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  1. You got the companion video to this "The Grind: a step by step dance guide"?
  2. Yeah, I've heard about them (NOT!). Methinks you're pulling our collective pissers on that one, hee hee...
  3. Women in my life have often told me to "keep it in your drawers"...
  4. Awesome! What'd you put in for minis on this one? Enquiring minds gotsta know....
  5. Ain't happening, as I lucked into that neck/body from Fast on his "bargain basement bin" sale on Facebook for CDN$115 (about US$78). Same guitar now would cost close to double to build today methinks... 🙄
  6. "Gender: not telling" my ass! (ha ha). Keep it in your pants man... ðŸĪš
  7. Certainly has the industrial look to it, one that you would expect with the Landers/Rammstein connection. Getting a Gibson that's sorted out in the tuning and tone areas is key, all the rest is pretty much just cosmetics really.
  8. LOVE my 18W and my ProCo Rat together - a great combination that works perfectly with all my guitars. GLWS 😁
  9. That guy should be shot and pissed upon...
  10. If you go with Precision, their '59 neck carve feels perfect, a great compromise between the 50's and 60's carves (thanks for that, Capt. Obvious!). Anyhoo, that's what I have on my Explorer Jr. and I could play that sucker for hours and still feel cramp-free. Matter of fact, I used it and my SG Special for an outdoor birthday party gig that ran from 7pm - 1:30am and was having such a good time, I didn't want to quit! During a break, a guitar playing buddy asked to have a look at it and needless to say, I had to wrestle it back from him and his friends to play the next set. 😎 FWIW, if I had to do it all over with Precision, I'd probably opt for African mahogany over Korina/Limba as Phil couldn't source any larger pieces of Korina in order to make a one or even two piece body. At least he couldn't back in 2015 when I built mine, but I doubt he's stumbled on much more Korina all of a sudden; one never knows, however... Good luck with your design/build and keep us posted!
  11. Fast Guitars was originally a spin-off of Precision Guitars where they both once partners in the latter. Fast set up in the same building as Precision and they both shared the CNC setup but split up and eventually sourced separate wood stocks. As time went on, Fast Guitars drifted away from building custom kits to only taking orders for in-house builds. At first, they used virtually the same designs, but Fast developed some proprietary designs and mostly custom manufactures those now IIRC; ergo, no more bodys/necks from Fast... Some, if not all, of San Francisco's Rock'N'Roll Relic Guitars were pre-fabbed by Precision and you can tell that their basic Thunders model DC Jr is virtually the same as mine save one minor detail on the headstock shape and a multi-ply guard (I have a 50's carve thick neck, ebony board and vintage BB cap to my guit's credit). Their relic'd Thunders model list price is US$2,400 while my build cost less than US$400.
  12. Fast Guitars did the CNC on the body/neck, both in African mahogany. Neck is a '50's profile baseball bat with ebony fretboard and medium jumbo frets. Hardware: Emerson Pro pots, Gotoh strip tuning machines, SwitchCraft jack, MojoTone lightning bar bridge, bone nut, Sanford Electronics 9022 P-90 (A2 mag), 50's Black Beauty tone cap. Finish: 12 coats of Tru-Oil over aniline dye. Plays and sounds much better than it looks too...
  13. Weird Al was always a kick. Remember laughing my ass off hearing his send-ups of "Rock Me Amadeus" ("Eat Me, I'm a Danish") and "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" ("Stop Dragging My Car Around"). The man actually had some talent to go along with his schtick...
  14. These gals could rock, but really flew under the radar in the early 70's:
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