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  1. I never hold my breath any case will stay with the guitar when dealing with used GC buys, but I’ve learned to ask them track it down while I’m on the phone with them and then I ask them to send me a pic of the case tag. Then I hope against hope that they remember to actually put the guitar in the case after they ring up the purchase. That part’s a crapshoot.
  2. Last week one of my contacts at GC who knows of my fondness for Chaparrals told me one had popped-up as part a large collection brought in at a Dallas store. There were no pictures yet for the listing, and when I called the store to get a description it became clear they had a miss-labeled Cali on their hands. My interest has usually been for Chaparrals, and I was initially going to pass, but the fact this '88 Cali was bone stock original with OBLs, a recessed OFR and boomers peaked my interest. After a little bit of back and forth I decided I needed to finally get a Cali in my fleet. It arrived today and holy hell is it wonderful! An absolutely simple yet elegant and refined machine! The story I was given indicated it was sold to GC by the original owner who bought it in London. It's definitely been played (the back of the neck is worn-in quite beautifully), but it's been well cared for over the years. I was told the case was what it came in when it was bought new, but I've never seen this particular kind of case previously. It's quite nice, and fits the guitar like a glove.
  3. Those single coils look just like what have been in the first generation non-OBL loaded Chaparrals I’ve had.
  4. To dust off an old chestnut... your persistence is impressive!
  5. I’ve been wearing my Shishkov hoodie regularly since I got it a few years ago in the initial offering. I travel a lot for work and wear it all over the country, but today was the first time anyone has ever recognized it. And only a mile from my house!
  6. I came across this refinished and modded 1st gen. Chaparral Custom on Reverb, and thought it would be a good candidate for a re-refinish to make it the period correct pink pearl Chaparral I’ve always wanted. I made the purchase, and then discovered the seller was local and a member of this fine board. We met this afternoon to hand it off, and had a great Hamer-centric conversation. It’s nice to have found another like-minded fan so close in this part of Wisconsin! After getting the guitar home, I’ve decided this rather odd flake finish has its charms and the guitar will likely keep it. It’s far more colorful, vibrant and flip-floppy than any crappy pictures I take can capture. I’m going to make an attempt to get better pics when I’ve more time, and when the sun decides to play nice. I’m not sure yet about the pickups, electronics and hardware, but it plays great and is certainly an interesting change from my other, stock Chaparrals
  7. It's in that so ugly it's cool realm, it's $200 and it has a case... I see no reason not to snag it.
  8. I’ve not noticed that on the back of a DC before either... and I’m holding one right now...
  9. Might be the one instance where putting a Kahler (back) on makes sense. That over-engineered hunk of metal would at least be better looking than the plastic plate on there... maybe...
  10. The best on-the-road bass amps I have ever had were my array of Peavey Mark VIIIs. Sure, they weighed a ton and had a shitload of connections and buttons I didn't want or use, plus they didn't sound like anything all that special (SansAmp Bass Driver to the rescue!) ... but they were far louder than the specs would indicate and ended up being dead-reliable tanks that survived more abuse than any piece of gear deserves.
  11. I'm wondering if Gibson will sue them for using one of their "iconic shapes"?
  12. Both my old Vintage S (a twin to this one but with the bridge humbucker) and my maple bodied set-neck Chaparral could be described as very "Hi-Fi" sounding. Clear and articulate but certainly not shrill.
  13. I'm also quite fond of much of what was made in Japan from the mid 70's on. My MIJ '90s Fernandes TE-1N is about the best Tele I've ever played, and has never been far from my side. I picked it up new for $275. It had been sitting in a small shop for quite a while, and the owner was eager to sell. He even included a Duncan Broadcaster set for free.
  14. No shipping, and seems to want cash at pickup... kinda killing the potential buyer pool with those requirements, and with that price. But, they can tell the significant other it's listed for sale.
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