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  1. I can't seem to take a good pic to save my soul, so for some of us, it comes rather easy... Note: these are NOT my pics; mine don't look as professional as these. :^P
  2. No affiliation, but a SS for $1,000 (US 700'ish): https://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitar/st-catharines/1985-hamer-steve-stevens/1410906889 At least it's Hamer USA and not the Indonesian Vector that the newfie on kijiji has listed for $850 stating it's the best v-shaped guitar ever built (ha ha).
  3. CDN$2,100 is like US$1,500, so not a terrible buy for someone stateside.
  4. My '69 Gibson J-50 rubs me all the right ways and really has the warm, old-school acoustic tone. What's more, the neck has the same profile as my Gibby electrics, so it's an easy jump with light-guage strings. Still have a cheap Yamaha to do the campfire/loaner thing though - works great for that.
  5. Have a 1100 sq ft home with no A/C, looking for a modest sized generator for emergency backup use as our provincial power grid is really showing cracks recently. We have gas furnace, water heater and fireplace for backup heat source, latter would keep our pipes from freezing at the very least in the event of power outage (only the circulation fan wouldn't run). Basically need enough juice to run lights (mostly LED), fridge, smaller deep freeze, maybe odd appliance here/there (only wife and I here), maybe some electronics (TV, computer, etc). How many watts would I need for this purpose?
  6. Had to post this after watching "Once Were Brothers" documentary on NetFlix:
  7. Last line on a warning sign inside the terminal hangar of CFB Lahr, Germany in the '80's:

    "In the event of an actual nuclear attack, bend down, place your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye".

    1. 0054


      LOL, funny and true!

  8. Can't believe the Ceriatone 18W hasn't gone yet. Big league tone, flexible, perfect size/power for club gigging - I'd be all over this if I didn't have one already. In fact, I much prefer the 18W circuit to the '70 JMP small box 4-holer I had (so much more practical/usable for what many of us do).
  9. Play it with a little slapback and you could cop Echo and the Bunnymen.
  10. Yeah, I've heard about them (NOT!). Methinks you're pulling our collective pissers on that one, hee hee...
  11. Women in my life have often told me to "keep it in your drawers"...
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