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  1. Yeah. Same here. Also…. My appetite is more limited given space constraints and an upcoming move. So it must be the right one - or a super deal on just a good one.
  2. Yep. Was on ebay before reverb. Looks like fun and i like the wrap. Not what i am looking for (recently bought a nice Avalon), though, so im still lookin. Prob will be for a while! Fixed on an artisan (usa) at the moment. But you never know. My mood changes often enough.
  3. I wondered same re modded. But not going to ask for a COA since I am not buying the guitar, anyway.
  4. No affiliation etc etc. just sharin. https://reverb.com/item/75720353-hamer-usa-newport?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=75720353
  5. I am 57, last gig 2016, too long since. Been working too hard since then and, well, times are a changin. Moving in a few months and hope to get in with a local group of old farts like myself, play weekends. Just for giggles. I wont be taking call anymore, so my evenings are free!
  6. I love MB amps. They are versatile, can go clean to wherever you want, and with the wood look great. I have a couple old ones - a IIc+ and a IIa, the first Imbuya and the second Koa. Heavy as all get out, but no more than a super reverb or many other great amps. They are beautiful amps. The one advertised here is more so, and wayyy flexible. As for hard to figure out? Not really. This s&*# aint rocket science. GLWS. Someone will get a hugely capable amp.
  7. As was I. Still looking and holding out for that Robin Artisan and either a McIlroy (maybe McNally) or Guild Orpheum or some such. Then I might be done for a while….. Maybe.
  8. These are really in the eye of the beholder. A much more limited group interested than more typical colors. Took a while to sell one I had. Was a great guitar but VERY big hair 80s. It wasn’t going anywhere for big bucks. Even with inflation and blah, I think the graphics are worth less, not more than standard finishes. But what do I know? - Mr. Obvious
  9. Oh, and I’d throw in a McNally parlor. That would be the final bit of kit…. Nah, who am I kidding.
  10. Pretty cool. Gotta say that the Artisan and the earlier-posted wrap Avalon are it, for me. And that flame top Jr posted in another thread. I would die happy… You, all, have some lovely guitars. I hope they are played and enjoyed!
  11. Once again, for me, that Jr is IT!
  12. lovely. perfect neck. 2 sets of pickups. what's not to like?
  13. Good work. i think Kizzer or KizansksV mighta been considered
  14. I mean, its gotta have a V Veracity Virile Voodoo etc
  15. Yep. I toyed w selling mine some time ago. No reason. But i kept it and glad because it is the amp i play most often. Easy to get a good sound w any guitar and cranked (i do use an attenuator) it is great. I have the head and cab and pretty much set and forget and just ride the guitar volume. GLWS. A great amp.
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