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  1. I'd suggest either Tomastik-Infeld Power-Brites or Ernie Ball Pure Nickel Wrap Classic Rock'n'Rolls, depending on your amp settings, your tonal preferences, and how much your Standard's maple top contributes to the tone. My short list includes Tomastik-Infeld Power-Brights (GREAT-sounding and sustaining string, especially for guitars with a lot of mahogany), Ernie Balls -- either Slinkys or pure nickel-wrapped Classics, and Elixirs. Add GHS Boomers if you like more steel in the sound of the wrapped strings, but I personally am not fond of them. Elixir 11's made my Newport stand up and bark li
  2. You can't remember which because it was both. According to the FAQ about the crash at http://www.skynyrd.com/faq.html#e: "How did Skynyrd's plane crash? According to the NTSB report the pilots miscalculated the amount of fuel provided in Lakeland, Florida on October 18, 1977. When they refueled in Greenville, South Carolina on the 20th, they compounded this error by believing they had more fuel than they really did. The airplane was also experiencing some mechanical difficulties which required the pilots to operate the right engine in the "auto-rich" position which burned fuel at an excessive
  3. According to Wikipedia, Skynyrd broke up for 9 years, with various band members fronting different bands. To quote: Hiatus, 1977-1986 Rossington and Collins formed The Rossington-Collins Band between 1980 and 1982, releasing two albums. Pyle formed The Artimus Pyle Band in 1982. Collins formed The Allen Collins Band in 1983. Tragedy struck the band again in 1986 when Collins crashed his car while driving drunk near his home in Jacksonville, killing his girlfriend and leaving him permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Then there's this gem of a FAQ on Skynyrd.com: Over the years how many d
  4. Jet my ass. They were flying in a Convair 240. They ran out of gas, and had encountered some engine trouble but Ronnie insisted on taking off as scheduled with words to the effect of "What the hell... if it's your time it's your time." Death by stupidity in my book.
  5. He's Egyptian like Rudyard Kipling was Indian. What I didn't realize until you posted that, however, is that Copeland is American -- son of a CIA agent and eventually educated in California. He didn't settle in England until he was 23. So score a good drummer for the Americans ... sort of.
  6. I wasn't really nominating everyone on the Brit list as greatest band. I stretched on the list just to show that 2nd and 3rd tier bands from the UK are also good, creative, and influential. And I even left out Bowie. Point is, if this were a discussion of greatest rock bands, would a US band even crack the top 5 against the Beatles, Stones, Who, Kinks, Cream, et al? I'm not gloating, just overwhelmed. Someone asked me once who my favorite rock/pop drummers were, and without intending it, they were all Brits -- Ringo, Charlie Watts, Stewart Copeland, Phil Collins, Carl Palmer, John Bonham, Ian
  7. What becomes apparent from this thread is that, although rock 'n' roll came from America, when it comes to the best bands, the Brits have it all over the US. USA band top contenders: Van Halen Beach Boys Doors Steely Dan Skynard Allman Bros. ZZ Top Eagles Santana perhaps? Tom Petty 'n' the Heartbreakers Cars CSNY Ramones Jimi Hendrix UK Bands: The Shadows Beatles Rolling Stones The Who Kinks Led Zeppelin Police Yes Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Elvis Costello and the Attractions Sex Pistols Cream Blind Faith Derek and the Dominos Pink Floyd 2/3 of Jimi Hendrix Experience Animals Moody Blues Deep
  8. FYI? Um, ever hear of Howard Roberts? First one is a USA Epiphone with spruce top and Frequensator Tailpiece from the '60s. Second is a maple-topped Gibson. Third is a maple-ply MIK Epi. He also had the Fusion and Fusion II with Gibson. There there's Joe Pass. ... and B.B. King And Ace Frehley as was mentioned before, Bob Marley, Joe Perry, Zak Wylde ... the list goes on and on.
  9. Don't forget Silvertone, his last endorsement before I blinked. Remember, he can play anything he wants. He CHOOSES Silvertone.
