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    Lotsa old and newer Hamers (from '76-'03), Shishkov # 0003, '04 GMP Roxie Bass, Gibson Historic FB1, Gibson J-200,
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    Great loud rock and roll, feedback, Hamer Instruments, my kids, Corvettes, shooting, the beach and Natty Boh.

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  1. 2002 Hamer Studio Custom “Electraglide II” custom order. Truly a one-of-a-kind (actually), this guitar has nearly all of the custom upcharges there were to be had at the time it was ordered. Three-coil pickup and P90 configuration on a bound Emerald Green quilt top (I hand-selected the wood at the factory). Bound ebony fingerboard with perfect crown inlays, bound headstock with inlaid logo. The guitar has all of the issues case candy and comes in the case I got with it-one of the rare high-end gatorskin cases that were issued with the top of the line Hamer Ultimate guitars. Guitar is in superb condition and will be getting a fret polish when I install strings for the lucky new owner. $3500 obo plus shipping in the USA. Email me at “serialsteve79AThogmailDOTcom” with any questions or for more photos.
  2. Hey there! I had problems with it returning to pitch-you had to flick it like some Kahlers or a Floyd with worn-out knife-edges on the studs. The culprit turned out to be a supremely simple fix-there was some daylight at the back where the bridge plate was not flush with the top of the body, so I tightened the claw screws a few turns to bring it flush and it’s great now.
  3. Made the pilgrimage up from Central Pennsyltucky to Mike’s Magic Shop on Thursday with Joe C to pick up these two beauties and hang with Mike and Phil. The ten and a half hour ride felt like a few minutes with all of the excitement!
  4. All flametop Standards were one-piece bodies. The Mahogany Standard and the Standard Korina had two-piece bodies many times, but they are thicker and have different heels.
  5. I have no words for this. "Wow!!!" maybe, but that's about all I can squeak out as my jaw is on the floor.
  6. Sorry, but there is nothing quite like the excitement of a Shishkov order in progress. I'm getting set to get in line again-it's an awesome ride.
  7. I always had the same issue with PRSi-loved the look and feel (especially after factory visits), but that subsided as soon as I plugged them in. Just didn't dig the sound, no matter what amp. Then I picked a beater Custom 22 10top for $300 from a pawn shop (missing trem arm and two broken tuners). Great guitar.
  8. hi steve its me dead randy..... been busy

    askin about the proto body.... can ya send me pics... [email protected]

    thanks boss....

  9. It's McChris, so 'ELO Out of the Blue' or 'Mister Blue Skies'?
  10. To celebrate the 35th annversary of 'ATCWR''s release as a single this week, I've been cranking WACF by VH.
  11. I believe that you may have named your finish! That's perfect.
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