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  1. Just pointing it out for those who may not have noticed. Plus, perhaps there is some insight to how the hawg is damaged while the top looks great
  2. Matter of fact she’s got two. Ones married and the other (hot as hell or not) will make you consider dating guys
  3. My first thought was the bass player. I was watching a local band late 80’s early 90’s when the singers headbang coincided with the bassists pelvic boost to his instrument. The string side off the tuner met rapidly with said singers eye providing a gash that went from the outside lower eyelid to the middle of the lower eyelid. Lots of leakage and an er trip later I heard accusations of how he did it on purpose. Needless to say they never played together again.
  4. Well done. I can still count to ten but that is it. Oh and some vulgarities
  5. Dang. Saw the title and thought you HAD one for sale. Total letdown. Good luck though
  6. Thanks Jeff! Gonna make my woman watch this with me tonight
  7. Geez. I’ve heard of having somebody’s hand up your ass but this is ridiculous
  8. I would say his uncle is rolling over in his grave but........
  9. Glad that worked out for you Dutchman! Customer service at the source! I’ve been in that position when I worked retail at a younger age. It can be tough to deal with shippers but sounds like you got it handled !
  10. I had a guitar shipped from out of the states that had plenty of insurance but wouldn’t have been easy to replace. I diligently checked the tracking and on the day of delivery I was going to be at work. So I leave the driver a note to drop it off at my retired neighbors house who had accepted packages before. Taped to my front door with address labels and behind my locked security gate. With my suspicious nature I repeatedly checked tracking info and when I saw delivery confirmation I snuck out of work went home and not only found my note had not been obliged but that here was the guitar
  11. Finished. Albeit delayed for some things I was unhappy with. So now plays great feels great sounds great and looks great. The camera doesn’t do this color justice. And I forgot to put the whammywhangolo bar in there but you get the picture. 😁
  12. Very impressive! You have great talent. Just never know who’s lurking on the forum here. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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