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  1. I'm intrigued by the Morgan AC20. I've never really paid attention to the brand before I saw this post. I may have to take it for a test drive.
  2. I decided to play my Studio Custom at practice last night, and during warmup I felt a slight imperfection on one of the volume knobs. Closer inspection revealed a crack through the knob, and with a little further fiddling, the knob broke in half and came off. Moments later, the other volume knob exhibited the same problem. Both knobs were broken almost cleanly in half, and the tone knob doesn't appear to have the same defect. I inspected the guitar to see if there were additional damage, but I didn't see any evidence of impact or anything else. Has anyone seen this before on guitar that has spent most of it's time in a case? They're the standard amber top hat knobs. I'm considering replacing them with speed knobs for a different look.
  3. As you can see in this pic, they've brought out the heavy equipment at the ice rink across the street from the 4-3-2-1 Club. That means it's time for the 17th rendition of the Frozen Jam at the 4-3-2-1 Club. I'll make some extra spicy chili, or perhaps some gumbo, and and I'll dig out the grill to prepare the required wieners. Who's coming over to help me warm up the basement? PS: Fear not if you can't make this one. There will be a very special Celebrity Jam held on Saturday, March 21. Mark your calendars!
  4. Here's a demo of the finished monster board. So difficult to choose. I may have to borrow this again for the Frozen Jam!
  5. It's a Club Royale, and it's got HFC history. I purchased it many years ago from Nightwolf, and the local guys will attest that it's got his mojo all over it. This one makes it out of the basement much more often than any other amp I own for 3 reasons: it's easy to carry, it's got glorious tone, and it's the amp favored for gigging by Famous Volcanoes' pedal steel player Jimmy Johnson. We've got a show tomorrow night, and it'll probably be used by Jimmy then.
  6. I have used 3 of these as grab & go. Far and away the easiest of these to grab and go is the Tophat. It is also my most popular amp with other guitarists. I tend to prefer my Carmen Ghia. Since these photos were taken, the Marshall & Z 1x12 cab have moved into the living room so I can play along with the stereo while learning new songs, and so I could demo the Henretta Monster Board in the comfort of my living room. The Z-28 4x10 now sits on the table. I gigged with the Carmen Ghia and 2x10 cabinet recently, and it's very easy to move around and set up. You do have to remove Prince and the lighting effects to get it out of the basement though.
  7. I wanted to give a final shout out to Kevin at Henretta Engineering. He let me keep the board for 2 weeks, and I put it to good use at various band practices. He runs his business on the side out of his house, and as always, I'm rooting for the local guy to do well! Here's the list of effects that are in the running for my own personal custom pedal board (blasphemy!!) which I'll be ordering sometime over the next few months. All of these got good reviews from others that tried them as well: Golden Years - Phaser Emerald Prince - Preamp Choad Blaster - Overdrive/distortion/fuzz Pinkman - Dirty Boost Orange Whip - Compressor Red Brick - Delay Crimson - Tremolo Black Hole - Chorus/Vibe It's very difficult to narrow it down!
  8. The pedal board was smoking last night! Oh wait, that was the guitar players. The pedal board was not literally smoking. I didn't get a chance to play through it in a band context, though. Could some of you guys who tried it out give us review of which effects you liked from the board? Hopefully I'll have it through Tuesday's group session, and I can give it a whirl.
  9. Kevin and his daughter dropped off the monsterboard a few minutes ago. It's gorgeous, don't you think?
  10. I heard from Kevin at Henretta Engineering today. It turns out he won't be able to hang out at the party as I mentioned in the other thread. He does plan on stopping by late afternoon though, to drop off the effects unit. If anyone wants to meet him, feel free to come a little early. He said he'd try to drop by around 3:45 or 4:00.
  11. I heard from Kevin today. He's not going to have everything done on the demo unit by tomorrow, but he is planning on stopping by the 4-3-2-1 party and bringing what he's got done. He said most of it is functional. I think it's great that we'll get to meet him too!
  12. There are celebrities on the way to the 4-3-2-1 Club today, in spite of the inclement weather. If anyone wants to join us for dinner tonight, we'll probably go out to Buster's or one of the other fine burger/beer establishments in the neighborhood around 7:00. Anyone?
  13. "You can’t talk about songs like this in 2019 without agonizing over the relative absence of songs like this in 2019. “The raw, guitar-rock sound is really—I don’t want to say it’s done, but ...”" I cherry-picked this quote from a recent record review I read in The Ringer: White Reaper - You Deserve Love - Review God bless the children. Now I've got to find all their albums.
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