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  1. The old military-grade tubes are very durable to boot. Enjoy!
  2. Dig it! Inspires a guy to get an ax and slide out and crank up a good tube amp.
  3. Van's in winter storage so this will have to do in the meanwhile:
  4. Does she hum/howl much with the Phat Cats and being a hollow/semi-hollow bodied guit?
  5. Good article - a lot of thought and effort went into that. The red lighting's significance during the performance of "Starless" is probably a nod to the album titled "Red" from which it came.
  6. South Oregon coast on a misty morning...


  7. Stellar price for that Akai HeadRush - cool piece of kit that covers a lot of bases. GLWS!
  8. Kinda weird seeing acts of this stature in our little town in the middle of nowhere. A surreal moment happened when Alice Cooper appeared here on his world tour. Right after the first song, he said something like - "Wow, incredible tour. Last stop was London, before that Paris, now MOOSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN!". We all kinda looked at one another and collectively thought, "I know, right?!"
  9. ...and I just got thru purchasing 4 primo tickets for their May '20 stopover here at our local multiplex. It's a good venue with decent sound and an intimate concert bowl experience which kinda makes up for it being one of the smaller venues on the slate (city pop of 34K, venue seats about 4K in concert bowl config). ZZ's doing a 4 city Canadian tour leg with Cheap Trick opening for all dates here and I'm really stoked for this since the announcement earlier this wk. Sure both acts are prolly well past prime, but who cares - they're friggin' legends with a crapload of records sold and that counts for a lot IMO. Haven't seen the Trick since July '79 in Toronto's old Maple Leaf Gardens, so it's been a while. And no, I'm not on the floor so will be well out of Rick's pick-chucking range, unfortunately.
  10. Can definitely see that it's a dilemma and fully empathize with you in this situation. A guy has to follow his heart in these situations and it seems like that's exactly what you're doing. Good luck come what may!
  11. Hot legging neon pink - very 1982. Might wanna leave it like you said and play the crap out of it. Who knows, that color could soon be back in demand; that or some ad agency representing Pepto might be calling soon. Enjoy!
  12. Dreaming of summer fun cruising in da van while the cold and darkness of winter has settled all around us. Started her up today in the garage so the battery doesn't freeze up in the cold


  13. When I bought a used Dunlop GCB-95 for $50 (about US$36), I was underwhelmed with the stock unit too. Greg from SolidGoldFX had modded some pedals for me previously and he claimed he could make it into a kick-ass wah pedal with a series of mods, all of which cost me about US$60. Wow that thing sings now - much more dynamic "Q" with a more vocal quality, some added growly mid sizzle, an LED indicator and true bypass. A keeper for life for low bucks and needless to say, I keep going back to him for tone-shaping tools as he's been blessed with a great ear matched with the tech chops to achieve solid tones from yesteryear.
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