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  1. Yup, that is one hell of a guitar. And P90s w wrap to boot. That is what I was thinking if I ever ordered a Shiskov. Lake Placid Blue, wrap or sustain block similar, p90s. Maybe one p90. Simple and pure.
  2. I paid a fair price for the tele style, far less than many on this thread, and Gwen (I posted about in another thread) was a Craigslist find. Not inexpensive, but nothing like a vintage Fender or Gibson, less than Custom shop, etc for each. Both are the real deal, Van Nuys Schecters ie S serial Dream Machines. Not parts guitars, but built there in the original Schecter shop. Gwen has been around the block with some famous players. šŸ˜‰
  3. Kinda thought the whole point of P90s is noise dirty, rough around the edges, noisy and crass. no?
  4. Sometimes (often) I am an idiot - posted originally in FS and may have caused some arrhythmias. Just was feeling happy and lucky to own and play these guitars. Sharin some P90 goodness/porn. BCR Jr, N90, Special The MIII would not fit on the wee rug! And these three kinda make a good wraparound trio, I think.
  5. that banner could look good and function in some way in a wee studio I am arranging at home.......
  6. Im not good enough to care. Only 7.25 i have feels just fine, same as compound and flat. I think the shape of the neck matters (a little bit) more to me than the radius, fwiw. but since i suck take my opinions with a grain of salt
  7. Women A puppy mighta been easier.
  8. 1. Pretenders, early 80s, Tower theater Philly. Number Uno. Really have not been blown away (but enjoyed many) by the big bands - the Who, Stones, Clapton, U2, AC/DC, etc. All were fun but Chrissy had it all going for her in that one. 2. NRBQ. At some joint in Philly, cant recall. Late 80s, probably. Big Al and the boys were rocking every time I saw them there (prob 2-3 times). 3. Also like Lake Street Dive at an outdoor venue in NC a year or 2 ago. Different kinda thing, though. There is probably a great concert or 2 in my past that I ha
  9. So many amps so little time. Try a Carr hammerhead combo. 28 watts hand wired and misunderstood so inexpensive. Much as I hate to say it, Skip the head and cab. Rarer and more expensive. Very flexible w a reverb pedal in front and not big. find a combo. I have seen them from 650-900. Donā€™t pay more for the combo. Pretty small and light.
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