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  1. An interesting observation, no one on this thread has mentioned a classical guitar (or at least nylon strung) or acoustic guitar or even bass solo. Are we hard wired to think only in terms of rock sounds and types of distortion which equal sustain which equal purity of the rock sound we are after or is it that it the rock players that get all the attention, Van Halen vs John Williams, Slash vs Tommy Emanuel?
  2. A pretty crap band, oddly, produced in my opinion a bloody great guitar solo. Krokus, the song Head hunter, has a lovely fluid solo, slowly building up and seeming to go up in stages. The song isn't that well produced/engineered so the solo doesn't really cut through enough, but if you can hear it, it's worth hearing.
  3. Oooooooh not sure about that bro. Slow and melodic is all well and good, but if slow is your top speed I don't think you can ever be called the best.
  4. The Push comes to shove solo is a VERY serious contender for best pinched harmonic.
  5. Well you're all wrong. 'Cause I played a solo this morning in my jim jams, while my kids were having breakfast that was a combo of Page Jimi Eric Eddie Vai and Yngwie all rolled into one, with a bit of extra flash thrown in for good measure, you should have heard it. It was the biz. Stairway to where?...
  6. By the way while we're chatting about Gary Moore, if any are old enough to remember when he played a strat, check out the solo from "Always gonna love you" from Corridors of Power and tell me that is not THE most powerful sounding, screaming, singing strat you're ever heard. Really, really good stuff.
  7. Saw UFO 18 months ago with Vinnie Moore on guitar, great guitarist, great band. BTW Mind's Eye still THE best guitar shred album of all time.
  8. I saw the Black Crows once in London, and that dudes Les Paul just sang like a bird, it was a great sound live.
  9. Is there such a thing? What is it? A solo that takes a mundane song and elevates it. A guitarist that you thought didn't have it in them, comes out with a blinder. A solo, perhaps, with many guitaring techniques showing off the capabilities of the player, but still able to be melodic and tuneful. Marillion's Jigsaw and Gary Moore's Rock n Roll are crackers for me, Tornado of Souls by Megadeth also is a great "building up" solo. Que dire vous?
  10. I've got a Jaydee Explorer, that has Ibanez Destroyer pickups (super 70), the sound from that guitar is classic early Def Lep. I can't help but keep playin' "...just another hit an' run"... I know your all singing it right now, I bet you are.
  11. ...and my wife told me she'd never nag me if we got married...
  12. Hey, this is not a slight on Shishkov guitars, read the post "victim of his own success", he has been and still is successful at producing guitars, but what I hear is based in fact because of previous postings of lead times and guitars that I know that have taken this long. Like everyone here I am hoping that Shishkov continues to be successful but lead times of 2 years, in today's have it now world, may put some people off. No offence meant or implied...obviously. I have a very good friend with a Shishkov and it's a beauty no doubt.
  13. I wonder if Mike has become a victim of his own success. His lead times are currently running at 2 and a half years (I hear), are there any amongst us that have been put off getting a Shishkov due to the wait?
  14. Saw them supporting KISS in Paris in 2015, a band can never support KISS and be remembered afterwards, this song is OK though.
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