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  1. Not only did the new owners raise the fees. I have been waiting for The Pedal Movie , it's pay per view. Come on Reverb !!!!!!!!
  2. Yes I have one. Not sure about F spacing. I never really have been a beleiver in that. Feel it's a sales ploy.
  3. E-mail me. I have a couple Daytona's available.
  4. Considering the way prices have been lately the price seems decent. Seeing what they have other Hamers priced at it makes me wonder if this guitar has some type of issue ???
  5. I own just about every major brand guitar or have at least played one. I am looking for a technical answer here. ( not just fit and finish ) Visual inspection is not giving me the answer. If I set up a guitar identical to my Hamer , why is it that I find the Hamer's easier to play than my other guitars ?????? Like Butter !!!!
  6. I was thinking this morning before seeing this thread.I have owned just about every major brand. What is it about a Hamer that it is always the easiest for me to play?
  7. UPS sent me a follow your delivery map every day my package was on the truck out for delivery. I watched that truck go round and round my area for 4 days till it finally came. One night he was next door and didn't make my delivery. I was tempted to stop him and ask "What's Up."
  8. I have had the same sales person for years. But recently I had the same thing happen to me where a new person said they were his assistant. I love Sweetwater customer service and fast delivery. I have never really bought a lot from them because I always felt they don't discount. Never sending discount codes or other incentives. Am I wrong ?
  9. Blue Flametop. I did not realize they are rare.Did some shopping and all I see are Sunbursts' .I have a blue one, is there any demand for it ?
  10. Please explain the printed serial number issue. Forgetful in my old age. I seem to recall it being discussed but can't find the conversations.
  11. I don't need another overdrive. Never had a tube screamer. What the heck. Thanks for the heads up. Just placed the order.
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