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  1. Not sure how much luck you will have. I have always been under the impression everyone only used a jazz for the neck.
  2. I must be to old. What does TDC stand for ?
  3. Everyone cancelled there bids. Posting has been deleted.
  4. Well yes , I placed the bid and then asked for pictures. I figured there was no way I would win with the opening bid. When I do that e-bay will keep me posted on where the bidding stands.
  5. After placing the opening bid, I asked the seller to send me close-ups of the front and back of the headstock. He sent me pictures of a different guitar headstock. It had victory inlays and his main add pictures have crowns. The rear of the headstock didn't have the extra number indicating the Ultimates build number. This person has a zero e-bay sales number. I am going to ask e-bay to retract my bid. This person may not even have the guitar pictured. Quite possibly a scam.
  6. Where can I find these Fresno guys ?. See what else they have .
  7. Just keeping the lines of communication open. Missed the last 2 guitar shows here do to obligations. I am seriously overstocked at the moment . Trying to keep GAS in check.
  8. Your holding out on me. You never told me you had a warehouse full of guitars.
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