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  1. Recording perfection is over-rated. Just listen to old vinyl and enjoy, in all their marvelous glory all the flaws, sketchy tuning, clams, microphone bleeding, audible fly-ins, etc. Helps make the music much more organic sounding and far less sterile IMHO.
  2. Awesome dude - how frickin' cool is that!! Happy belated, btw...
  3. Man, I'd be all over that deal. But then again, I'd take pretty much any Gibby over a Fender-y guit. Guess that's what happens when the only guitar you have to play for 24 yrs is a Tele (only have myself to blame for that...).
  4. I seriously despise UPS. Careless handling of packages and the highest brokerage/customs fees in the business for int'l purchases. Anyone but them I say...
  5. Ah Mike C. and a Firebird is a lovely thing. Love his tone on "Running Down a Dream".
  6. Go easy on the mutt, she has 3 PUPs.
  7. Haven't tried the Solo Dallas stuff coz' I'm too afraid I'll start pulling guitar faces like him... (ducks and runs...)
  8. Guy was a monster bassist, quite a good singer too evidenced from his Beck, Bogert & Appice days (even sang a bit in Vanilla Fudge IIRC). RIP Mr. Bogert - you made the musical world a better place while you were in it...
  9. Looks perfect as it sits. In fact, methinks some folks would pay extra to have it aged the way it has. Can't beat honest wear IMO...
  10. Never avoid a void.

  11. Her parents taught her to sing while accompanying a theremin.
  12. Prolly wanna remove the hardware before you go any further with that project. Just sayin'...
  13. I can't seem to take a good pic to save my soul, so for some of us, it comes rather easy... Note: these are NOT my pics; mine don't look as professional as these. :^P
  14. No affiliation, but a SS for $1,000 (US 700'ish): https://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitar/st-catharines/1985-hamer-steve-stevens/1410906889 At least it's Hamer USA and not the Indonesian Vector that the newfie on kijiji has listed for $850 stating it's the best v-shaped guitar ever built (ha ha).
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