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  1. dUg Pinnick John Entwistle Geddy Lee Tony Butler Sting
  2. I’ve been messing around with different string gauges lately, and I think I’ve landed on 9-46s for my 25.5” scale axes (the Strat and the Mirage Koa) and 10-48s on the Studio with its Gibby scale. Got them all set up so that they feel almost exactly the same, and I think they all sound all right, too. 🤷‍♀️ Here’s a very noodly video, just for the halibut:
  3. Congratulations! I'm nowhere near y'all, geographically, but I just liked your FB page, on principle!
  4. Toying around with the built in drives in the MS-3 to see how they do running into the clean channel of my Budda. Had to use the parametric eq on all the dirt patches, but I think the results are at least usable. Obviously, these patches aren’t as responsive or nuanced as either the Budda’s or the Shiva’s overdrive channels, so my main setup will remain 4cm using the amps’ channels and effects loops, but in a pinch I think this lil’ pedal would work fine into a back line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma0Ca5tsg-8
  5. Thanks, man! So, in the clean channel vid, I used neck pickups: Hamer Studio: Duncan '59 Hamer Mirage: Duncan Vintage Rail Strat: stock alnico single coil Ibanez: rhythm = combo of stock middle single coil (DiMarzio, I think) & neck V7 'bucker, split; lead = just the neck V7 Bridge pickups for the drive channel: Ibby: stock V8 humbucker Strat: stock alnico ~ same as neck, but wound a little hotter Hamer Mirage: Duncan Custom Custom Hamer Studio: Duncan Distortion I normally run effects and control amp switching with a Boss MS-3, but for these vids I just went straight in, guitar-->cable-->Shiva's input. I used a little bit of the amp's build in reverb. Thanks again for checking out the videos! 👍
  6. Got all of my electrics strung up with Ultra Slinkies and set up to play smoothly, so I thought I’d run them all through my Shiva back to back, playing similar licks to see how they each sound through the same amp. If you watch both videos, you’ll see that, taken together, they begin and end with my Hamers. That is ... not accidental. 😎 Clean channel: Drive channel:
  7. Congrats on getting your album out! It's a bucket-list goal of mine, too ~ so I'm delighted you posted up some "shameless self-promotion" first. That sets a precedent for me to do the same shortly! The tracks sound great! Very professional! Well done, man!
  8. This thread is NOT helping me NOT want a Standard! 😡
  9. I've got GAS for one of the Fly Rigs ~ probably not the Kotzen model, but maybe the more generic one. Thing is, I recently blew my gear budget on a Boss MS3 to replace my traditional pedalboard … and on that Strat I recently bought … so it'll be a while before I can actually be in the market for anything again. But the Fly Rigs get great reviews from everyone who's used them, and the vids and clips sound great!
  10. Everything matters. That’s both a burden and a delight, IMO.
  11. True. There is (for me, anyway) a pretty big adjustment from the 1.14 mm Ultex and the 2+ mm Gravity Pick, which also has a much smaller grip area. And since I hadn’t used it in a couple years, I did find it harder to play with the Gravity Pick for this vid.
  12. So a few years back I jumped on the Gravity Pick bandwagon... Eventually, I went back to the Ultexes I'd used before, but the other day I stumbled across some of my old GPs. Thought I'd see how they compare back to back over a lame iPhone vid. 😛
  13. The former English teacher in me couldn't get past "Know Thy[sic] Axe." *Know THINE Axe" 👨‍⚖️
  14. Love it, man! Great groove, great vox, and some really nice choices with the lead work. Song would’ve been just fine as a straight up blues/rock jam, but I think you went beyond that in a really cool way.
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