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  1. Tendinitis is acting up again -- had to go to lighter strings. Did a quick tone test to see what I'm losing...
  2. All right, last vid for a while ~ perhaps till I pick up that awesome looking doodad, mathman! I know this is getting tedious. But I was really curious how much difference a different angle would make in the same room with the same amps at the same settings. So, fwiw, if you're bored or something...
  3. Thanks! The Bogner cab is closed back and has a Celestion CL80 in it, which is what comes stock with the 1x12 combo version of the Shiva. The Budda combo is open back and has the stock Budda Phat speaker, which I think has a LOT to do with the smoother upper midrange you mentioned. I really want to try recording them both again with the iPhone in a different place in the room, to see how that affects how each amp comes across... Just for fun, I got a wild hair today and tried running my Boss MS-3 in stereo in to both amps' clean channels, using only the Boss's digital distortion/overdrive for gain. Thought I'd toss that up here, too, while we're comparing.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, that’s how it’s striking me too. Wow. The Budda sounded better than that in the room, I thought at the time. 🤷‍♂️
  5. So I captured this vid on my iPhone, and when I play it back on my phone, both amps sound pretty good. But when I play it on my office computer’s speakers, it sounds like the Bogner just destroys the Budda. Y’all hearing that, too?
  6. Some days, you roll out of bed, and before you can start your day, you just gotta crank up yer amps...
  7. Love it! I'm really diggin' the kind of psychedelic-Motown feel! Sounds like a blast to be playing that material. Also, totally jelly. I miss being in an active band, and I *really* miss being in a band & doing original material. So, basically, I guess what I'm saying is, rock on, sir!
  8. Thank you! That's just about exactly what I was going for! 🎸
  9. And now y’all can stream it for free: https://www.christophertwilkerson.com/2019/07/23/critical-distance-is-here/
  10. Thanks! Links to the sales pages have been removed from this thread, and I put a thread in the For Sale section, as directed. Much appreciate the clarification ~ as I said, I love this board and want to be sure to play by the rules! Christopher
  11. It's full of Hamer content ~ nearly the entire project was done using my two USA Hamers: my #1, a Mirage Koa, and my #2, a Studio. Brief cameos by Yairi and Hohner acoustics, and by my authentic '80s Ibanez RG470 (from 1993). So, here are a couple samples: And here's where you can get the whole album: To purchase an old-fashioned CD via credit card: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00NB4VRS To purchase an old-fashioned CD via PayPal: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00NB4VRS&pp=1 To purchase a digital download of the entire album, using either PayPal or a credit/debit card (you have to enable a pop-up, and if you don't want to use PayPal, you have to scroll down in the pop-up to get to the credit/debit option): http://kunaki.com/DigitalSales.asp?PID=PX00NB4VRS I just wanted to share because it’s basically an album of Hamers!
  12. Thanks so much, y'all! Out of gratitude, one more freebie ~ the title track:
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