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  1. Where can I find these Fresno guys ?. See what else they have .
  2. Just keeping the lines of communication open. Missed the last 2 guitar shows here do to obligations. I am seriously overstocked at the moment . Trying to keep GAS in check.
  3. Your holding out on me. You never told me you had a warehouse full of guitars.
  4. If at all interested. Bob is a great guy. I have done 2 deals with him..!
  5. Keep us posted on the outcome.
  6. Thanks for sharing Carl. Recording sounds nice.
  7. Pat just played hear in Cleveland with Vanilla Fudge. He was excellant. He did play some tunes from his new Big Band album. It was remakes of 30's or 40's music, maybe ragtime. He put his own spin on it. Didn't really like it, not my cup of tea,
  8. New Guy is well versed on Hamers. He just isn't a big time poster. We have had numerous conversations and a couple transactions.
  9. For the most part most of the people here are anti-import Hamers. I have a collection of both USA and imports. The imports are just fine except for the lowest end series.
  10. Maybe the look on his face was cause he needed to take a shit ?
  11. Every time I see Alice I will take someone who will say they don't want to go , " the show is childish." And every time there is a new Alice convert. Each time I hear , "Boy can them guys play ! "
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