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  1. I'm still trying to find the best method. I've tried self learning, private lessons, and videos and usually give up after a while. I need to just sit down and figure out what I really want to accomplish and focus on that.
  2. The family and I stopped in this summer, late June actually, when we were making a side trip to Hershey while staying in Gettysburg.
  3. It looks like the mod included removing the neck from the old guitar and putting it on a new body.
  4. I could not have said it better. Not to mention, to me, the Vox absolutely loves any kind of effect you throw in front of it. At least it with my RP-355 and Pandora 4, it is like they are meant for each other.
  5. Well I guess we know what went home with you. Congrats.
  6. I was actually able to sample the 8 and 10 inch Vox's side by side when I purchased mine. (It's a shame that they are not available anymore. I really liked the idea of the .1 watt setting.) I went back and forth between the two, with my minimal playing skills, and then decided on the 10 because the 8 really had a tinny quality to it. I've checked out clips on Youtube for the Bugera and am really not impressed. But that can be because of crappy camera microphones.
  7. The Vox also comes in an 8 inch model for less. I do like the more open design of Bugera, and the headphone jack option. Now I kind of wish there were one of those to compare to when I purchased my Vox.
  8. This looks close to current Bottom-feeder pricing. http://www.musicgoround.com/detail.aspx?id=1005843
  9. Aw C'mon, Ken! You'll have other weddings, right?! You'll be missed. If it wasn't a family wedding I'd be tempted.
  10. I'm out. I have a wedding to go to. It will be the first major Chicago event I've missed.
  11. I will watch this thread with great interest.
  12. Fast forward a few months.... "Has anyone heard from Poe lately?"
  13. I too missed the thread that you shipped out. Like I've been telling my nephews since they are finishing up basic training and combat training for the Marines. Keep your head down and your eyes open. Glad you're safe and thanks for your's and your families sacrifice during this time.
  14. As one of my friends used to say, "The woman isn't the only one to change their name in a marriage, the guy changes his name to a$$hole."
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