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  1. Thanks, she was happy to hear that it's unanimous so far! She just a moment ago brought me her guitar for tuning assistance ('67 Fender Coronado, not the easiest tuners to work with). She's started putting covers of the songs she likes on youtube, she's inspired enough that I feel good letting her have a variety of instruments to use, and I would be looking for something similar for her if I did return this one. Here's the Martin (it has nowhere near the low-end of my D28P) :
  2. I got this a little over a week ago, it's made in PA, a Custom model (made for GC I think) cutaway acoustic electric. I only paid about $700. My 13yr old daughter has bonded with it, she has been playing quite a bit, more with this guitar. It's great other than the binding pulling away a bit in 3 places. I still have a few days to return it to the pawn shop, I think it's probably worth in the neighborhood of $1k if the binding was good, I haven't had a chance to bring it to a repair shop, - you guys are more fun to ask anyway. Keep and get it fixed?, try to fix it myself? return? -thanks
  3. My (now) 13 year old daughter got one last Christmas, she has taught herself a bunch of chords and is actually pretty proficient. She has just started playing more guitar, and has been proudly showing me her growing finger callouses. She has some trouble with bar chords on guitar, including/especially F, that doesn't seem to be an issue with a Uke, her hands are pretty small, which doesn't help at all.
  4. I have a modded TS-9 I really like (Vaughn's mods 808), the stock ones still hold up fine imo. The Boss Power Stack St-2 is a lot of fun for home use.
  5. Absolutely, there's still old derelict organs around with great vintage tubes in them. A couple of years ago when I was working for 'the county' I came across a destroyed old organ outside of an abandonded house that had burned a long time ago, the organ had been outside for a long time: all the tubes test great (a couple of 12ax7s etc, and 6V6s, from the 60s). If you look for organs in the free section of craigslist eventually it will pay off too, be aware that only about 25% will be tube, but most of those will have a pair or quad of 6V6s and a couple of good 12ax7s. The one that reall
  6. Keep enough gear buys/sells swirling around, and talk about all of them (especially the sells): another guitar or piece of gear will be the last thing she wants to hear about.
  7. here's my daughter's first youtube, she has been encouraged to use a better background and lighting, and everyone wants to see the uke next time too.
  8. Good to see this place is still very active with so many familiar names! I thought I'd check in before I'm completely forgotten: I'm playing very little, but I still have most of my gear; 3 Hamer basses and about 8 Hamer guitars (all usa of course), plus some other assorted semi-collectibles. I'm mostly just busy with family and work; my son is 16 and a good runner and cyclist, we ride quite a bit together. My primary hobby is still mountain biking, and quite a bit of road biking when the weather is nicer (mtn bike racing and cx racing when not covid-cancelled, I actually got pretty fast
  9. Very nice, and inspiring! I've been a member of the Porsche club for nearly 20 years, I've never heard anything but Por-shu, a lot of these people visit the factory do other fancy stuff. the Walther comment reminds me of a joke told in my extended family: Sven was walking down the street and saw a guy carrying a long pole coming towards him, Sven asked the man; "are you a pole-vaulter?" the other guy answered "no, I'm a Svede, but how did you know my name vas Valter?"
  10. I have always loved their music, I think it's Unleded that is early best cd?, I have spun the heck out of that one. I have a dvd of a show somewhere in the Midwest, on a rainy day, I'll have to look around for that one too. The Christmas cd is a little thin, but has some enjoyable bits. Yes, Un-Led-Ed is by far my favorite one, from 1990. If you're into this sort of thing with that sort of sense of humor, Un-Led-Ed is a sure thing, it's very well done. As you may know, Elvis came to Tortelvis in a vision, and told him to play Led Zeppelin songs as an Elvis impersonator, but in a Regga
  11. I've got a '76 P with the Jazz width neck. I always seem to reach for a bass with a bridge pickup, my favorite 4 strings are my '83 Ibanez RoadstarII deluxe (RB924) and my late '80s Robin USA ranger. horrible picture, but here's the ranger with a cowpoke visitor Oh, the BC Rich Eagle is cool too, TWO P pickups! and the '70s Yamahas are killer too. don't forget the Chaparral
  12. I've got this one, a '71 SVT, a '72 VT40, '66 and '72 B15Ns (the 72 B15 I got from somebody here a few years ago). I sold that V4 I had a short time ago, electrically it was not quite up to my standards. So 'only' 5 Ampegs right now. I'm playing this B25 through a recent GK bass Neo 2x12, it's not super loud, but louder than most combos I've owned, and very portable, good volume to portability ratio. Loud enough for me these days. I've had a few other vintage tube heads; dual showman, bassman 50s, V4s (but never a V4B), - this B25 is really great for bass, one of the best tones I've hear
  13. I've been keeping an eye out for one of these for a while, this was a good price but needed a little maintenance. Great sounding little bass head.
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