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  1. The sound quality is terrible, but here are a couple from an early performance of my last cover band, like six years ago ~ both with my USA Studio. Again, quality sux, but I post them FWIW: I do miss my hair, though... *sniff*
  2. Boy, I look away for a minute and WHATTHEHELLHAPPENEDTOMYTHREAD??? 😧🤣
  3. Fer serial? 😛 But srs, that's pretty cool! Lol! 😛
  4. Great idea! Will check all these links tomorrow when I can listen @ the office. Meanwhile, here’s me: https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherTWilkersonMusic/
  5. Went down a YouTube rabbit hole earlier and came across this gem. Skip to 3:23:
  6. Thanks, mang! I've watched YouTube clips of the old Twinmasters & Verbmasters, but I've never had the chance to check one out in person. I bet it was loud & glorious!
  7. Been messing around trying to program a few patches on the Boss MS-3 to work as a “fly rig” for running just the Boss into a (clean) back line, such as at an open mic. In this first clip, I think I got pretty close to matching the Budda’s celebrated drive channel. Second clip happened on a whim. I’d been listening to a bunch of YouTube clips of Fender Tweed Deluxe (5e3 circui) amps, so I got a wild hair about just diming the Budda’s clean channel and running it as a vintage one channel rig. I cheated and used the master volume to avoid damaging the structural foundations of this rental house, but this may be the best the Budda’s ever sounded! All in all, a pretty kinda day for tone!
  8. Thanks, y'all! Not sure about the guitar brand … some kinda Gibson or PRS knockoff. 👮‍♂️
  9. With my other Hamer (and a couple additional pedals), just for fun:
  10. It’s embarrassing, but for the past several years one of my favorite boost pedals has been unusable because the sound would go in and out intermittently and I just couldn’t count on it to work. Put it on the shelf, and meanwhile my rig(s) evolved in a different direction so I didn’t really need it. I figured the TB footswitch had gone bad and needed replacing, a job that’s rather beyond my meager soldering skills. Kept meaning to find a tech who could do it, but since it wasn’t critical to my rig, I never got around to it. So I had a little free time the other day, and on a whim I took the pedal apart, removed the switch from the chassis (left the wiring in tact, of course), doused the whole thing in contact cleaner, let it dry, and put it all back together. Whaddaya know? Works like it was brand new again. Like I said, embarrassing to discover that all it needed was cleaning. But now it’s like I have a new (old) pedal! And since I don’t need it as a boost any more, I’ve been messing with it as an od/distortion into a clean amp. I never used to like it that way, but I guess my tastes have changed, because now I think it sounds pretty great with my Mirage & Shiva. What do y’all think?
  11. Tendinitis is acting up again -- had to go to lighter strings. Did a quick tone test to see what I'm losing...
  12. All right, last vid for a while ~ perhaps till I pick up that awesome looking doodad, mathman! I know this is getting tedious. But I was really curious how much difference a different angle would make in the same room with the same amps at the same settings. So, fwiw, if you're bored or something...
  13. Thanks! The Bogner cab is closed back and has a Celestion CL80 in it, which is what comes stock with the 1x12 combo version of the Shiva. The Budda combo is open back and has the stock Budda Phat speaker, which I think has a LOT to do with the smoother upper midrange you mentioned. I really want to try recording them both again with the iPhone in a different place in the room, to see how that affects how each amp comes across... Just for fun, I got a wild hair today and tried running my Boss MS-3 in stereo in to both amps' clean channels, using only the Boss's digital distortion/overdrive for gain. Thought I'd toss that up here, too, while we're comparing.
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