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  1. All flametop Standards were one-piece bodies. The Mahogany Standard and the Standard Korina had two-piece bodies many times, but they are thicker and have different heels.
  2. serial


    Holy ****!!!!
  3. That was my main gig guitar for years. Just perfect out of the case every time.
  4. That’s quite a tall tale and the truss rod cover is wrong, but it’s a legit Hamer. Great guitars.
  5. Looking to clear out some stuff-I’m just not getting out to play enough these days and other interests and work are keeping me busy. Here are a few that are great guitars (two were my main gigging guitars for years) that should be played more than I have been playing them. Not really sure how to price everything, so feel free to make an offer. Only trades would be a sunburst 70s LP Std, another Corvette (😆) or vintage firearms. 1986 Chap Custom built for Fernando Von Arb of Krokus-rare Kahler option, original pre-OBLs, AWESOME sky blue pearl. $2100 1978 Lefty Stratocaster (strung righty) Definitely a player-has old Tokai pickups which sound great. I have two of the original pickups and new Fender w/b/w pickguard and other parts. $1200 1978 Telecaster Custom-“Keef” special. Original bridge pickup included (has a rail humbucking Tele now that sounds great). $1978 Not sure about letting this one go-1997 Mahogany Standard also featured in “The Book”, factory-applied Mexican Sun Yellow finish. $2700
  6. It’s listed as a “Short Horn” Phantom in the log books. Came that way from the factory. A little SG-ish. Lots of weirdness on this one for 1986-Floyd on a Phantom, factory EMGs, Slanted fingerboard end, etc...
  7. serial

    Tribute or USA Made

    3-screw truss rod cover too.
  8. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    It was only in a document on a computer.
  9. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    Problem is that there is no electronic version existing anymore.
  10. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    Well I have between 8-10,000 guitars in mine...
  11. serial

    Hamer guitar registry

    The online version was a mess-better to disregard that one even if you can find it.
  12. Guy on the left has a Phantom although he often played a Blitz.
  13. That’s a beauty indeed. I need to get my Vette out of the garage (we had almost a foot of snow here last Thursday!) as well. I should probably sell some guitars too!