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  1. What little i know about the A series is more general but: early A could have been made in van nuys, and a number not made there but after move to Dallas still used the same van nuys parts. 21 fret necks, rounded skink stripe and butt end of neck, stamps and serial nmbrs/wood codes etc later A (Typical Dallas guitars) were made from offshore parts or canadian parts and pit together in Dallas. Some had 21 fret necks but a 22 fret neck is never VN Schecter. At least that is my rough understanding thus far. If you really want to know what you have you take it apart and look.
  2. Thanks, Eli. Yes she is a beauty, and not heavy, easy to play. Again, I overpaid for that one, but I wanted it, dang it. And that one is staying. As is Guinevere (who, BTW, is wayyyy overweight). The one I am selling is a wonderful guitar, but is redundant given a fender American Strat that is a POS and fun beater, and another, so just trying to move something I dont use. Certainly wont be heartbroken if it does not sell, but it is a very good price given the work I had done and the awesome wood, sound, rarity, etc, etc.
  3. a little history of the one on the right: sorry for the delay in getting back to you with a little more info on the Schecter. I think I may have told you already, but in case I didn't, I believe it was made in 1980 or possibly 1979. The guitar was purchased in May of 1981, but as I recall, the owner of the store had told me it had been in the store for about a year. This is why he sold it to me at a reduced price. I think the original price had been $1,399. As I mentioned when we met, there have been quite a few guitarists that have played this guitar at some point. This typically occurred in my shop or home during the course of building or modifying other instruments for these players. Anyway, here is the list of those I can recall. Chris Cornell - Soundgarden Mike McCready - Pearl Jam Mike Lull - Maker of fabulous bass guitars Jerry Cantrell - Alice In Chains Neal Schon - Journey Ross Valory - Journey Ronnie Wood - Rolling Stones Robin Trower Chris DeGarmo - Queensryche Nancy Wilson - Heart John Waite - Babys, Bad English Roger Fisher - Heart Stedge - big fan of The Who I would have to say my fondest memory of this guitar was in the early 90's while my brother and I were helping build Roger Fisher's MARS recording studio. We were discussing the merits of mass in getting longer sustain so I brought the guitar to the studio the next day. I got to listen to Roger play the guitar for over an hour. He went through several Heart songs (most notably, Barracuda) as well as playing some Led Zeppelin and Kinks. When he finished, he told me how much he liked the guitar and asked me what her name was. I told him she didn't have a name. He then informed me that every great guitar needs a name. As he put her back in the case, he told me her name would be "Guenevere". I hope this info will be of interest/amusement to you and that you enjoy "Guenevere" for many years. Feel free to contact me with any questions that may come up in the future. I'll do my best to answer. So, her name is Guenevere. I think these old Schecters are cool and given the ties to modern boutiques, kind of the beginning of it all. The wood is lovely.
  4. on on the left is a koa "PT". The right is a holy grail. Cool history, lots of famous people played it. Even has a name. Will paste a bit of history in a sec.
  5. thanks. I just messed with it a bit and have second thoughts, but for now it is staying for sale. I will post another Schecter for you in a sec - not for sale, just for fun
  6. oh, and let me add these - they came from the prior owner. I have not taken it apart, again. So, as you see Schecter VN parts, built at another shop. That is how most of these were done. Only the few built at Schecter as complete guitars are the "dream machines." They carry an S serial number (beware of fakes) and maybe a few early A serials, though most of the A are Dallas Schecters (using VN parts early on, then later Canadian or other bits).
  7. OK, couple guitars for sale. 1. Hamer Newport Pro. Nice shape, had it set up, needed a new Tone pot when I got it. Nothing needed now. $1350 net to me. 2. Schecter Strat. Cool guitar. Van Nuys body and neck. When I bought it it needed a regret (done) and also a new nut. Also there was an undisclosed crack behind the original brass nut, but it was not an issue and you can see in the photos how it looks now. It is only at the nut, and the rest of the neck is lovely. I will cut and paste info from seller's email to me (I found on this site, I believe), but remember, I took care of all the work. Admittedly I paid too much for the guitar given that crack. So the work I had done is my significant loss and such is life. According to Tom Anderson, "body and neck certainly look to be van nuys made. tuners and string trees not so much." Which I knew before I bought it, but I did not know about the nut. Right now the guitar is set up and plays great. As you can imagine, it is fairly heavy at a little over 9lbs on my el cheap postal scale, as you know these exotic wood Schecters are. To me the neck size is comfortable, similar to but very slightly larger than my old late 80s fender american strat despite what the previous owner describes. If you really need it I can dig out the calipers... $2000 net to me. Here is the previous owner's description (remember, I had a refret done and bone nut put in): If you need any other info, let me know. Also may be selling a little (and cool) Gibson Les Paul Junior GA-5 amp in nice shape, and a 3rd Power Dream Weaver Mkii w 1x12 cab (celestion gold). You can PM if you have any interest or questions - these I have not decided to sell anywhere but locally, at this point, because shipping the DWII might be a PITA. The DW II is in the same condition as I bought it new from the local shop (Soundpure, where the guitars were taken care of, btw). Don't forget the graphic special I have for sale. Finally, it is completely reasonable to ask why I am selling. I have bought some other stuff and just like that more and I am doing my best not to hoard that which I do not absolutely love and USE. They are great, I have just moved on - All sales PayPal, net to me as above. Cash works, too, if you are in the area. CONUS, only.
  8. And coming soon, probably a Newport Pro (red w/ebony board), a Kirn barnbuster (big neck), and maybe a 3rd Power dreamweaver II and 112 cab (gold). Gotta take photos soon as it cools down and will post separately. But a bump nonetheless. 5 billion degrees out today (actually hit 100 yesterday, can you believe it?). iPhone teaser included.
  9. Btw what about a prototype pickup? A better looking (opinion only) sustainblock “special prototype.” And color?
  10. And i am not pushing the sale here. Sorry if seems so. I am thinking i could have a cool junior, to heck with the lack of interest! And an extra pickup lying about. Though a p90 would be more my thing in this situation. Hmmmmm..... what would it cost to do it and refinish it? Any guess?
  11. You know, noone seems interested in my graphic special that i have listed for sale. Might be a cool junior.....
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