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  1. https://crazyparts.de/overlays-inlays/headstock-inlays--logos/gibson-raised-logo-gold.php €59,- for Gold/€49,- for Chrome at todays (05/15/20) price ca. 64/53USD plus shipping
  2. Hi Snoozingcat, approx. six to eight months ago when you advertised this same guitar here, you then changed your mind saying, quite rightly, you probably would never find another one as good! I only hope that you will not regret your change of heart now...! Best Wishes, Dave X
  3. Willcutts are also offering this: http://willcuttguitars.com/hamer-1/hamer-usa-25th-anniversary-artist-custom-cherry-018 and this: http://willcuttguitars.com/hamer-1/hamer-improv-vintage-sunburst-used-153
  4. I read on an older version of the Greco/Zemaitis website that the original designs were/are, as always, by Danny O'Brien- a well known shotgun engraver (and friend and neighbour of Tony Zemaitis for those that didn't know) and that they are then Laser-etched onto the 'Duralumin' parts. The original hand made Tony Zemaitis guitars were all hand engraved by Danny and each one was a unique piece...
  5. I have the 22 fret version of this same model from 2005, they are extremely well made and are way, way better than the current series of (Greco but unbranded) Indonesien or Korean made guitars!! These Japanese made metal-front Zemaitis' are highly sought-after, this is well priced and someone should snap up this pretty rare guitar quickly!! GLWTS...
  6. I saw KALEO nearly two years ago now in Hamburg when they opened for the Rolling Stones on the very first night of the current 'No Filter' tour. They were really good and got a positive reaction from the audience which is not bad for a relatively unknown band in a notoriously difficult opening slot...
  7. Just spotted this on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1981-Hamer-Sunburst-Electric-Guitar-USA-Vintage-/283514864585 No affiliation, I'm in Germany!!
  8. Do these prices include saddles/screws/springs as well or is the price of $175 just for the baseplate? whichever, it would still be that someone would have to front $3,500 for 20 pieces. The saddles are the most difficult/complicated part to produce with around 12 production steps BEFORE they are ready to be polished and then Nickel and/or Chrome plated (Chrome plated parts first have to be Copper plated then Nickel plated then Chrome plated!)... ...to be continued...
  9. They look similar but are in fact quite different, the circular hole, when seen from underneath, is actually a round cornered rectangular form with ledges that when viewed from above form the circle shape with a slot for the string (so probably less mass than the originals) (by the way I have been doing quite a lot of research on sustain block bridges/saddles recently for an article that I am writing!!)
  10. I also saw these a few months ago! These are NOT old, they are brand new, READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY: these are made of ZINC (cast/moulded, NOT machined) Mighty Mite is now owned by SAMICK which is a Korean company so the description about being so much better than "the cheap Chinese stuff that wears off and loses colour" is perhaps a bit disingenuous. The common consensus in the the guitar industry is that Bridges/Saddles made from Zinc sound like sh*t!! again, just saying!! ps The prices quoted in the text should alone be enough to make anyone suspicious (i.e. you get what you pay for!)
  11. On 20th Sept. 2018 you(Never2Late) posted this: "I tried, and failed, to have John Mann at MannMade make Sustainblock replicas......he has the machine-shop, the tooling, the expertise (original bridge designer/manufacturer to PRS who made bridges for them for 30 years), and the specs. I sent him an original USA Hamer TLE for a few months to dis-assemble and take all the measurements and make a prototype......then I got excuses/delays/run-around. For months. I gave-up working with him - he wants to sell his designs/products, when he's darned-good-and-ready to make them. I told him there was a LINE of people who would pay for them if he made them...to no avail....back to square one. I still need a Sustainblock for a Blitz project Stike is finishing-up, if anyone has a line...." Has something changed since then? I have also sent various emails to John Mann- never heard a thing back from him!!
  12. We are talking about a difference of around 0.125 (inch) difference which is a hell of lot when you consider, for example, that when you insert a shim double the thickness of a piece of normal office paper under the neck of a stratocaster you get a difference of approx.2mm at the bridge...
  13. The base of this Hipshot bridge is HALF the depth of a real Sustain Block Bridge so you would still need a shim underneath which seems to defeat the the whole object of the exercise and not only that but the saddles are completely different and don't look even close to the original design if you want your guitar/bridge to be historically accurate/vintage correct... just saying!!
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