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  1. Love it, man! Great groove, great vox, and some really nice choices with the lead work. Song would’ve been just fine as a straight up blues/rock jam, but I think you went beyond that in a really cool way.
  2. Wow! Thanks for all the amazing comments, y'all! Very much appreciated! Okay, here's just one more. It started out as just a quiet little bit of introspection ... but it came out sounded (to me) like King's X and Queen had a kid, lol! Not on purpose, but those are two of my favorite bands of all time, so, natch. 😛 First solo and left-panned rhythms are again the Mirage; second solo and right rhythms are the Studio.
  3. So I'm about to put out a home-brew album, and nearly the entire thing was done with my two Hamers ~ Mirage I Koa and Studio. Just wanted to share a sample with y'all, if that's cool. If not, just let me know and I'll delete. So this song mostly features the Mirage, using the neck Vintage Rail for the first couple of leads. Then the Studio, using the neck '59, kicks in for the second solo. Back to the Mirage for the outro. For rhythms, the Mirage is panned left and the Studio panned right. Trigger warning: my buddy who's a hip hop artist added a rap verse at the very end, so just know that that's coming and don't let it throw you. 😛
  4. Watched this the other day ~ thought it was pretty cool! Also, if it's still on Netflix, there's a doc on the Wrecking Crew ~ the session cats who played on almost every hit of the '60s and early '70s. It's really good.
  5. This is the greatest thing I've seen on the internet today!
  6. Even with the wrist problems I’ve had, I’m sorely tempted to try them on my longer scale guits, too. I don’t know much about Teles, but I imagine they’d dig ‘em — especially if you’ve got stronger hands than I!
  7. I’ve been using Hybrids (9-46) forever, but got curious when I saw EB come out with this new set. Figured I’d try them on my shorter scale Hamer & see how they felt. Surprisingly bendable for being a heavier gauge than I’ve been used to for a long while. Even more surprising added bonus: without even trying, I could suddenly get the pristine-clean channel on the Bogner to start growling and overdriving a bit. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oae4th9VEe4 Don’t know if I’ll be able to keep using them — we’ll have to see if my wrist can hold up with the extra exercise. But for now, they’re pretty cool, imho. Ymmv, of course.
  8. Congrats! I loved the Trem-O-Verbs I got to try in music stores back in the day. Never owned one, but I really dug the ones I played.
  9. So if you’ve read my other recent thread, you know I’m thinking of selling the Strat I recently picked up. Stopped in the local store here just to look around and get some ideas. Got to chatting with the owner, whom I’m getting to know pretty well. He knows I’m a Hamer lover, so he tells me a story of this long-time customer who’s bought thousands’ worth of guitars over the years. Then dude comes in and just out of gratitude for all those good deals he gives him a guitar — the only condition is he cannot sell it. He has to keep it for himself. It’s a Newport Pro 12 string with a Birdseye maple top. Dude let’s me play it, too! ❤️ So that’s pretty cool for stopping by the local shop in between services on a Good Friday!
  10. Side question about the USA Daytonas: does the second tone control work on the bridge pickup?
  11. I would never say it’s a dog — it’s a well-made instrument. I’m just not sure I can handle the higher action (with my wrist problems) or that I’ll be able to gel with the feel of it. Gnome sane?
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