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    '74 SG Special, '08 Firebird V, Fast '58 LP Jr DC, '83 Warwick Streamer, '69 Gibson J-50, Yamaha F310, Korina Explorer Jr
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    Winfield Cyclone, Electroglide 18W, Ampeg SVT Pro, '66 BF Bassman, Traynor DynaBass, Vintage47 Ric Supreme
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    In a van, down by the river, in Moose Parts, SK
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    Chillin', slackin' 'n strummin', hiking, vanning, meeting up w/old airforce buds, anything to do w/aviation. Modding bikes, designing/building rockets, skateboards/longboards, amp cabs, guitars

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  1. gtone

    Eric Otten

    Rest in peace brother Eric/Caddie. An awesome HFC member that will be greatly missed...
  2. DEAL DONE! Thanks Jakeboy, always my pleasure interacting with you!
  3. Yes sir, sounded great with both my Marshall and BF Bassman. PM'd you back about trade needs. UPDATE: on hold for Jakeboy whilst we work something out...
  4. Bought this when I had my Marshall 50W Lead a few yrs ago, works great! Uses a combination of an impedance mismatch and a fixed passive load to attenuate volume. Pros include no batteries or external power required; small, light and portable because it doesn't have transformers/chokes and no fan required because of minimal heat dissipation. Cons are that it features only a fixed level of volume attenuation and it shaves off a tiny bit of high end treble response (not a bad thing with an old metal-face Marshall btw). Traded, thanks for looking...
  5. New profile photo of me strumming my J-50 on beach at Hug Point, OR

  6. Congrats BCR Greg and many thanks for your superb customer service and support. There's a reason you're celebrating that milestone, especially thru the leaner last few years! Here's to many more... ūüėé
  7. Not a phan of the Phat Cats (see what I did there?). Sorta like a P90 in frequency response but without their bark, growl and attitude. Have to say the word that best describes the Phat Cats to me is "brassy" - would make a fine setup for jump blues or jazz perhaps??...
  8. The only SG's I've ever played that were neck heavy had Grovers fitted. Co-incidence? I think not... While I dig SG's, there things they do well and things they don't. Since mine were older models, they tended to have "whippy" necks and therefore were not rock solid in terms of holding their tune. I'm also not particularly fond of their shape/design, but that's a personal taste thing really. On the plus side, they sounded great and were light as hell.
  9. gtone


  10. Thanks for contacting me about the GZ34/5AR4 tube - very interested in this.  How much are you asking?  Interested in any trades instead of cash?  Let's talk!

    Steve Gould

  11. Still adjusting to this new floormat...

  12. What's up with this new Forum hosting service?  About our third re-config in the past 2 yrs init?

  13. Inventor of the dunce cap prototype...

  14. Love Henry Vestine's two guitar solos, start about 4:30 mark. The fuzz tone is so dry and cool - especially the second solo where the fuzz is feeding back and getting half-gated/spitty at the same time (insert fist-pump icon here).
  15. Bought a llama with a bell on his neck and he hit his head - wound up with trauma llama ding dong.

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