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  1. I like it. Looks used but not abused. Those pickups a step up or no vs original?
  2. The guitar I have an eye on is an LP, about 3 hrs away. Not anywhere near a done deal yet, so if someone has one they'd like to trade, or another guitar as noted, above, lmk. But I can't get this "local" one without making space.
  3. Off the market for now. Missed Blueburst, sadly. That said if someone eventually entertains trading (plus or minus cash) a Weddington Custom, a good LP (Gibson, or MIJ) or a Van Nuys Schecter, please feel free to reach out.
  4. Thanks. It’s a good guitar and quite rare. But as I said I have my eye on something and truly have no space to add, so have to be zero sum…. Not gonna sell any Hamers, after all! Sacrilege!
  5. Believe it is an '84, from original run. It is pretty cool. Haven't weighed it but I assume about 8 lbs. Neck measurements are as follows: width at nut 1.72". depth at 1st fret 0.89" (WITH strings). Depth at 12th fret 0.96" (WITH strings). Some play wear, mild fret wear, worming on back (not thru finish) pictured. I put in a new jack because of a loose wire, but otherwise haven't touched it. Selling because I saw something I like and I have to make room. If the other sells, then this is off the market. Hard to price, so feel free to make offer if interested, but no fire sale, 1950 shipped and pp'd CONUS.
  6. That is awesome. I stumbled on an earthen maple one recently and love the guitar. Yeah it is beautiful and all, but the neck is right and you just want to play it. I dare to say it makes me sound above average, which is a big step up. sometime a guitar just feels good. Somehow playing is easier and you get closer to the sound you hear in your head. The talladega is one of those. In fact, my tinnitus is slightly worsened just now because of an early glass of wine or 2 and a wee tweak of the volume know on the amp. Joy, pure joy. glad you have it and it worked out for all. I have been a hamer fan since i was a kid and maintain they are simply some of the greatest instruments made. enjoy it!!!
  7. You know, i’ve kinda been looking for an LP. That sunburst could be a close one…..hmmm
  8. I would like to add to my order 2 x large, both black. So that is 4 total - 1 XL white, 1 XL black, 2 large black. And agree w previous comment about an up charge.
  9. You know, though I am an amateur and not to your standards, there are few thing that I (selfishly) have enjoyed more than being in the groove/zone/whatever, either in the pool, on a court, or playing music with friends. There is a feeling when you can’t hit a wrong note( or, perhaps, just feel free enough not to care) that is indescribable. In the end, sure, social interaction was always a goal, music or not, but playing in a band, in and of itself, can be and has been absolute and pure joy. And sharing that is only good. So, that is why I still keep at it, much as I can, anyway.
  10. I’m thinking you need more cowbell. but on a serious note, assuming they are all-cotton, I will take 2, one of each color, XL. If not cotton i gotta pass THANKS FOR DOING THIS.
  11. Nice work, lucsulla. I am inspired.
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