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  1. Might be the one instance where putting a Kahler (back) on makes sense. That over-engineered hunk of metal would at least be better looking than the plastic plate on there... maybe...
  2. The best on-the-road bass amps I have ever had were my array of Peavey Mark VIIIs. Sure, they weighed a ton and had a shitload of connections and buttons I didn't want or use, plus they didn't sound like anything all that special (SansAmp Bass Driver to the rescue!) ... but they were far louder than the specs would indicate and ended up being dead-reliable tanks that survived more abuse than any piece of gear deserves.
  3. I'm wondering if Gibson will sue them for using one of their "iconic shapes"?
  4. Both my old Vintage S (a twin to this one but with the bridge humbucker) and my maple bodied set-neck Chaparral could be described as very "Hi-Fi" sounding. Clear and articulate but certainly not shrill.
  5. I'm also quite fond of much of what was made in Japan from the mid 70's on. My MIJ '90s Fernandes TE-1N is about the best Tele I've ever played, and has never been far from my side. I picked it up new for $275. It had been sitting in a small shop for quite a while, and the owner was eager to sell. He even included a Duncan Broadcaster set for free.
  6. No shipping, and seems to want cash at pickup... kinda killing the potential buyer pool with those requirements, and with that price. But, they can tell the significant other it's listed for sale.
  7. Bump. Anyone have an extra black Hamer branded M6 they'd be willing to part with? Or even a set? I was about to buy a new Schaller, but figured I'd hold out a bit to see if I can manage to find a Hamer branded one.
  8. Reverb released the following this last spring to explain things. https://reverb.com/news/what-reverb-sellers-need-to-know-about-new-sales-tax-rules
  9. Amen! I've paid sellers extra to not use said popcorn styrofoam bullshit. Nothing kills the vibe of a NGD like those dumb-ass things getting everywhere.
  10. That original listing looks like it may be one I owned a while back. Mine had a small cigarette burn by the neck joint when I bought it, but it wasn’t nearly as ugly as it looks in these pictures. The rest of the finish issues were not on mine however. Regardless of the burn it was a damn good guitar.
  11. It had some low-end Epiphone pickups.
  12. Maybe make it match its stablemate?
  13. Very interesting and enlightening, if slightly horrifying. I'm now convinced it went from having a Sustainblock, to a Kahler, then whatever the hell it has in that video to the shitty Floyd copy that's now in a bin in my garage. Poor, poor little Blitz.
  14. The thought has definitely crossed my mind. Perhaps adding some glittery-ness to an '80s style graphic? This is also interesting... I clearly have much to ponder.
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