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  1. I do have some guitars with mahogany, so looking for just something else, Body Size Grand-Auditorium Type Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Top Solid Englemann Spruce Back & Sides Koa Scale Length 25.5" / 650mm Guitar Length 41" / 1041mm Orientation Right-handed Neck Mahogany Fretboard Rosewood Bridge Rosewood Binding Wood Nut / Saddle
  2. Hey y'all, In an earlier post, I talked about me and my son both buying a new acoustic guitar. Funny thing from the website we both were attracted to the one with Koa back and sides, but what will Koa be soundwise comparing to for example mahagony? Jeroen
  3. Hey y'all, Plan for this year was to make a videoclip for my latest release. 4 weeks later the Corona shizzle came by and all plans were down the drain for that moment. After a couple of months I came up with the idea to do things online and abroad for an older song. The result is my first official video on YouTube with the lovely Daniela from Venezuela, my son shooting some stuff here in Holland and the edeting by a lovely lady from Minnesota:) Anyway, this is my first time into this kinda stuff, happening in weird times:) No Hamer guitars in there, but there is my Guild:)
  4. http://maneattraction.bandcamp.com/track/picture-frame shameless self promotion:)
  5. EXL 110 from D'Addario on electrics 010. And EJ26 on acoustic guitars 011
  6. I was looking for a telecaster but I think I won't buy any fender products anymore...maybe score some hamer in the used market
  7. Best thing for HFC related/Hamer logo things is asking Mr Matthes really nice if he wanna do that again...and this costs him really an awful lot of time!! So see how many people really wants it and then maybe he'll do that I have 1 HFC shirt and is still great!! but for sure I can use another:) Jeroen
  8. Probably cuz it's my first name, though my name in the band nowadays is "Grand Master J" but that's a lil bit to much to use it for my self..whahaha Rock on, Jeroen
  9. Hey Kevin, This is really great stuff!!! Though I was always more to the glamrock/bluesrock side, I really dig this music!! Great sound and for sure some good video show/works!!!!!! Keep it going!!!! Jeroen
  10. Well, You can say what you want about Slash, but he did a goodthing to stay cool and act mature. I like that Slash got more tone, he did some nice stuff, but is not a player like Yngwie. The only thing with Yngwie and that kinda players is that you wanna hear something else after 10 minutes. Other then people like Paul Gilbert, who got more on his sleeve Jeroen
  11. Do I hear something about a Studio with HB S S config. with a Floyd rose?? heheh
  12. If you are proud of the brands you're playing, why not be proud to show their logo?? I am proud to play Hamer, Guild, Ovation, Peavey, Seymour Duncan, so I'll show that Jeroen
  13. What will I say about this, I am not posting a lot lately, but read from time to time, had a lot of issues and a full agenda the last couple of months. Something was in the air, but the departure of Jol was a surprise:( Hamer guitars were and are excellent guitars, but I do think they'll have a hard time and had a hard time the last couple of years. If you see how much labor the put in a guitar and the material they are using you can not expect to have a Hamer under $ 2000-2500 anymore. Then there comes a point of custommers, I can buy a $ 1000 guitar right away if I want and put earplugs in
  14. Sad to hear about it:( though it is great to see that you can play guitar and wear a HardRock cafe jacket when you are in your 90's The world is loosing a huge guitar guru/musician and a guy with a sence of humor Rest in Peace!! Jeroen
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