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  1. I bought a Diablo last year and flippin love it. I wasn't bowled over by the sound of the pups thorough, even though they were a Jeff Beck and Trembucker, so swapped them out for a set of Kerry King EMGs. This sounds brutal but they are absolutely perfect for this alder body. Being active they do sound slightly every so slightly compressed but that notwithstanding the sound on the bridge is sharp and crisp, the neck sounds almost single coil because of it's clarity definitely not a Les Paul sounding neck pup. The neck plays like lightening, the only issue is the bloody selector switch being right behind the trem arm, only God knows why Hamer seems to put the selector switch in the most inaccessible place on the whole body (my Cali had this too) so switching between pickups quickly during a solo (a la Dave Murray) is out of the question, otherwise perfect guitar that is difficult to fault regardless of price.
  2. An interesting observation, no one on this thread has mentioned a classical guitar (or at least nylon strung) or acoustic guitar or even bass solo. Are we hard wired to think only in terms of rock sounds and types of distortion which equal sustain which equal purity of the rock sound we are after or is it that it the rock players that get all the attention, Van Halen vs John Williams, Slash vs Tommy Emanuel?
  3. That sure is not a folk gig. BC Rich mockingbird longhorn bass, badass.
  4. I find it hugely annoying when a seller gives zero information about the guitar he is selling. What wood is the body made of, what pup is in it, what are the tuners etc etc. A piece of rock history my arse.
  5. What to look for in a bass bottom? I am surprised that this is a topic on a Hamer forum but anyway, well I think that a bass bottom isn't for everyone, especially those that love carp or bream. But as long as your net is strong enough, then go for any fish I say.
  6. Yes it does look like a mirage, something that's not real but looks real.
  7. A pretty crap band, oddly, produced in my opinion a bloody great guitar solo. Krokus, the song Head hunter, has a lovely fluid solo, slowly building up and seeming to go up in stages. The song isn't that well produced/engineered so the solo doesn't really cut through enough, but if you can hear it, it's worth hearing.
  8. I think it is really easy to be quite nostalgic about certain sounds that our heros got back in the day. I bought a Marshall DSL 15 when I played it it was great clean or dirty and a played it "neat" for a couple of weeks and was happy as a pig in shit, but then I plugged in my Boss guitar board and then the world lit up. What I'm saying it that good quality pedals.pedal board are so good that your amp can be make of lolly sticks and it will still sound good. Remember what Number 5 used to say, "Input, more input". * Short Circuit the movie.
  9. Oooooooh not sure about that bro. Slow and melodic is all well and good, but if slow is your top speed I don't think you can ever be called the best.
  10. The Push comes to shove solo is a VERY serious contender for best pinched harmonic.
  11. Well you're all wrong. 'Cause I played a solo this morning in my jim jams, while my kids were having breakfast that was a combo of Page Jimi Eric Eddie Vai and Yngwie all rolled into one, with a bit of extra flash thrown in for good measure, you should have heard it. It was the biz. Stairway to where?...
  12. I'll give you a hundred bucks for it, that's the going rate for USA teles I hear.
  13. By the way while we're chatting about Gary Moore, if any are old enough to remember when he played a strat, check out the solo from "Always gonna love you" from Corridors of Power and tell me that is not THE most powerful sounding, screaming, singing strat you're ever heard. Really, really good stuff.
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