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  1. It's always great discovering new music and artists. A little harder to sort the wheat from the chaff in this day/age, but the payoff's definitely there when you discover something worthwhile.
  2. Bet his fingers really "Fly" across those piano keys!
  3. I'm running a Hytron grey plate 6SQ7 and an old RCA black plate 6SL7 in the pre/PI slots. I had some other old 6SL7's but the RCA ran quieter and smoother than the others.
  4. Yessir - these are classics and for good reason too... GLWS!
  5. Hope it scratches you where you itch brother Mark. You've been around the block and back, so I'm sure you'll muck around with it until you get your sound out of it. Good luck and play the crap out of it (ha ha)...
  6. To some of us, vans never stopped being cool...


  7. Dig it! Mahogany + P90's go together like peanut butter and jelly. Play. da. yit. right. out. of. it!!
  8. That is a pretty decent price, especially for that finish. Speaker upgrade and you're good to go with a nice, pedal friendly grab'n'go. You can jump the two outside channels for an extra gain stage or put your fave dirt pedal (I like treble boosts for this one) in front. I'd bite if I didn't already have one...
  9. I'm really impressed with those Markbass amps - some are fairly compact and sound great to boot.
  10. Approximate weight of that puppy? See you have a flight case for it so that only adds to the equation...
  11. Wifey bought me this for Christmas last yr. Wonder what's gonna be under the tree this yr...


  12. Lotsa drool-worthy stuff - keep 'em coming guys!! 😎 I love this place as you can see the diversity of HFC members' tastes in and approaches to the "grab'n'go" idea. There are no right/wrong solutions, only the ones that work for you.
  13. Nice! Sure has the look you want in a Tweed. I had a '51 Deluxe (5A3) that I gigged with a couple of times. Something special about the old seasoned pine cabs in those - reverberates like mad so that even cleaner notes ring forever...
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