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  1. About 15-20 years ago, the local pawn shop chain listed their inventory online, and there was often stuff online but still in the back room that they would find and bring out when asked (which made hunting really fun). One store showed that they had a jcm800, but it had no price. I tried to get them to show it to me and price it for several months, but they were always too busy. A friend who shopped there a lot and sort of knew the mgr finally got them to drag it out for me. It was a 2 vertical input JCM800 2204 head, in good condition. $100. I did my best to look bored, and said, "um, yeah, that's ok". I grinned all the way home, that was a killer amp. A couple of years later I found an earlier 2204 head for a couple hundred more, it needed just a little work, ended up sounding a little better to me than the jcm800 and a friend finally talked me out the jcm800. I still have the other one, I think it's a '77. It's currently loaded with all vintage mullards. I actually found another one too, a '70s 50w mkii 2x12 combo: I stopped in just after they had put it out on the floor (again, somewhere around 15-20 years ago, $185 for that one iirc) that thing was SO bright sounding, but it was great with the treble all the way down. Another friend talked me out of that one, he gifted it to his friend who did a lot of recording for him, I saw it used at GC a few months later having been traded in, tagged at $1600ish. No one is going to talk me out of the one I still have anytime soon.
  2. I was humorously wondering if the OP meant "LP style double cut", or whatever is technically a 'double cut'. If the latter, my SSii is my all time favorite guitar, and I've owned quite a few guitars.
  3. give the stock pickup a chance, it often fits into the mix better than it sounds by itself. I understand Steve Stevens had quite a bit of input on the design (SS-0.1?) , including requesting a one piece neck as I recall? I have one in black sparkle (all stock), those sparkle finishes get a lot of aging cracks. I almost got a red one about 25 years ago, I had to choose between a red sparkle Centaura and a red Cali Standard for the same (stupid cheap) sale price, and bought the Cali. I found my Centaura in a Pawn shop probably 20 years ago. A good friend has one in the granite finish, his is stock too.
  4. I've got an old Yamaha MG16/6fx, Yamaha builds good/solid stuff. It's a bit larger than a 12 or 14 channel board (standard size for a 16ch, similar to the Mackei), but it does a whole lot more than a micro mixer. I would never buy a board without sweepable midrange, and some reverb. You can make things sound much better with the sweepable mid.
  5. Is the SSii considered a double cut? I had a Studio Custom in '59 burst, the most beautiful guitar I've owned (...should have kept it...), that was an exceptional guitar. It was probably late '90s built.
  6. I've got a Gibson 'designer series' that is patina'd all to heck, it looks cool at this point.
  7. The tech 21 bass fly rig is pretty fun, plug that (or similar) into a small keyboard amp like a Roland KB, - keyboard amps are passable as bass amps by themselves btw. Speaking of preamps: I also won't be selling my tech 21 bass driver di anytime soon, those are cool. I still like my Roland/Bass Cube 30 bass for around the house, I think I paid $80 for that, and originally bought it to use with Roland drums, I also like that it has a compressor. The small Ampegs can be good too, and I think some of those have tilt back cabinets.
  8. you'd better check the case and make sure it's still in there DC16gte? I've also got a '90s D28 P, it's the biggest sounding acoustic I've ever heard.
  9. most of you probably know this, but for that one guy: if you want to shave down the saddle but you just put new strings on, one or two capos will keep enough string tension on the tuners to keep the strings from unwinding on the tuner posts while you mess around removing & reinstalling the saddle.
  10. here's the tag that came in the case with mine, list price was about $400 USD? (at today's exchange rate, - no idea what it was in the 80s), I can see why it sold at half price!
  11. Awesome! I've got a LC-60, it's all the LP I think I would ever need.
  12. I've posted this before, but some of you probably have not seen it, truly terrifying thing to have done to a '60s Fender.
  13. The keyboard player made a Santana reference when we were talking to him before the show something like "this would be a really great place to sit if Santana was where my keyboard is", but I didn't think he had played with them so I didn't really get it, although it appears that he has from more than 1 video. Yesterday I bought Simon Phillips tickets (better seats) for that same venue in late November.
  14. The Danelectro DA-1 'Zero Hum' is dead quiet where the Boss or Roland units are noisy: the Boss/roland have been noisy is in the courtesy power plug inside a tech 21 t-60 for a delay in the effects loop (two of the t-60s tested), the only power supply I could find that was dead quiet in there was the Dano.
  15. I had a '78 ish BB800 (iirc; bolt on neck P, Japan, reverse P pickup). Fantastic neck, really a great P bass, all the P I could ever want but: I think it was 12 pounds, and that was the deal breaker, so I sold it.
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