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  1. You RAWK, Steve. Thanks. Edited to add: the 4321 All-Stars are already playing Suffragette City, so it seems only logical that we would fold WPOD into our rendition. GREAT idea, Fee! Edited again to add: With the exception of the stacks, which I deem too dangerous, I've got the body type and all the accoutrements to pull off that look as well. Can't wait to surprise the guys next week!
  2. I've attached a pic of my ticket stub from the Tubes concert at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. My memory's a little fuzzy and I got a bad tear on my ticket so I can't confirm, but I believe this was in January, 1978, not long after the above Tubes video of WPOD was recorded, and not long before I would graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A number of us piled into Beth's station wagon and made the 2.5 hour drive north for this show, and we were not disappointed. It was my first time at the legendary Aragon Ballroom (I saw Talking Heads and Patti Smith there before the end of 1980), and it was a grand spectacle. In addition to WPOD, another cool moment was when Fee rode a giant Harley onstage for a steaming rendition of Don't Touch Me There. I would see The Tubes again a few years later in a theater in Milwaukee after the Remote Control album, and then in 1984 in Rockford, IL, touring with Utopia. Their first three albums, The Tubes, Young and Rich, and Now are far and away my favorite albums of theirs, although I like Remote Control quite a bit. They lost me a bit after that. Their live shows were legendary, and they even managed to get banned in a few places, I believe. They are playing here locally in early April, along with Blue Oyster Cult, another of my favorite bands. My brother's already got tickets, but I'm not sure if I can go. I wonder if Fee is still wearing those monster platforms? I've long wanted to play WPOD. Perhaps I should force the 4321 All-Stars. hehe.
  3. I saw that ad and wondered if it would make an appearance here on the HFC. Beautiful guitar! You just missed a chance last weekend to put it through its paces and show it to the locals at the 4-3-2-1 Club. It is a bit of a drive, even though you would have been hailed as a celebrity. GLWTS.
  4. BruceM


