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  1. Oh, and btw in that other thread abotu Oxford and Chapa Heeyah, don’t forget the other schools in this area if you are looking.  Duke, NCState, UNC Asheville and others, etc.  Lots of places around this area if you happen to be looking academic, LS.  Not cheap any more, but all the same not metro east or west coast, either.  There are still reasonable places and prices to be found.


    Now to your regularly scheduled show …..

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  2. Dont know tons about Ls but always wanted one and finally grabbed a 93 Classic, one of the first run of those. Less than half the cost of current custom shops but from what i read, essentially the same.  It has a 60s neck but not too skinny and seems like a good lp to me. 

    also it has a little age on it, like me    So i tend to appreciate that  


    while I was looking i also thought about sg, yamaha sg, weddington etc as alternatives, and actually bougt a Yamaha sbg  full disclosure - i am selling it - not because it isnt actually a better playing guitar, but because it just isnt what i wanted for a long long time   

    so go get your lp  


    keep an eye out for the first gen classics  like everything else they are often way overpriced but every once in a while they are more reasonable  


    best of luck on the hunt  


  3. And fwiw i think the pricing on the yamaha is pretty good. 1900-2k depending as above.  The fender is harder to figure out.  Fewer data points/less common.  I figure this is what it would take for me to sell it. Ow will keep It and find some space.  Not a huge sacrifice. All said, open to debate or just chat guitars, amps, or other hobbies. 

  4. 1. Yamaha SBG2000.   Nice guitar, craigslist link here - https://raleigh.craigslist.org/msg/d/durham-yamaha-sbg2000-guitar-1981/7585200711.html

    HFC price $1700 net to me.  If you are local and I don't have to do anything I will give it to you for 1650 and buy you a beer.  Happy to send more pictures.  On CL I say excellent, but it is in nice shape, say very good here. Has been played, not abused.   Plays wonderfully, but I bought it when looking for an LP, later found the LP I wanted.  The Yamaha is a better guitar, I think, but I always wanted the LP, so there it is. 

    Yes, it is heavy.  And awesome.


    2. Fender Esprit Elite.  Making space.  https://raleigh.craigslist.org/msg/d/durham-fender-esprit-elite-guitar-1984/7585198511.html

    HFC price $1700 net to me.  Same as above and for a local no hassle deal.  


    Happy to send whatever photos you may need.  Just give me your cell and I will text them to you when I get a chance.  

    I am not averse to trades for good stuff but that always seems fraught - and I have few needs/wants, so would be picky.


    If my prices are off base I'm open to discuss, but I also don't need to sell these.  So as much as I would like to support and get rid of them for 350 each to my HFC brothers and sisters, not gonna do it. 😉  And you know I will use the proceeds to do something totally stupid or excessive, so how can you not?  




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  5. https://www.soundpure.com/p/hamer-studio-custom-aztec-gold-guitar-352925-used/32602


    No relation to this guitar, etc, etc.  Only disclosure is that I am selling other stuff there (an acoustic) and have previously via consignment at this store, and so do check the website now and then.  That's why I was there, surfing'.  FWIW.  

    I mean this just as an FYI for the Hamer faithful.  No comment on price from me, either, other than I don't know what this one is worth (except, perhaps, $350).



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