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  1. That gold Standard was a cool one.Not many all-mahogany ones either.
  2. LOVE double-bound Teles. I’ve owned a bunch of Teles over the years, but this red 05 AVRI is the keeper. My surf green AVRI was also extremely nice-both were better than the Fender Custom Shop 60s Tele I had.
  3. Since I moved up to boss-man at work in January 2018, I have very little free time, so FB is about the extent of my online life anymore... The image I had of just the Vector wouldn’t upload-I have crap cell service in my new office-the other guitars are not included in the sale!
  4. Possibly the guitar I’ve owned longer than any other. Super cool player that sounds great and was my rock-steady go-to main gig guitar for many years. Get your Keef on! I’ve listed this in the past and couldn't bring myself to sell it, but too much work and not enough gig time means stuff has to move. When Ingot it, it had a Duncan humbucking Tele pickup in the bridge that didn’t work for me so I put in a Barden clone that did. The original owner included the original pickup (and 1meg pot) with the guitar along with an extra bridge, which will also be included. Has been gigged, so has some chips and dings (most were present when I got it), but not abused. $1800 plus shipping in the Lower 48. For questions, etc. email me at “serialsteve79AThotmailDOTcom”
  5. Here is a custom order I had the Hamer guys do up for me. Stunningly beautiful 2002 Hamer Mahogany Vector in Surf Green. Featured in “The Book”, this is absolutely a one-of-a-kind. In great shape. Unfortunately, work and other things keep me from gigging or playing at all (a main reason that I can rarely get on here anymore), so I will be putting a few things up that I haven’t played in years. With OHSC, $2800 plus shipping in the Lower 48. Email me at “serialsteve79AThotmailDOTcom” for questions, etc.
  6. Zero 1999 Silver Sparkle Phantoms were made.
  7. 1974 was great-that was around the time I really started getting into music-the first time I heard “Band on the Run” was a watershed moment for me. Some more good ol’ Daze from the Rocketeria Festival...
  8. The editor cut a lot of stuff to get it to fit into the page count and format. There’s enough that didn’t make it for a second volume.
  9. All flametop Standards were one-piece bodies. The Mahogany Standard and the Standard Korina had two-piece bodies many times, but they are thicker and have different heels.
  10. serial


    Holy ****!!!!
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