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  1. Me, from last Saturday night. Yikes.
  2. Paid via Venmo and PM'd my info on Monday 09/20/21. Thanks!
  3. When I first saw the subject line I thought maybe it was this one...
  4. Firstly, I bought a Dunable Baphomet pickup for it.
  5. Way back in November I bought @zenmindbeginner's Seymour Duncan Little '59 pickup and put in my cheapie Rogue lap steel. The original pickup was weak, single-coil garbage, but it sounds much better now. Thanks, Geoff! Here it is on "Tough Times," originally written and recorded by John Brim (of "Ice Cream Man" fame) in 1953. I've been playing open-G on lap steel for quite a while, but this is my first foray into open-E on a lap. So my vocabulary of open-E licks is still a work in progress.
  6. "The previous owner had the neck replaced by Hamer in the 80's due to a break, but then broke the neck again recently and had it professionally repaired. However, neck is off center and E and A strings fret out past 12th fret." So which repair was done by Hamer and which one was "professionally repaired"? The headstock break that looks like it was glued together by a preschooler or the one where they put the neck back on crooked?
  7. ...and the listing is still active. https://austin.craigslist.org/msg/d/austin-old-electric-guitar/7343601363.html Maybe he's using the ad to lure potential buyers into his secret underground lair, where he holds them hostage. When he's collected enough victims - er, "potential buyers," he'll be able to fulfill his lifelong dream of making a suit out of the skins of Hamer fans. "I'm here for the Hamer guitar." "Say, are you about a size fourteen?"
  8. Maybe I'm naive, but if the seller doesn't actually have possession the item being advertised, what's the purpose of an ad like this? Unless he really does have it and it's stolen, I suppose that's a possibility.
  9. It plays and sounds great! Exactly what you would expect from a Chap. The pots were a little scratchy when I got it (I don't think it had been played for a while), but that was easy to fix. Of course, like I said before, even though it goes against my usual "guitars are meant to be played" policy, I don't really plan on playing it all that much because I don't want rub off the signatures. If it was going to see more playing time, I would set it up for .010s (it currently has .009s) swap out the Schaller strap locks for Dunlops and get an appropriately yellow Couch strap for it.
  10. Dana_V


    Guitar-iversary! It's hard to believe, but it was one year ago today that the FedEx truck delivered this incredible instrument to me. I'm still amazed by it every time I take it out of the case.
  11. Thanks! A few more pieces of the puzzle!
  12. The gigs are slowly coming back. Here's a shot from last Saturday night (with my '90 Archtop). I've got another one (with my other band) scheduled for this Saturday, but it's outside and the way the weather forecast looks right now it might be rained out. This November and December we'll be venturing back indoors for the first time since before COVID.
  13. Back in the early 80s I played with a drummer named Mike. Great drummer, but he was also, shall we say, a bit overweight. I'm tellin' ya, that boy could eat. Watching him consume a whole large pizza by himself was like watching tree limbs being thrown into a wood chipper. In the summer of 1983 we played an outdoor festival in Sulphur, Louisiana - and if you've ever been to southwest Louisiana in the summertime you know that it's not only hot but very, very humid. At some point during our set I looked back at Mike - who had blond hair and a very light complexion - and his face, neck and head were a bright crimson red. He had an odd, glazed-over expression on his face. I remember calmly thinking, "He's gonna die. Right here, today, on this stage." Somehow, miraculously, he made it through the day, but I honestly don't know how.
  14. That's so cool! Thank you! I'm glad to know some of the history. So did it have the signatures on it when you owned it? How long did you keep it?
  15. Upon closer inspection, I believe it is a refin. The stamped serial number looks "filled in," and the yellow of the headstock isn't quite the same as the yellow of the body and neck. I managed to get a few more pictures, this time with slightly better lighting. I'd still like to know the full story. The seller said it was "...brought to the 1988 NAMM show by Paul Hamer. There it was signed by the members of Cheap Trick and auctioned off for charity." Anyone here know any more details? \
  16. It doesn't show any signs of being a refin, so I'm pretty sure the finish is original.
  17. Well, this was a nice surprise: my girlfriend bought me a guitar! (I think she was trying to make me feel better about turning 60.) The description read, "1988 Hamer Chaparral. This guitar was one of the prototypes brought to the 1988 NAMM show by Paul Hamer. There it was signed by the members of Cheap Trick and auctioned off for charity. Has hologram back plate stickers and newer knobs." Does anybody know the full story on this one? In any case, it's pretty dang cool. '88 Chap, set neck, boomer inlays, ebony board, Hamer-branded Floyd. And, if the seller's description is accurate, signed by one of my favorite bands! There are better pictures here, but here are a a few taken indoors right after I opened the case for the first time (and before I brought the strings up to pitch). I'll take better pictures as soon as I have more time and better light.
  18. A pretty cool shot from last Saturday night.
  19. ...and what's going on with her (?) hands? Are those mittens? And what is she (?) doing? Welding?
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