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  1. Just added a faux spring reverb from Wampler to my pedal board...running from 1 problem into another! Need more space 😂😂. The sovereign and Pinnacle are maybe 2 options to cover my more 80s rock style/sound....
  2. I am still in for a good distortion. Using a Paisley drive and a bad monkey for overdrive. The digitech Hot head and hot rod I have, i don't really like...sound is to plastic or something...haha
  3. The Ego is still on my wishlist, have a Boss CS-3 at the moment, when I am not using my Zoom. Want to replace my Digitech distortions too.
  4. Hey y'all, Bought a Paisley drive 2 weeks ago and really like it. For 3 years now I am following Brian Wampler, but never bought some stuff. Now I am trying to retire my Zoom G7.1ut and try to go back to some stompboxes. I have a bunch of Digitech stuff, some Boss and others. Now I just made a mistake to buy a Wampler Faux spring reverb..... not! 😊, and am wondering, any other Wampler users here and what do you use? Jeroen
  5. Jeroen


  6. EXL 110 from D'Addario on electrics 010. And EJ26 on acoustic guitars 011
  7. I was looking for a telecaster but I think I won't buy any fender products anymore...maybe score some hamer in the used market
  8. Best thing for HFC related/Hamer logo things is asking Mr Matthes really nice if he wanna do that again...and this costs him really an awful lot of time!! So see how many people really wants it and then maybe he'll do that I have 1 HFC shirt and is still great!! but for sure I can use another:) Jeroen
  9. Probably cuz it's my first name, though my name in the band nowadays is "Grand Master J" but that's a lil bit to much to use it for my self..whahaha Rock on, Jeroen
  10. Hey Kevin, This is really great stuff!!! Though I was always more to the glamrock/bluesrock side, I really dig this music!! Great sound and for sure some good video show/works!!!!!! Keep it going!!!! Jeroen
  11. Well, You can say what you want about Slash, but he did a goodthing to stay cool and act mature. I like that Slash got more tone, he did some nice stuff, but is not a player like Yngwie. The only thing with Yngwie and that kinda players is that you wanna hear something else after 10 minutes. Other then people like Paul Gilbert, who got more on his sleeve Jeroen
  12. Do I hear something about a Studio with HB S S config. with a Floyd rose?? heheh
  13. If you are proud of the brands you're playing, why not be proud to show their logo?? I am proud to play Hamer, Guild, Ovation, Peavey, Seymour Duncan, so I'll show that Jeroen
  14. What will I say about this, I am not posting a lot lately, but read from time to time, had a lot of issues and a full agenda the last couple of months. Something was in the air, but the departure of Jol was a surprise:( Hamer guitars were and are excellent guitars, but I do think they'll have a hard time and had a hard time the last couple of years. If you see how much labor the put in a guitar and the material they are using you can not expect to have a Hamer under $ 2000-2500 anymore. Then there comes a point of custommers, I can buy a $ 1000 guitar right away if I want and put earplugs in so I can't hear my wife, but a $ 3000 guitar is something else...with the financial crisis and raising guitarprices it gets harder and harder to sell them, and the fact they are not as well known as a Fender or Gibson. I am not a fan of Fender and the way they work, I own a Guild, and you have to search hard here to find an original Guild guitar cause their goal now is to sell $ 700 guitars. I think they wanna do that with brands as Hamer as well. (look how many times they've moved their Guild factory) They are more a compagny of making money instead of building nice instrumenst for a sellect group of people. Maybe, but it is speculation this is one of the parts Jol doesn't like and remember they started in the 70's with making better guitars out of a Fender/Gibson!! Maybe if he wants to and can finance it he'll build a Dantzig guitar, and if so I will buy 1.. Just my 2 cents.....my spelling sucks, my englisch sucks...but this is what I think Jeroen
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