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  1. that is a cool esquire, Travis. If I had an awesome esquire like that, I might go lookin’ at those new Gravelin P90s that could fit right in there. The ultimate Esquire Jr!
  2. Lovely! Again, many thanks.
  3. And thanks for responses thus far -
  4. IF I get it, absolutely, As I said, "if you were to buy...." I am lookin at a great old guitar, know it is a koa body (not veneer, but solid koa), and calculating what it will require for me to do this, myself. I have limited time and zero experience, but also want to try something new if I get the guitar. That said, don't really want a spray booth, either. Much as I love excuses to get tools, that aint one I would use often.....
  5. Thanks. Not stripped.
  6. If you were going to buy a solid koa guitar that had an old (decades old) existing finish (white now yellowed/cream so assuming lacquer, w an undercoat) and planed on stripping to bare Koa, what would you then do with the Koa. I gather something clears and thin, either lacquer or shellac, but not oil? and if I misstated anything in my question, apologies, I know nada about wood fishing, but am trying - and btw taking off the current finish will not adversely affect the value at all. It is a parts guitar. Thanks
  7. P.S. the rock crusher is not part of the deal (but could be a sep item). Have 2 other attenuators and don't need all.
  8. well, no interest as expected. May post some simply for sale, put on craigslist, and if nothing, then perhaps consign. It's all for the better - thinking of a Shishkov if the right old Hamer does not come along. Only had one other thing custom made (a bike) and that was a great and lifetime purchase 20 years ago. Anyway, considering...
  9. Agree - wouldn't pay that. But it is a nice looking "strat" - maybe $350?
  10. finally, if you have a killer guitar you want to trade, what the heck, lmk. Really looking for that Hamer, but not completely closed, either. Signing off for a bit.
  11. the kirn is 1.65 at the nut, and just over an inch at 1 and 12. Beefy. The 65 Avri specs are out there. It is much more significant and rounded than my 87 american strat etc, so a solid medium + on that one. The 87 has the usual wee tiny neck. I just have an emotional attachment to it so did not put it up for trade, but if someone has to have an 80s strat we can always talk.
  12. According to my calipers: 1.6" wide nut .84 at first and .95 at 12th (this already subtracting about .025 for strings, your guess there as good as mine).
  13. I gotta be “space neutral” (or even negative) so curious if anyone has a Special or Sunburst they want to trade? I have some moderately random stuff to trade. Here’s what I have available to trade: Kirn barnbuster with a big ass neck 65 AVRI Strat Navigator 335 copy from the 80s maybe a Carr amp (Hammerhead ii head and cab) 72 Silverface Champ (w orig speaker and also a new Jupiter) pedals (Mythical Overdrive vintage spec, big muff pi, boogie 5 band graphic, benson preamp, Boss chorus, Boss flanger) Fundamentally, I’d like a Special or S
  14. Saw them a few times in Philly in the late 80s/early 90s. They were a great live band in a decent sized dive where you could see what they were doing. Big Al was a good guitar, and when they yelled “switch” it was awesome. I yelled at Al to give me some “Howard Johnson’s got his hojo workin,” he nodded, and off they went. Of course, I think that’s what I said. I mighta had a few after exams...
  15. I am probably about #100 but DIBS on that green one!
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