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  1. The best post-crossover COC song.
  2. To be fair to the troll, most of us here are dicks, so I can understand the confusion.
  3. Lighten up Francis.
  4. Jack C

    How many core members do we have?

    I like to watch.
  5. Jack C

    Guitars That Catch Your Eye

    I know it’s called an “F hole,” but that’s not what it’s for!
  6. Jack C

    Local H

    Recently signed up for Spotify and have been exploring a lot of different music. Man, Local H is really good. Started with their greatest hits. They have a lot of fantastic music. Their latest (2015) record is outstanding. These guys are great.
  7. Jack C


    I though this was going to be about a Slayer/Weezer mix. Would have been interesting.
  8. Jack C

    Going to see Tommy, yes

    Take the control cavity cover.
  9. Jack C

    Black beauty!

    Yeah. Pics or it didn’t happen.
  10. Jack C

    Player-Grade Hamer Pics

    Looks like there’s some killer flame on that one.
  11. Jack C


    I was at a Nashville chicken shack in Asheville tonight and saw this. Seems like a good fit
  12. Interesting quote from the Rio site: “For those who dig Telecasters, but have to work soooo hard to squeeze out a useable sound” If you can’t get a useable sound out of a Tele, you’re doing it wrong... :
  13. Wow, that’s cool! If I had seen it a couple weeks ago, I might have jumped on it. These guitars are pure rock machines and ‘64s have some of the nicest, biggest necks of all the original SGs. Great price too.
  14. Jack C

    New Beer Day

    Interestingly, I have seen one other black Duotone P90. Michelle Malone from Atlanta plays one. And to bring it all full circle, she sang backup vocals on Straight to Hell on drivin n cryin’s Mystery Road album.
  15. Jack C

    Bye Bye Buckingham

    Those are some pretty killer replacements.