers...Any Recommendations?

    I've had many of the flangers listed above and my favorite is easily the Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger. There are a few on Reverb right now in the 100-125 range. No brainer IMHO.
  7. Jeff R

    Any play lap steel?

    Purely, no, but I got to dabble on this last week after I refined its assembly, wired it up from scratch and then set it up. Read the copy from my shop's Facebook post.
  8. Jeff R

    String Buzz Behind Nut

    Seems it is the string angle on the back of the nut. Put a new G string on with a few more wraps and the buzzing greatly reduced. I ran a feeler gauge thru the nut slot and did not feel any burrs. Slot is too wide, string is vibrating sideways in the slot. Fill the slot and re-cut the slot with the proper gauge nut slot file. Easier said than done if you haven't done it before, but that's what needs to be done.
  9. Hey stranger, good to hear from you!
  10. Jeff R

    Floyd Saddle Screw Hole Repair

    What's the alternate screw size/thread that Stonge used to tell us about that you could retrofit to a stripped hole without much hassle? Is that the one bruce919 is talking about?
  11. Jeff R

    String Buzz Behind Nut

    Double-check that all six hex ferrules on the machine heads are tight while you're up there too. Loose one(s) can cause exactly what you describe.
  12. Jeff R

    Best Speakers/Cab for AXE FX?

    I shudder at my suggesting this, but Line 6 makes affordable 4x12s and smaller cabs that are said to be loaded with (probably Chinese) Celestions that are voiced for their amps. Considering they are modelers too and the speakers are tasked with replicating a host of amp sims, I'd at least try one if for any other reason they are readily available new and used and definitely affordable in either case. The last thrash band I played in some 10 years ago, the guitarist used a Line 6 head and 4x12 and he definitely brought both the gain and the bottom thump one would want. If any Line 6 stigma is applicable, remove the logo(s). I have a recent Line 6 1x12 combo in my shop and the Celestion in it does the job wonderfully. In Boogie-set-for-thrash sims, it produces so much low end for what it is, the 1x12 combo at high volumes, thanks to its very light weight and hard plastic feet, literally will bounce across my smooth painted concrete floor, about a half inch with each palm mute runk chunk. I'm not kidding.
  13. If you can uncover the last two digits after "70," they will be the week of that year.
  14. 137 is CTS, so the next two digits are the suffix of the year of the pot's manufacture. 1970. Keep in mind a late 1970 (48th week for example), would likely mean the guitar left the factory in early '71. Either way, we'd deduce it's on the earlier side in the '70-72 SN window.
  15. Jeff R

    Hamer Explorer bass, need info. please!

    "Babe" ... made for Dennis DeYoung? Just kidding, I'm green with envy. That is absolutely badass. The binding knocks it out of the park.
  16. Jeff R

    Old-Timey Hamer Sighting

    I was gonna say ... there is all kinds of righteous looking stuff in that room.
  17. Jeff R

    Les Paul Action ...

    f you are using the same strings (gauge and alloy), same tailpiece height, same string height in relation to the fingerboard ... sounds like the LP may have a touch more relief in the neck than the SG or the FM, which can affect overall sponginess under the left hand fingers. Tighten the truss rod (clockwise) just a touch (i'd try 1/12th to 1/6th of a rotation) to slightly reduce the relief (flatten the board) and see if that tightens the feel of the 10s under your left hand fingers. If it doesn't work or you deem it counterproductive, it's easily reversible ... just keep track of how far you move the rod and put it back where you had it.
  18. Jeff R

    Elixir alternative?

    D'Addario EXP for coated strings. Ultra thin non flaky coating. You wouldn't know they were coated if the packaging didn't say so.
  19. That slishy sound you just heard in the distance was me shitting down my pants leg.
  20. Jeff R

    Grounding to eliminate P90 Hum

    Unless your using battery-driven EMGs or some other active system, you need a ground to bridge. P-90s, singles, buckers, minis ... I can think of no exceptions off the top of my head as far as common passives go.
  21. Jeff R

    Quarter-sawn for idiots.

    Thanks for posting this ... I shared it plus my two cents on the topic on my shop's Facebook page.
  22. Jeff R

    MC5's 'Kick Out The Jams': 50th anniversary

    I love that song, for some reason to my ears it sounds like James Brown and The Famous Flames imitating the Black Crowes and/or the Black Crowes imitating James Brown and The Famous Flames.
  23. There's an "air guitar" joke in here, I'm sure ...
  24. Jeff R

    Odd problem with my 72 Tele Custom

    Did you check it with multiple diagrams yet? Post a good photo or two as well.