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  1. gtone

    Old ProCo RATs

    Have two big box RI ProCo Rats here - one's an '87, the other a '91. Both are similar sounding, but a little different. Great pedals - sound awesome with virtually any amp/guitar/pu combination you could imagine. Prefer to use mine with lower distortion settings as a boost (typically 9 o'clock, give or take a bit), just dial in the filter setting according to the brightness of the rig you're playing. As @Disturber mentioned, always use a zinc carbon battery in these - just like a fuzz or treble boost pedal, it just sounds better with a cheap-ass battery. Many dirt pedals have come and gone over the past 40+ yrs, but the ProCo Rats are here to say. Love 'em!
  2. gtone

    Scary, Scary, fret wire!

    FRETZILLA!!! Reading this thread yesterday gave me nightmares last night...
  3. gtone

    String height

    1/8" or a little less at 12th works well for me - I like to be able to dig in. Also, playing slide is virtually impossible (at least for my playing style) with ultra low action. 1/4" at the 12th is pretty nuts, especially for an acoustic. My Gibson J-50's action was almost that high when I got it and I couldn't fret the bugger up the neck after years of playing electrics with 10's. Luthier buddy fixed that up in a jiff tho'...
  4. gtone

    Simple cure for GAS...

    At least with all the time you're working on/playing with guitars, you probably don't have time and inclination for GAS. I have a luthier friend who sees an endless stream of nice (and many more not so nice) instruments come thru the doors, but he rarely changes his own gear up. Having said that, his instruments are all in A-1 shape playability and set-up wise.
  5. ...Just learn 10 new songs this week (that or write 2-3 new ones). That way, you'll be so engrossed in playing/practicing that you won't have time to covet and research new/different gear. You'll be happier with your existing kit, save some cash and increase your repertoire at the same time. Every time I've started with a new band, I've noticed that getting up to speed on new material makes me much happier and improves my chops in a marked way. It's only when stagnation sets in that I take my eye off the ball and start to get gear lust. If this message resonates with just a single person, it'll have accomplished something.
  6. gtone

    NGD: Vintage Epi

    Well done, sir!! Steve Marriott is giving you a huge thumbs up from the other side. Enjoy it.
  7. Arcane Analog Rangemaster, in case anyone cares.... http://arcaneanalog.bigcartel.com/product/arcane-analog-rangemaster-classic-germanium-boost
  8. I'm addicted to them! Generally have one or two around at all times, usually Ge transistor-based models as Si and FET-based ones like the Banana Boost are not of the same ilk at all.
  9. Fingers crossed, good vibes sent for a quick resolution and positive outcome for you. Like Tom Petty said, "the waiting is the hardest part...".
  10. gtone

    Anyone Call an Exterminator?

    I think I married her...
  11. Not quite what I'm looking for, but thanks anyways...
  12. Looking for an old school treble boost pedal, rangemaster circuit preferred but may consider others. No mini enclosures and must run on 9V battery (Ge TB's sound fantastic w/zinc carbon 9V cells). Whatcha got?