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  1. Yep... I took her off Camstone's hands. And she's a sexy girl for sure!
  2. I'm probably going to buy a Superpro sooner or later... do you have a for-sale thread? I probably shouldn't buy a guitar right now, but I do have some other things that could stand to go away. After all, if we let logic stand in the way of poor financial decisions then the coronavirus wins...
  3. Oof... I was afraid that's what it meant. Just wrong.
  4. I was thinking the same thing... A store I worked at back in the day had an A10... I always thought it couldn't be a coincidence that it shared a model number with something called a "Warthog". Completely different, yet somehow, equally ugly.
  5. Pic won't open for me... Kinda spoils the joke I guess.
  6. Ah... My GMP has a Custom Custom in the bridge. Awesome pickup in the right guitar. I ditched the 59 in the neck in favor of a Saturday Night Special... Heavenly combo.
  7. I'm thinking at that point you should just keep going and cut it down to Steinberg size...
  8. Yeah... His "improvements" aren't in my opinion... 59s are about my least favorite PAF style humbucker. Still, I'd take it.
  9. I don't know about the Duncan Distortion, but it takes all kinds. Otherwise she's a winner!
  10. Love the 25.5 scale when combined with Maple/Mahogany/Humbuckers. That's what sold me my Maple Mirage. The one shortcoming of these guitars is the bridge. It's just a bad choice for this guitar in my opinion. I put a Bladerunner on mine... really happy with it.
  11. Yep... I was high bidder for, oh... about 30 seconds! Ha! No hard feelings at all, I'm glad to see it go to someone here! Congratulations! I'm sure it's a winner.
  12. I've bought a few things in that sort of auction and that sounds about right if memory serves. I almost hate myself for saying it, but I guess it's reasonable if people are willing to pay it. It isn't like anything went unsold!
  13. I think they got their pricing structure from Ticketmaster...
  14. Awesome. Exactly the kind of info I was after!
  15. It takes all kinds, for sure... for instance, you'd have to literally nail me to my seat to get me to hold still through a whole football game (whether American or that other style where they don't use their hands...), but obviously I'm outnumbered there! The sights I really like to see are more along the line of wilderness and natural beauty, but I do go for the occasional historical highlight. I also have favorite restaurants scattered around the country. As far as the guitar shops go, It's really less about actually hunting for any kind of a deal than it is about seeing the odd cool thing that I've never seen before.
  16. No worries... I'm bound to wind up in Dallas sooner or later.
  17. Yes, but there are other things to see anywhere... I travel quite a bit and this is one of the things I like to check out in different cities. I can get pretty reliable results with Google for "Things to see in Austin", but it takes a little more digging to avoid wasting time going to guitar shops loaded with the complete new Fender line-up. That looks like it's about ten minutes from Dallas, not Austin. Looks cool, but that's a bit of a drive.
  18. I'm going to be in Austin for a few days. I don't think I'll have a ton of time available, but I like to hit guitar shops in different cities when I can. Any high points in Austin? Pretty much just interested in used and vintage... Guitar Center is the same everywhere.
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