  10. What, they get bonus points for effort? I'd never rate a retarded, one-dimensional band as #1. And while we're discussing self-destructive Southern Rock bands, I'm surprised no one mentioned the Allman Brothers. Gawd, those guys were/are good.
  11. Gotta love that 'burst with the creme pickups. Lots of times the pics don't pick up the subtleties of the gradations of the burst, but your pics show it very nicely. Definitely doesn't look like three go-rounds with 3 different cans of spray. Very subtle and hand-rubbed looking. Does it play or sound any good?
  12. I just checked with Deb. Aug 6th is good for us. Her dep't is running a booth at Lake City Days, but Deb doesn't have to go to it. Yee-Haw. I'm looking forward to bringing some beans, mebbe some 'Q appetizers, and especially seeing Maddy Moe. I think I've downloaded every pic of her that you've posted. And bringing all my Hamers won't compromise the quantity of beans I bring, as my Hamer count has remained at 3 since Oct. 2000. I could bring a guitar case full of beans, but they'd get fuzzy.
  13. I need to check and see if Deb is tied up with a health screening for NW Hosp that day. I think even if she is, I or both of us can make it but we might get there a bit later.
  14. Shit! Now I have to make those beans again. It's a 22-hour process and this gig is the only time I make them this way. I was thinking of just bringing down a mixed platter of barbecued (not grilled) chicken, beef brisket, and pork shoulder. Any of those dates would be fine with Deb and me so far. I'll have to watch Deb's schedule though. She often has a booth for Northwest Hospital that she has to run for various community fairs around that time.
  15. I've done it consistently with Asian-mfr'ed guitars. I have a nice Hammamatsu (MIJ) Ibanez AS-180 (like a 335) and swapped out the Ibanez pickups for SD Jazz and '59. Replaced the Asian P-90s on my daughter's Washburn J-8 (hollowbody) with a Rio Grande BarPack (JaaaBar in the neck; BluesBar at the bridge). I have a nice MIK Gretsch Synchromatic jazz box with floating mini-bucker. Swapped out the original PU for a genuine NOS Gibson Johnny Smith I got offa eBay. That one truly transformed that guitar into a sweet, smooth jazzer with all floating top with a total investment of 750. I also put Fr
  16. So ... you're saying you're quite familiar with Ted's underwear preferences and can distinguish the firmness of his ass from a mere picture?
  17. Yup, much as I love my 2000 Newp, it's a bit dead on the G-string at the 12th fret. Using a wound G helps, which improves up-the-fretboard intonation but kills string bends. Maybe this is a good case for getting locking Grovers, as the change in head mass might make the dead spot go away.
  18. Have you tried putting any of the pedals in the effects loop instead of ahead of the amp?
  19. Available at MF right now for a mere $39.95! http://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/fg=42/.../base_id/115690 Given that so many good OD pedals are in the $120-200 range, that sounds like a purdy good deal.
  20. You're probably right. No angle to the bridge pup- hard to tell. What has a bookmatched flame maple top, a Kahler, and an unangled SC pickup at the bridge (though, as far as that goes, Greg could have filled in a rout that previously held a P90 or HB).
  21. From your descriptions it sounds like DiMarzio's HBFH is an attempt to sound like the Duncan Jazz, which has medium output, better-than-average clarity, extended treble, and tonally rides the fence between a humbucker and a SC. Sort of like a juiced up mini-bucker with more bottom end.
  22. The thing about USA Hamers is that they are so well made with such high quality tone woods, I think it often takes custom handwound pickups to bring out their best. There's no doubt in my mind that a Hamer USA Studio is a far better guitar than are the '59 and JB pickups from SD's assembly line. But once you get into custom hand-wound pickups (or any high quality aftermarket pickup) you're getting into individual tastes. Hamer makes great guitars and generally outfits them with pickups that will sound good with a variety of amps. It's my understanding that they use Mesa amps generally to voic
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