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  1.  Great    Can you send me your address again, please.    I'll drop in the mail tomorrow.  

  2. Moving some pedals I never use. A few are old (the Boss), some are barely used. I doubt I have boxes for any so let's assume that, but will include if I can find them. All prices include shipping. Any PP fees on you. I priced them at or lower than the lowest used price on reverb when I checked, and no shipping cost (so generally a decent savings off low reverb listed prices. If this is unreasonable, happy to discuss, but not gonna waste time for these low dollar affairs. Some of these pedals had velcro on them, I took it off. In the board photo they are all just resting on it. 1. Pedaltrain Jr board (17x12.5, 4 rail). Has velcro and you could leave it, but I would replace it were I to use the board. With gig bag. Good cond. $80 2. Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fizz wah JH-IFW. Barely used. $130.00 3. Empress Compressor. Barely used. $175.00 4. Mesa Engineering 5 band graphic. Barely used. $175 5. TC Ditto x2. My daughter used it about 4 times to practice. $110 6. EHX Big Myff Pi with Tone Wicker. Tried it once, not my thing. Had one piece of clear tape on the back (not sure why), I cleaned it off. $60 These last 2 are old, and I plugged them in and turned them on. They both worked. Switching was a little wonky, but seemed to work every time. Also used very little, wear is more from sitting in a bag with other stuff, not from use. 7. Boss BF-2 Flanger, green label (I assume that is the green on the back). Not used in a long time. Plugged it in and it works, light looks very dim (or I have more cataract than I know). $85 8. Boss CE-2 Chorus, green labs (as above). Same description. $65
  3. Thanks, GASguy. WRT the question, FGJ, I have no other answer than what GASguy provided.
  4. GA-5 long gone. Keeping Schecter Newport Pro still for sale. 1300 net to me. PP/Cash, CONUS
  5. Guitar consigned and sold. Took a little hit but boy was that easy. Hope someone here got it.
  6. Bought one. Not my fav color (burst) but since I don't have a burst what the hey. We shall see in a few days.
  7. Pretty sweet. I just bought (in transit) a Navigator, and looking for a Yamaha SG, or I would buy this yesterday. Based on my research, this is the Yamaha 335 style you want. GLWS!
  8. Feel free to post here. All good. They look pretty cool.
  9. There you go. Yeah, not as cheap as long ago. C’est la vie. Just missed a 2000 for $1100 on reverb. There are some listed but not selling at 17-1800. The rare/special runs seem to be big bucks - the purple and 2500, etc. At least, big at the ask. As usual, I think a lot of asks are dreams. But I am guilty of that, too, sometimes. Anyway, I am ready to buy if the right one comes along. Scratchin’ an itch -
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