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  1. you know, you're at work, putting in a hard day, and you stop surfing for one gosh darn minute and the f@#$%^& guitar pops up and is gone before you finish a dump and have some coffee and get back to surfin. Dangit.
  2. Same boat here. Been looking for an n90 and slipped right past me, dang it. That other korina special i thought just sold on reverb and was formerly owned by an HFCer. I think?.....
  3. I love miiis but that is nuts with that whack on it! Not too long ago they were not selling at 1500. i know, i know. Shut up. Im old and farted.
  4. yup, like them both. too bad about trades. I cannot keep expanding, gotta be zero sum at this point!
  5. But i went and looked at the photos on the ad..... Nope. Not recorded with that kind of orange!
  6. Some of the greatest rock music was recorded with an orange guitar.
  7. Previous owner swapped out pickups, bridge etc. still have all original parts in the case. I’d have to go back to very old email to get details, I forgot, really. Plays great and looks fabulous. Sometime I should take good photos. That said, I think the colorful one posted before is the cat’s meow and wins the day!
  8. Yeah that is lovely. I have a nice one (not for sale, but while we are talking about them). I will try to get around and take a photo to keep you, all, motivated in your efforts. They are great guitars. Been a while but the red ones w bigsby seem to be the most common and reasonably priced. Mine has a lovely spruce top and no bigsby, from NAMM 2007, if I recall. Ttfn.
  9. If one would come up again for sale at a fair price i would buy it. Not derailing thread pls. Just commenting on goodness and my own dingbatishness for not grabbing previously. Such is life. Do the opposite of whatever i do in the market!
  10. Not sure how to adjust for strings since I did not loosen them, just a quick measure with them on. Got .91 and .95 at 1 and 12. Feels like a c down low. So something a little thinner than that. Maybe .89 and .93? So I guess that is prob a medium to most?
  11. I have a bcr junior so not the same, i suspect. Neck on the bcr is bigger than an 80s Strat but not chunky at all. I’d say on the small side of medium. That said, happy to take measurements and see how far off my “feel” is, if it will help you.
  12. Wishes for a speedy and full recovery coming your way, TT.
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