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  1. I wondered about that! Everything I saw online said semi hollow, but looking inside I could definitely see open space under the pickups. Way cool! Thanks. šŸ‘
  2. Finally got a chance to make a few quick vids with my recently acquired gear & wanted to share a bit here. WARNING: Quality of video and especially of guitar playing is HIGHLY suspect. I hope to make some better-quality vids down the road, but as I mentioned I wanted to share these with y'all anyway. Apologies in advance... šŸ„¶ The big news, of course, is the NEWPORT PRO CUSTOM that Mrs. Draelyc gifted me for my 50th birthday! I'm still getting used to playing it ~ it's an utterly different critter than either of my other Hamers. But I'm absolutely loving it so far.
  3. Iā€™m just kidding ā€” this guitar is getting PLAYED! šŸ¤˜
  4. I mean, yeah ā€” Iā€™m already torn between wanting to play her and wanting to keep her pristine. šŸ˜±
  5. Would you believe that, not counting my Martin acoustic, this is my first ebony board?
  6. Lol, I gotta admit to a bit of doofus-ness ... I don't get all the back & forth over crown inlays on the first fret. I'm late to the party, I think. But I also gotta say, these inlays look even better in person ~ very 3-D! ā¤ļø
  7. Despite the emotional rollercoaster that FedEx's inscrutable tracking algorithm put me through over the past few days, I have finally arrived at my first NEW HAMER DAY in many years, and it's a milestone/bucket-list kind of day, to boot! Thanks to a heads-up thread in the For Sale/PSA forum, I discovered this baby, and the discovery just happened to coincide with an amazing present from my amazing wife ~ she dumped a bunch of cash into my gear fund, in honor of my 50th birthday. I took it as a sign. Seller packed her up REALLY well ~ bubble wrap around the hardshell case & doub
  8. Well ... FedEx's tracking system lied to me. I didn't show up till today! šŸ˜
  9. Anybody interested in a speaker swap? I've got a 16 ohm CL80, and a 16 ohm V30. I would love to have an 8 ohm version of each of them. I figure it's a long shot, but why not ask? Anybody got an 8 ohm Classic Lead or V30 you'd like to trade? Thanks! Christopher
  10. Welp, I took the plunge! Should be here on Saturday... Stay tuned!
  11. I second those two emotions. Although to be fair, Simon (I'm a HUGE fan, btw) tapped into Township music, moreso that creating a whole new genre from scratch, but I think a fair case can be made that in fusing Township with his established brand of folk & folk rock, he did hit on something new.
  12. Well, that is beeeyoooteeful. But ... I pulled the trigger on the Newport this afternoon. Many more posts to follow in a week or so....
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