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  1. I own just about every major brand guitar or have at least played one. I am looking for a technical answer here. ( not just fit and finish ) Visual inspection is not giving me the answer. If I set up a guitar identical to my Hamer , why is it that I find the Hamer's easier to play than my other guitars ?????? Like Butter !!!!
  2. I was thinking this morning before seeing this thread.I have owned just about every major brand. What is it about a Hamer that it is always the easiest for me to play?
  3. UPS sent me a follow your delivery map every day my package was on the truck out for delivery. I watched that truck go round and round my area for 4 days till it finally came. One night he was next door and didn't make my delivery. I was tempted to stop him and ask "What's Up."
  4. I have had the same sales person for years. But recently I had the same thing happen to me where a new person said they were his assistant. I love Sweetwater customer service and fast delivery. I have never really bought a lot from them because I always felt they don't discount. Never sending discount codes or other incentives. Am I wrong ?
  5. Blue Flametop. I did not realize they are rare.Did some shopping and all I see are Sunbursts' .I have a blue one, is there any demand for it ?
  6. Please explain the printed serial number issue. Forgetful in my old age. I seem to recall it being discussed but can't find the conversations.
  7. I don't need another overdrive. Never had a tube screamer. What the heck. Thanks for the heads up. Just placed the order.
  8. I have 2 acoustic Washburn's that are flawless and seem better than other guitars in the same price range.
  9. I bought a Made in Japan Fender through a Malaysian dealer. It arrived in 3 days. Zero fee's.
  10. If you ever come back ,contact me. We could have a meet and greet. Wayne
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