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  1. I loved hearing Mike talk, but the player didn’t do his amp any favors.
  2. Nice! I love all three of those. I’ve always been interested in an old Proto, but I talk myself out of it by telling myself the necks must be tiny.
  3. Mine is kind of the opposite of GuitarGuy65’s story. I didn’t think I was a Strat guy and didn’t want one, but I found a cheap, used POS Strat copy for sale at Sam Ash. It played really well, so I bought it because it was $49. I fell in love with the guitar. I had some nicer pickups laying around, so I put them in. Also upgraded the nut, bridge and electronics. Still don’t have much money in this think. I ended up thinking I needed a real Strat, so I took it to GC and played all their Strats to see what I liked better. in the end I liked this one the best.
  4. To his credit, he’s still got a lot of range and can hit the high notes, unlike a lot of older guys. Unfortunately, he’s just not hitting the correct high (and low) notes.
  5. I’ve been on a huge Redd Kross kick. This is one of the greatest TV performances I’ve ever seen.
  6. I don’t care that it’s not the original board. I just can’t get over the thought that some idiot might have sacrificed this badass guitar for a vanity project.
  7. Weird question. I have a ‘63 SG Junior that I love dearly. Really great guitar. I’m pretty sure the body is the only original part. Even the he fingerboard is non-original. It’s clearly been replaced with a different non-Braz rosewood board. Just curious why that might have happened in this guitar’s past. Maybe there was a needed repair. But I’m wondering if the LP conversion crowd ever removes boards from juniors and melody makers for use in Les Pauls. Anyone have any idea?
  8. I don’t know - I think the pink kind of suits that bass. I’d leave it.
  9. I have a Bogner La Grange. It sounds good and is pretty tweakable to fit your amp.
  10. That’s a seriously cool looking amp. I bet it would sound good with both kids of music: country and western.
  11. I have that same strap on my SG Jr. The same one Kim Shattuck used to use. RIP.
  12. I sold my P90 Duotone to Rockola last year (a guitar I said I would never sell). I’ve been missing it ever since.
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