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  1. Just an update, I bought Woodpile’s Robin (thanks WP), and really enjoy the guitar.  Been using a MB IIA, straight in.  The neck is a comfy medium to medium plus (diff shape but about as full as my Talladega, fwiw), it plays well, and will be played a lot and out without worries.  This one is a player, not a museum piece.  Now, as I ponder a couple other guitars for sale here that are admittedly spectacular, I remain on the lookout for robins, as well.  Yes, I have caught the bug.  Because, yeah, I got one and it is that good.



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  2. Been looking at matchless and bad cat for a while, but dont own one - just bought a IIA, instead, actually.  But from what I gather, they are similar, some shared inheritance.  Some models very close - early bad cat 40 watt model similar to HC/DC/SC, etc.  But then as time wore on some divergence.  Both well made, generally, though some recent bad cat not in same league (this excludes most recent reincarnations as I have not looked into those at all).  All are heavy.  


    All this Sampson made stuff I think is crap and selling hype, but he did go from matchless to badcat, hence the similarities esp early on.  But a matchless made today woudl seem at least as good as one sold for more that MS made.  So woudl not get hung up on year of a matchless amp and search or pay more for a Sampson one.


    I have not seen a Matchless local to try out, but did play briefly through a 2013 cub IIr, and I liked it.  Still hand wired then. I did not like it enough to pay what was asked, but still for the kind of money those bring, they seem like a lot of amp to me.  


    A SC30 or HC30 are still way heavy, and a DC30 even more so, but I’d love to try them.  And really, they are kinda similar weight vs what I ended up getting this round (a koa cab mark IIA w EVM), so obviously I wan not taking the weight thing too seriously.  


    Off al the various matchless and bad cat amps, the one that most interests me is the laurel canyon reverb, then some of the small box versions, and an SC30, probably in that order.  But I have yet to play them and really know.


    Good luck.  

  3. look at the side of the neck where the body meets it.  Some funky finish stuff going there.  Might be nothing, but owner did not explain it clearly to me other than it seems some sort of "minor" repair.

    Id rather have  a wrap, anyway, but if you think I am seeing ghosts, lmk.  To me it looks like some lacquer is going up on the neck binding in an odd way.

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