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  1. Mobster


  2. I'll PDF my settings and shoot them over. It may be a good starting point for you.
  3. Glad I didn't steer you wrong and you enjoy the amp-feel free to give me a call anytime with Boogie amp questions, bro. Can't wait to hear you got into the cabinet switching....
  4. My condolences to you and your family, Frank.
  5. Get another one, wimpy. Run a micro stereo rig. Gonna spec out that Mel for you, Elduave. I hope Gerard has a good sense of adventure.
  6. Sorry for your loss. Things like this are never easy. My condolences to you and your family.
  7. hell yeah! i love ozric's "jurrasic shift" (bought a few more discs after that didn't do it for me). i wore out kraftwork's "computer world" tape during my brief punk/new wave phase in jr high. i want to like DT, they're great players, but they make rush sound soulful . as stike would say, their sound has "no ass init". Brooks, since you like OT and Kraftwerk, while I'm making my stuff for Chris and Dan, It's no problem for me to make a 3rd copy for you. I'll have it done today. You may dig it.
  8. Well heck, while we're on a prog rock kick, I may as well get out my Ozric Tentacles and Kraftwerk discs again!
  9. Never heard any of those, but I really enjoy the Jelly Jam, particularly the 2nd album. Can't say the same for DT. They just haven't latched onto my pleasure centers. Knowing the music you seem to be into, I'm not sure if Chromakey or OSI would be your thing. Chromakey is Kevin Moore's project (with Jim Matheos), and it's out there. Far out there. A lot of it is very atmospheric, soundtrack type stuff. Think "Space Dye Vest" on steroids. OSI is also a project with Kevin Moore and Jim Matheos, with Mike Portnoy on drums. A lot heavier than Chromakey. I try to stay away from the political leanings the lyrics seem to have-but I really dig the stuff. I'll make you another care package for the hell of it.
  10. Dan, do you listen to any of the Chromakey, OSI, or Platypus stuff?
  11. we'll have to compare setlists. I'd tell you what the Vegas show was, but I don't want to ruin it for you. Give me a call over the weekend anytime.
  12. In that price range it's hard to beat a Nik Huber, or a Roger Giffin IMO. Roger Giffin Guitars Nik Huber Guitars And Uptown strings was one of the stores I was referring to. They have nothing to do with Ed Roman. BTW-have you considered some of the really nice high end Hamers that have been built lately? Check out the Hamer Gallery on the Hamer Guitars site...
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