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  1. I haven't had much time to play the guitar since reassembly, but so far my impression is that it is rather mellow, and warm. A far cry from the early '50s Fender Princeton lap steel I recently tried. According to my research, some of Mr. Fender's thinking in designing the Direct String Pickup was to minimize the "pick attack" when playing. The pickup's coil is wrapped around a plastic spacer in the middle of the bobbin assembly (which the strings feed through), and there are two 1" square magnets to either side of the coil. The Organ Button Model name comes from the addition of the switch
  2. I can attest that he was not telling tall tales about the rewind, can't swear about any fish though.
  3. I want to extend my appreciation, and thanks to Mr. Josh Gravelin for assisting me in getting a family heirloom back in working order. I inherited this 1946 Fender Organ Button Model lap steel from my late aunt, who had inherited it from her uncle in the late 1960s. When I took possession it had not been played in some time, and needed a good deal of finessing to get back into playing shape. Most of that finessing was done by Mr. Gravelin who did an amazing job getting the unusual pickup rebuilt. The Direct String Pickup was the design Leo Fender had been using in the K&F lap steel guitars
  4. PMed regarding the Quarter-Pounder for Strat SSL-4, the Full Shred bridge SH-10b and the Jazz neck SH-2n.
  5. I received the following message from the Fender rep I've been working with... Not much DGS didn't already know, but at least I've confirmed the model of pickup. Hey Patrick! You're a pretty lucky guy, I guess, based on 2 things: your guitar is pretty special and your response came on a record time, haha! I'm copy-pasting you the answer from my C.S. team contact below: "That was a Team Built model. I remember setting some of them up in the FCS Final Assembly, and man, they were barn burners. Had all the good stuff going on with them. There are no spec sheets for it, bu
  6. I had seen that TDPRI thread, and a passing reference to the model in another, and it was about the most information I have come across so far.
  7. These are two of the few references I was able to find in my searches, and find it interesting that mine has a later certificate date but is a lower number is the series.
  8. This rather striking 2002 Fender Custom Shop Custom "Z" Esquire just arrived at my door less than 12 hours after ordering from DGS, and while I’m waiting patiently as I can to get home and get to unboxing, I figured I’d tide myself over by doing some good ‘ol fashioned research on it. Usually I find a great deal of relaxation in whiling away the hours doing a deep dive on a the particulars of a new guitar. In this case however, it’s becoming a struggle to get much in the way of any details or history about this one. Believe it or not, the serial number (both on the headstock and CS certificate
  9. The base circuit is a 5F1 tweed Champ. So far I’ve tried a few 6L6s and an EL34, but I don’t seem to have a KT66 on hand. Coulda swore I had at least one stashed away...
  10. Yessir, a basic no frills Studio in natural. I don’t often see naturals pop up, so it was a bit easier to spot.
  11. I’ve been interested in trying one of these amps for a while, but wasn’t quite just-north-of-$2k interested. I happened to find a minty used Victoria Vicky Verb (in tweed!) for a far more reasonable “play around with it" approved price, and think I’ve found a keeper. It’s basically a Champ circuit with treble/bass controls, reverb, 12” speaker, three progressively attenuated inputs and a half power setting. Those features had my attention as a possibly ideal low wattage practice and recording amp, but there’s far more to this little one than it seems. It was designed to be scaleable, both
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