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  1. I bought a Morley, Bad Horsie many years ago based on the recommendation of this board (MC Chris maybe?). I really like the fact that you don’t have to click a switch to turn it on. It’s a pretty high output wah and adds some drive to a cooking tube amp.
  2. Ok, I feel the need to clarify. I was just watching a Bad Religion show on YouTube. I don’t think Bran Baker needs replacing. I want to BE Brian Baker. That dude rules.
  3. Very cool news to start the year with!
  4. Every Christmas, I remember waking up and seeing the post from Wildbil’s wife about him dying. I just looked it up and that thread is locked in the archives. It was 2004. Damn, I guess we’re getting old. RIP, WB.
  5. I would love to take Brian Baker’s place in Bad Religion.
  6. I’m not a big fan of instrumental music, but that was great. Who is the Danny Devito looking guy in the second video supposed to be?
  7. I really like my SG Classic. Because my #1 is a ‘63 SG Junior, I though the Classic was superfluous and put it up for sale here back in March. There were no takers, so I started using it again. It’s a cool guitar. I like having the ability to use the neck pickup as a clean channel (with the volume dipped) and the bridge pickup as the crunch channel with the volume up. Very pinball wizard.
  8. I was just listening to one of my favorite albums of all time: Rules by Supagroup. I remember what seems like a couple decades ago when the board was talking it up. Same thing with Godspeed the Shazam. Both incredible albums that I never would have heard without the HFC. This place doesn’t suck.
  9. That’s what I’m fucking talking about! Haven’t listened to Kreator in a while. That Sounds great.
  10. I find myself coming here less and less.
  11. Very nice! Tell your drummer that his toms sounds great. At lest through my ipad speaker...
  12. A KX show with you guys sounds amazing, but I bet there won’t be any live shows in October. This sucks. Love the new project, Brooks!
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