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  1. I have an interesting and similar guitar. Chris fleming put it together, a one off. Maybe just for fun or a prototype or something. Those pickups whatever they are called are pretty good
  2. finally I get to start....... at $350. In all seriousness (well, not really), tell us more. Hope it stays in HFC.
  3. Yeah. I asked if he was gonna put one of those esquire ones (?rawhide) up but, alas, nope. Cool stuff though. Kinda wonder what is next.
  4. How much to ship to eaat coast (27707) and will there be added cost to bring back into usa -or not since originated here? Any way to post more photos directly in this thread? this is really just to push someone else!!
  5. A smaller store on the same side of the street as Manny’s , across from Rudy’s (where i bought a Rickenbacker 360 while in college). The name of the store will likely come to me at some point between 3-4AM one random eve, but i cant recall just now. i used to surf the little shops in the village and soho, too. Grabbed a 73 martin d18 -12 in the early 80s for nothing on one of my excursions. Still have that. Woo’d my bride with it playing under a streetlamp (well, she was amused by that but all the other girls loved it, so i was covered!) and made beer money out in harvard square back in the day. During high school, cutting lawns served me well and bought guitars and amp!
  6. Anyone got anything for sale or preferably trade? I have lots of good stuff (trailing some other Meisters here) but still, could make a go of it. Would love local so as to avoid shipping some heavy s#$%. Preference would go to 15W types, but I can be bought. If anyone has a Laurel Canyon w ‘verb…. That’d be #1. Or hc-15 would be next… I am in NC. No rush, and no need (Kiz, I am talking to you). Just askin'
  7. Well, s$%^, that’s a beauty. Hope someone here gets it and plays the snot out of it -
  8. 1 x 1980, black, dots. Bought in new in NYC. Refret, maybe a pot changed, cant recall. That's about it. Still my baby.
  9. Jakeboy took care of me. Many thanks!
  10. thanks. I will reach out to @belgian. I did google, of course, and asked Rob, too, but nada so far. Have a great vacation!!
  11. Hi, all. Anyone have a copy of this manual? I have asked the builder for one (and had it serviced by him) but had no response for some time, so hope someone has copy they would be willing to share, please. Would be most apprecaited. My amp is apparently one of the earlier ones. Shipped to me by a fool who did not pack it remotely well, damaged and mishandled by the shipper, but with a little effort it seems to be working just fine (and as I said all up to date and serviced). For just a few knobs it is pretty complex, lots in there, so a cheat sheet would be helpful. So far kinda just like the basic channel 1 input fairly cranked w the second channel all the way down, but there is a lot more in there. Thanks very much.
  12. fwiw, I have a combo (local CL find years ago). Great amps. Play with any kind of guitar and very flexible but still simple. Not related or pushing, just a comment from a fellow owner.
  13. https://www.soundpure.com/p/hamer-artist-natural-electric-guitar-674407-used/30105 Looks nice. No affiliation and not interested, myself, just a local shop I "infrequent."
  14. In dc this weekend, arrived 2 hrs ago. He was cranking out Hey Joe as folks were demonstrating for Ukraine.
  15. Ps somebody buy the d?&$ black PT. MOnaco is fab but the PT is just cool. Buy them, both. There womt be another monaco like that one in a while.
  16. The suoerpro is just magic. it is so magic it is huge. so magic. just so hugely magic. so hagic. Is that a word? it is now. Hagic. You have never seen anything so hagic. No you have not. You couldnt have because i just made it up. there. That outta sell it.
  17. Anyone hear Tom Scholz “long time” inspiration in there?
  18. Those are all 2 (vs4) input amps. Prob early 80s pcb rather than ptp. I gather a little more gain than the older ones. Not as pricey as the 4 hole amps if the real deal original fanes are in the cabs, then that is something to look at. Will have to go through their ads. So far just quick look at pix.
  19. that is a spectacular guitar. Congrats.
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