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  1. blackfbiv


  2. I love playing this song. I consider it a modern day classic...
  3. I saw Jeff walking into the Warehouse in TO back in the 90's... he didn't see me... Sorry... I really am... He was great... RIP
  4. Along the lines of Killerteddybear's post... You can pretty much name a Canadian act from the early 80's and throw it on my pile... Harlequin Kick Axe Streetheart Queen City Kids Prism Martha & the Muffins Helix Toronto The Pursuit of Happiness
  5. Had an opportunity to open for them here in Edmonton, Canada way back then... one of those 3 pm calls... One of the guys had disappeared, so we had to pass... bummer indeed!
  6. The Smiths - How Soon is Now. Something about this just intro kicks me into ultra-drive... lol Edited to add: I'm a tremolo-whore... it's sad but true!!!
  7. I'm certainly no expert, but I do believe that a medium tip Sharpieâ„¢ is the approved method... My guess is that some sort of pen will be the best way.
  8. I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once, as I ever was...
  9. Vocally... I have never been better... bass-wise... probably holding my own...
  10. Beau Dommage = quel dommage... IMHO Geez, what about Rene Simard or Patsy Gallant... heck even Andre Philip Gagnon... lol April Wine was from Quebec... As for the Hip... they write the best tunes... I can't stand Downie's voice... he shivers me timbers... but I guess it wouldn't work without him... Hey, what about Saga? Wait they're from Ontario...
  11. Mmm Hmmmm.... 20 minutes to go... I hate being right all the time. Guess who's on call and has to wait around for this... <BIG sigh> Breaking news... docs here... I should be outta here on time!
  12. I got a truck loaded and headed to Williston, ND... all well and good. BUT...not a single piece of documentation that I can send to the Customs broker... Being as it's Friday I should see that at oh, i don't know, 4:55 PM... <sigh>
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