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  1. Since the cases were not made by Hamer, is it forbidden to 'silkscreen' (?) a Hamer usa logo on an otherwise proper case? I haven't done this, I don't plan to, but I wouldn't be surprised if it has been done, and I'm sure many non-original non-logo'd cases for other brands have been passed off as ohsc. Sort of coincidentally, the case my Special came with has remnants of a Gibson logo on it.
  2. Now: "one of England's oldest bands". I bet they could sell out some pretty big venues.
  3. I ordered 'the other' cheap one last night before cyber monday ended, but they're only a few bucks more today (link below), I started thinking of the other things I could power with it: korg headphone amp, boss microcube, and my tech 21 flyrig. I'll be receiving it from an immediate family member on Christmas, so I won't be able to review for a few weeks. https://www.amazon.com/lotmusic-Isolated-Rechargeable-overcurrent-Protection/dp/B09MTKLN62/ref=psdc_491023011_t1_B08X6K527M?th=1
  4. I'm intrigued by the idea of a rechargeable lithium ion system to power the pedal board, and it seems this might be a good "cyber-monday" topic. for example, something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Horse-Portable-Rechargeable-overcurrent-Protection/dp/B08X6K527M/ref=sr_1_5?hvadid=521306730907&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9033482&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=11878511567742991880&hvtargid=kwd-356103535358&hydadcr=29652_10190612&keywords=battery%2Bpowered%2Bpedal%2Bboard&qid=1701117551&sr=8-5&th=1
  5. I'd keep an eye out for a proper case, someday, and until one pops up: I would frequent the local pawn shops asking about any spare cases they might have in the back. I don't think the Hamer cases were very specific to the Hamer shapes, so quite a few TKL should fit. I posted this a while ago, of course I bought the LP case, but almost left the ESP case there, my Cali is now resting more comfortably. Sadly, the ESP cases are not affordable new, but as an example of another case that will probably work
  6. is it weird that I'm mostly eyeballing that Steinberger?
  7. I couldn't see clearly, but now that you mention it, I didn't see Hamer from where I was, I'm guessing it was the Atomic.
  8. I've used a small knife blade (on the smallest available swiss army knife), that is at it's maximum width only slightly wider than the split, making it nearly impossible to 'over wedge'.
  9. are you suggesting that there would be no demand for a "clean and sober" seating section at those shows?
  10. a friend of my wife posted this, from a different spot, this was the opener
  11. We went with some of my wife's friends last night, local casino, pretty big room for a casino (1800 capacity). I kept referring to them as 'the night rangers', and asked the other wives which one of the night rangers is their favorite, but that's just my 'sense of humor'. The sound was not great in that venue, a big wall of mids and high mids, Jack's bass didn't need to be plugged in because it was not in the mix. Apparently Jack lives on Whidbey island, which is about 1-2 hours from Seattle, I did not know he was 'local'. They had good energy and seemed to be having a great time, the mostly aged crowd and our group was pretty enthusiastic, our group thought it was a really good show, I silently disagreed, maybe just because: I was never really into them, poor sound/mix, video screens about a half second or more delayed, and the music didn't seem super tight. Brad is an amazing player, but too much trem bar and lack of melody in the solos. Kelly Keagy is still a pro-drummer, but his vocals are not at all what they used to be (tired from the tour?, age?). SNL really should do the 'drum off' with Will Ferrell and Chad Smith again, and then have Kelly Keagy come out halfway through, because he looks quite a bit like Will Ferrell. I was going to trash the first pic because of the blur, but the accidental 'framing' is pretty neat, - someday I'll get a better camera phone.
  12. I always thought the GD had a DEDICATED (deadicated?) but relatively small following, a following in the literal sense. And I think of them when I see that meme about U2 on the other page that says something like "I only liked them because I thought everyone else liked them". I have never intentionally listened to the GD. File me under 'hater'.
  13. I just got my 'vintage' Harman Kardon 430 working correctly with deoxit and fader lube: the culprit was the really dirty Tape Monitor button (it was cutting out on one side only, acting like it was something else, but that was it). I didn't let it sit for very long after spraying it out, but I can see how it would be better to let it be much less 'wet' when turning it on.
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