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  1. Care to whet appetites with next up? This green one was cool, and i was too slow, as usual.
  2. This is why single pickup guitars are best
  3. Was asked for a scale length and nut width check. 24 3/4 and 1 11/16. The nut measurement is a little generous on the calipers as I did not want to scratch. The scale length, I gather, is doubling length from nut to middle of 12th fret as seen in the photos. Ans that is just a little lint up by the high E string, fyi. And a photo of how the guitar looks today -
  4. Used to see nrbq at some dump in philly. They were great. He still has his HoJo workin’ SWITCH!!
  5. And btw there is an artist ultimate on reverb, too. Not mine, no affiliation.
  6. Been watching it. Two problems. 1. Price is imho nuts, as the market is cooling. But hey, im clearly asking too much or the guitars I have for sale are just too random/small market (and I dont want to deal w reverb etc), so I’m no more realistic, and 2. I got no space till my 2 are gone. Too bad. I’d love to grab this or another p90/wrap guitar (like that black N90, that was lovely). P90s are where it’s at -
  7. Woulda picked a better clip were it me, but.. i saw him when he was livinv in princeton nj. About 100 years ago. One guitar on a stand in fromt and one on a strap. Unbelievable talent.
  8. Seeing as i got an amp and need the space even more……. Would love to sell these to someone on this board.
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