    I've got a Club Royale, and can't add much to the descriptions given by duncans and JES1680 above. I bought mine about 15 years ago from Nightwolf, so it's got lots of HFC history and mojo. He was selling it because it "broke up too early." We laugh about it here at the 4321 because it's my most coveted amp among the faithful. They don't exactly squabble over it, but whomever arrives first rushes downstairs to claim the amp for the night. It also gets used on almost every Famous Volcanoes gig by our pedal steel player, Jimmy Johnson. Pure magic! I don't think I've ever changed tubes on it, and it still sound fantastic.
  5. I tend to like P-90's or other single coils, and simplicity. For me then, that narrows it down to 2 guitars. My beater T-51 that I bought NOS in '99 or so and that I've owned on and off again for the better part of 20 years, has a storied history and never makes it through an HFC jam without a broken string. The boys play the hell out of that guitar, and I do too. My other fave is my Vanguard, which I modified with Gravelin pickups about a year ago. I keep coming back to that one over the years, and I've probably owned it for 18 years. There's another that's coming back into rotation, and that's my '80 Sunburst. I gave it to Badger Dave a couple years ago for a tune-up, and I've played it a lot more since then. It really is a spanky guitar, and it's growing into one of my faves after decades of neglect. Honorable mention includes my '04 Korina Jr and my Monaco GT. Both put a big smile on my face when they make an appearance. I'm also engaged in a love affair with Shishkov 0021. Does that count?
  6. Every 4-3-2-1 Club HFC Jam has been a sausage fest, without exception. Over the years, I've learned that you cannot go wrong with this crowd if you serve Everett's coarse wieners, queso dip, and chili or gumbo. It makes my life simpler because the I can cook these things in my sleep! I've also done the math, and I've quoted this growing statistic here before. Since 2003, I've averaged 4 HFC parties per year. I'm now on my 16th year, so that's 64 parties. The sausage expense at this party was $43.21, and this was a small-ish party as far as 4321 jams go. Let's round up to $50 in sausage expense per party, and you'll see that over the years, I've spent $3200 to fuel the HFC, MN chapter. This is money well spent. This morning, my brother, ScottM, texted me the photos that you see posted above, along with this comment: Helluva house band(s). I was thinking about that this morning over coffee, as I tried to decide whether to have wieners and chili for breakfast (I didn't). I wanted to think that that I've built up this 4321 house band over those 16 years, but the truth is that the core players here were present at the very first Mpls HFC Jam in June, 2003. And when we met, it felt like we already knew each other because we had all been hanging out on the HFC for years. At that first party, although you may not have yet seen a pic of any specific person, you probably had seen a pic of THAT guitar that he brought online, and you couldn't wait to get your hands on it. And then the music started....and we've yet to finish. I like to think of the group I'll list here as the Unholy Triumvirate: Bill W, Sir Dan, Eric Weston and Carfish7(more affectionately known as Z). Yes, I know that's 4, but I don't think I've ever seen more than 3 of them on the 4321 stage at the same time. These are the guys that have reliably shown up for so many events over the years simply because they love to hang out together. You could unleash any one of these guys on any room, and he would FIRE THE PLACE UP. Two of them together is unreal, but when you get 3 of them playing at the same time, it is MAGIC. This happened for hours last night. Sometimes I got to be in the middle of it, and sometimes I got to sit and listen. There's no place I'd rather be on a cold Saturday night. And then there's the cast of supporting players. And don't get me wrong. If you didn't pick this up from the above paragraph, I'll state it here. The above players are the consummate supporting players. That's why they're so good together. They like laying back, playing rhythm and watching each other shine on lead guitar. But there is another Unholy Triumvirate that shows up, and that's the drummers. We're lucky to have 3 very good drummers that cycle through the kit at most parties. They don't hang on this site, but they know what a Hamer guitar is. ha. Mike has been participating from the first party, and we've added Dave and Michael over the last 5 years or so. They really kick things into a higher gear, no matter what is being played. And then there's the supporting bass players, rhythm players, songwriters and everyone else. That would include yours truly, Robbie, ScottM and all of the celebrities that travel on a regular basis. You all know who you are. And last but not least are the MIA locals. We ask about them every time, and we hope that they come back soon. Ray, Shredmeister(Bruce), Joe, Brad, TED(get back here, you big lug, once a year is not enough!!!), and I'm sure I'm missing some. Helluva house band indeed. The Unholy Triumvirates? Nah, we'll stick with 4321 All-Stars. I'd start planning the next sausage fest, but there's no planning necessary. These things just happen. If you want instant celebrity status, just show up. You've got it. These guys can make YOU shine too.
  7. Let's get this party started! Where are my people?
  8. And here's proof that if you change temps too quickly, or sit too long, the finish will crack. Now if we could just get this guy off the couch!
  9. ...and right on queue, the temperature has plummeted. Looks like the traditional Frozen Jam! Fear not, I do have a volunteer, so there will be grilled wienies with chili and queso. Almost time to get this party started. Now if I can just remember to not reflexively lock the back door.
  10. I adore my friend David (aka Mrs. Smith). Not only does he possess remarkable shredding talent, he's also developed remarkable marketing skills over the years. I met David a number of years ago when he still lived in Minneapolis, and have the pleasure of welcoming him into the 4-3-2-1 a couple of times for jam sessions. He subsequently moved to NYC and has been doing his best to make a go of it as Mrs. Smith, with increasing success. Here's his latest, a challenge to Kirk Hammett for a wahoff. I can't to see the results of this challenge! Here's link to a post with a video of Mrs. Smith, from Kirk Hammett's twitter feed: Go Mrs. Smith!
  11. The guys were warming my guitars, including my "new" Blitz Bass, and the basement in preparation for this upcoming shindig. Who else is coming over?
  12. Wow. I'm glad to hear you're doing ok! How's that gold B4M doing?
  13. BruceM

    The Birth of Loud

    Cool. I missed that. I'll check that out too.
  14. This just hit my news feed today. It looks like a very interesting book about Les Paul and Leo Fender and their innovations in building guitars, and it's on my reading list: The Birth of Loud Here's an article about the book and its contents: Collectors Weekly article I won't have a chance to read this until later in the day, but I can't wait!