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  1. Dgs woulda paid 50-60pct of retail i suspect - if they bought rather than consign it.  But why would they buy it?

    i would think they consign and keep 25-30 pct plus any charges to the seller/owner for set up and other “necessary” upkeep.   Zero risk.  Maybe if it sells for big bucks cut the pct a little.   But make a lot of $$ for little effort and investment  


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  2. I dont know rhis particular guitar and many on this forum know robins wayyy better.  But though i remain on the lookout for a particular one at a price i can stomach, i grabbed an avalon that was fairly inexpensive.  Great guitar.  No bs. Nice neck, fun to play, a good buy.   Well made.  Basically just really good and made in what seems like a small shop by folks that gave a hoot.  And not being made any more, ever.  As i said, i want another. 

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  3. As a 58yo with multiple joint and back and foot issues related to misspent youth, I would also suggest swimming as a great all-around exercise.   Not like I used to do it wearing t shirts and shorts for drag and doing 14k meters a day after running 5 miles and lifting, but nice and easy.  And get a set of (small) fins and a kickboard.  Dont do paddles, you will destroy your shoulders if you dont know what you are doing and not already very strong there.  Work up to 1500-2000 yards per workout 3 times a week, nice and easy, get that stroke long and relax in the water.  Then go for some walks or hikes, and you will be good to go for a long time.  Oh, and dont smoke.


    As for guitars I am still not caring much about the weight, but I dont play out.  Hope to start a really, really terrible band in the next year or so, and then I might re-consider.   But tbh in my rather worthless experience, it is bad posture that leads to pain more so than 7 vs 8 pounds.    Get the core strong (swimming and also kicking with fins will do it), work on your posture, and nail it. 


    Mostly just keep having fun.


    Best of luck!



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  4. I am 58 but starting to get into downsize/trim mode.   First up is just crap my wife and I have stockpiled, leftover kids’ stuff, etc (girls are gone, 25 and 28, and taken what they want to keep).    We are moving soon, so will take advantage.  Not ready to dump most of my guitars, yet, but I am becoming comfortable with the idea.  Have not decided about amps yet.  There is something about amps….  


    I think the best thing I’ve done is to make a major career change, and to take a vacation and get reoriented.  I have spent too much of my life working and thinking about work.   Got a few more years of serious s%^& planned, by choice and for a good cause, but trying to change the attitude and it will be in a different location.  If it is not healthy for me, will do something else.   My wife and I just went hiking for almost 2 weeks during this between-job hiatus, and that was better than any guitar, or any car, etc, and I am ready for more.   So over the next few years a shift will occur.  Gradual, planned, and no fire sale, but a planned trim along with a reorientation of priorities.   


    My kids will get a couple guitars, probably the acoustics.  I will move the electrics and amps, myself, eventually.  Kelley, DR103, etc.  I mean, really.  What was I thinking? 


    As an aside, LucSulla, it concerns me to “hear” you post about rust and everything else.   None of us have a guarantee.   I wish you the best!





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