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  1. I made one more with the Mirage & Shiva. Wanted to get the Shiva's drive channel unboosted & play with pickups & dynamics a bit. And clams, as well. So. Many. Clams. Lol! ?
  2. Funky groovin'! Love it! Always wanted an Artist. Bucket list guitar for me, for sure. Nicely done, mang!
  3. Hey folks ~ it's been a minute. A new job and a move to a new state (and a whole new region) have been filling up my plate since December 1, but now the viral outbreak has completely upended my new work routine and landed me, not so much with more free time, but certainly with more cyber time, lol! So in an attempt to spread some positivity, I've been making some jam clips. They're not great ~ certainly I've been inspired by far, far better musicians who've been sharing their talents since we all got "sent home" for the foreseeable future. But it's been real fun so far to try some new
  4. That is awesome! I only know the big hit singles, but I LOVE those songs ~ and as much as I dig Billy Idol, I'd argue that the original of Mony Mony rocks harder than the cover. Yeah, I said it. I don't know any of their deep cuts, though, so I'd have had no idea what to expect from their live show. IME, these cats who've made their bones in the '60s & '70s and been consistently touring since back then really know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to, as you say, working a room. Things that I'm not sure many younger bands are picking up. Seems like, for one thing
  5. My first Hamer ~ and still my #1 axe ~ is a Mirage I. I did end up having mine modded for a full sized humbucker in the bridge after a few years, and while I don't regret that decision and still love the guitar dearly, I do sometimes wonder "what if" I'd gone in the other direction and put three traditional single coils in there. And I do remember, probably ten years ago now, going down an internet rabbit hole and discovering this company that (allegedly) made single-coil sized P-90s, and I really wondered what my Mirage would have sounded like with those. Will be very curious to see ~
  6. Not really practical but my oldest pedal ~ and the first "boooteek" thing I ever bought ~ is a Fulltone Choralflange. Really hard to beat for rich, warm, analog goodness with a nice throb if that's your pleasure . Not practical because I believe they're out of production and could be pricey. But IIRC (big if!), the CF-1 was Fulltone's take on the old Boss chorus, anyway, and you've already got lots of recommendations in that direction, so I'll throw in with them and say find a good used Boss.
  7. I'm a big fan of Ernie Balls, fwiw. Grew up playing 9-42, switched to 10-46 for a few years in my mid-late 30s (I'm now 48), but developed some wrist problems (not from the 10s) and have been using Hybrid Slinky 9-46s on all my electrics (Fender and Gibson scale lengths) for many years now. Tried some other brands & gauges here and there over the years, but I always end up back at EB Hybrids. They're cheap, they feel great, and those gauges seem to work well for my hands. That said, I have a Studio but not a Sunburst, so I don't know what the differences might be. But my Mirage is
  8. So I’ve had my Shiva for like six years, got it used, but had never put new glass in it till now. Don’t know why I waited so long — I guess it sounded so good (compared to amps I’d owned before) that I didn’t think about re-tubing. But I recently got a wild hair. So a fresh pair of Ruby EL34BHTs and a quick lesson in Biasing Without Killing Oneself from a friend, and I had her re-tubed, biased up, and ready to rock. Between the new tubes and a proper bias, it almost sounds like a brand new amp! I’ve always struggled with the clean channel for being *too* clean and not having a Mid
  9. The sound quality is terrible, but here are a couple from an early performance of my last cover band, like six years ago ~ both with my USA Studio. Again, quality sux, but I post them FWIW: I do miss my hair, though... *sniff*
  10. "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." -- M. Yoda

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