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  1. I watched this last night. Although it seems obvious now, I had no idea what a major influence Mick Ronson was on Bowie's Spiders from Mars era. Very impressive!
  2. Can't wait! Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story - Preview Edited to add: I just learned of this, and thought it was new, but it's a few years old. Good news for me, it's at my local library!
  3. And finally, the Ozark Music Festival mentioned above, from which the bands at the Decatur show came, was legendary in the midwest. I thank goodness that I was too young to attend, but had a few slightly older friends that did. There was enough trouble there that the show has its own Wiki page: Ozark Music Festival - 1974
  4. Here's a little more information about the bands and the concert listed in the news clip. My recollections: Back in the day, it was not unusual for bands to be very late to take the stage. It was also not unusual for there to be lengthy delays between bands. At this particular show, fans were sitting in the sun, and it was a very hot day. The music didn't start until evening, and it was a scheduled 3:00 show. People were partying of course, and cooking in the sun. Recollections from people on the FB group from which I pulled the above news clip. There's a few first hand accounts of people that were at that show, and people that helped set up the sound system. I'll quote the info I draw from the FB page: "I remember the PA being hours late from St.Louis? Everyone frustrated in 100degree+heat. Bob Seger came out and played the piano and sang out loud for those of us close enough to hear him.Much respect! It was ungodly hot that day." "all the gear came from Sedalia Mo. the 3 bands played a festival there the night before I remember 1 guy from Cactus the drummer I think or maybe the guitar player anyway he pulled in driving one the trucks lol back in the old days when rockstars pitched in with the crew" "I climbed up on the power pole in center field and hooked up to the wires to run to my homemade breakout box for system power for PA and amplifiers. I worked my tail off along with several other people to make this concert happen. Nugent's brother said Blackwood would not be able to play because all the other bands we're late coming up from another concert. That's when Willis took exception to young Nugent's attitude." "All the bands coming to Decatur had played at a outdoor fest in Sedalia, MO. I'll never forget Bob Seger driving right up to the front of the stage (two semi flatbeds) in a Toyota Corolla or the like and hopping out in a t-shirt and gym shorts. He was really cool about the whole situation. Dan Manke provided the semi trailers." "I was at the Ozark Music Festival in Sedilia Mo. That was also when the RR explosion happened...The temperature at Ozark Music Festival was 106....108....112....Great Festival.... but miserably hot and humid.I was backstage when Skynyrd played on Saturday night. I shared a bottle of Boones Farm and a joint with Buddy Miles....." (My note here: there had been an explosion in one of the railroad yards in Decatur just before this.)
  5. I started going to concerts the year before the show listed in the newspaper clip above. In Dec. '73 I saw Blue Oyster Cult at the Decatur Armory. Mind blowing (first acid trip was involved as well). I saw Styx and Fanny soon after at the Decatur Armory, as well as REO Speedwagon. I had also seen Aerosmith, who were touring after their Get Your Wings album was released, in the gymnasium at Stephen Decatur High School. Ah, the good old days.
  6. Sorry to hear this news. I hope you get this one back. It's a very cool guitar!
  7. Here's a blast from the past from that timeframe. My brother started working as a sound guy for this band around 1974-1975. They all became good friends, and David Pickett, sporting the Les Paul in this promotional poster, sold me my first guitar, in 1976, I think? It was a white Telecaster, which I still own. I distinctly remember showing up at one of their sound checks at a local bar, and he was playing Fleetwood Mac's Bare Trees using that guitar. A few months later, I gave him $200 and it was mine. Check out the admission and drink cost. I can't even find a cent key on my keyboard these days. Edited to add, I don't remember taking this poster, but David Pickett autographed it. I found it earlier this year tucked away in a moving box that I still had from the 80s. It's now in the frame shown in this photo, on the wall by my back door.
  8. I attended this show at Fans Field in Decatur, IL on July 21, 1974. I was 17, had just graduated high school and was about to start my freshman year at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign. My friend Tom and I easily procured a bottle of gin, as I vaguely recall, and headed out to Fans Field, which was the stadium for the Triple-A minor league baseball team in town. I don't remember a whole lot about the day, except it. being blazing hot, and I somehow managed to catch a drumstick thrown from the stage by Cactus' drummer. I found this newspaper clip on a Facebook group called Decatur, IL - Rock From The Past. There's more information about this show on there. I'll copy and post some of it. Very interesting!
  9. I never saw a metal cover for the bridge when I owned it.
  10. I offered it up a couple of times for delivery on a roadtrip sale a few years ago when I was driving to the East coast. I wasn't willing to pack and ship. Each time I offered it, a guy from CA hit me up begging me to ship it to him, along with my 25th Anniversary Artist Ltd. He wanted both guitars, badly. Finally, I caved, and sold and shipped both to him. It never really was up for sale in a proper for sale ad. Persistence pays off, I guess.
  11. Here you go. I sold this one a couple of years ago.
  12. I remember that trio well, Dave. I sold the T51, mainly because it was so damn heavy. That guy had a stash of T51s. I wish I would have bought a few more of his guitars.
  13. This photo is from January, 2004. The orange Phantom Custom was my first ever eBay purchase, I think in 1997? The price was all of $700. I wish I wouldn't have sold that one, but I probably wouldn't buy another unless it was in that price range, or < $1K. I still own the TV yellow one, although it looks nothing like that now. It made a trip to Bubs house for a Stikeover, and now sparkles brighter than any rapala. The tobacco burst one was my favorite finish of any of my guitars for a long time. I sold that one to Joe many years, and I'd buy it back given the chance. I don't ever see Joe anymore. I owned a black one as well, but I sold that one to fund a pink cruisebass.
  14. This photo was taken in July 2006. I still own the middle one. The orange one was sold to my nephew, and the natural one resides at a friend's house. Said friend also owns a black that used to be mine, and I let my seafoam one go a few years back. I can't believe I only own one T-51.
  15. This photo was taken in March, 2007. I still own two of the three.
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