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  1. Chris- Do you know if Mike keeps build sheets on file for completed guitars for him to reference regarding neck specs, etc.? I’m still shocked at how my neck fits me based on me describing my preferences to him.
  2. 7 electrics 3 acoustics 5 basses Plus a couple of cheapies that are currently not playable
  3. I got a Yamaha LS6 ARE (small body) on a GC blowout for $399 with HSC a few years back. It's amazing. Perfect guitar for around the house. Most of my acoustic time is spent on 12 string-I have a kinda beat up Taylor 454CE that plays and sounds great. I'm not one of those Taylor disciples, but their 12 strings are the easiest playing I have found.
  4. I find the shape to be much more comfortable than I expected. My right forearm kinda sits on the "shelf" formed by the body. I would imagine that a 10 pounder might be awkward but mine (Ultimate #73) doesn't ever feel heavy to me. It's a much more comfortable guitar than any Les Paul I have owned or played.
  5. I have a 454CE (Grand Auditorium shape and Sapele Back/Sides) and it's just fantastic. I have mixed feelings about Taylors despite owning two of them, but their 12 strings are a joy to play.
  6. Come ON now. This thing is killing me!
  7. I started as a piano player as a kid. My mom was a musician as well, so I had access to her gear. The first synth I got that was all mine was a Roland SH-3a as a Christmas gift when I was about 12. I got a set of Taurus Pedals a couple of years later (for $450) and over the few years that followed I had access to a Juno-60, OB8, DX-7, and a Korg CX-3 organ. I also had a Rhodes Stage 73 and a Wurlitzer model 200. Eventually everything was sold off except a Roland XP-50 that I kept around to cover most sounds I would need. About 10 years ago I found another Juno 60 on Craigslist for $550, a lot of money at that time for that unit. I drove out to see it and I discovered that the lady who owned it had bought it new to play Christmas Carols on. She had sewn a cover for it herself, and her husband built a stand out of Teak for it so it would blend in with the Dining Room furniture. She had everything that came with it-the cassette with the patches, all of the paperwork, you name it. It was literally a time capsule. I bought it and played it until it suffered the dreaded noisy chorus. It took me 5 years to find the ICs I needed to quiet it down. That’s the problem with the old stuff-serviceability is hit and miss. Now I’m trying to find an original CX-3.
  8. There is room for a BIG "2" to be stamped on that headstock.
  9. Holy Crap. It took 50 posts to mention The Producers?
  10. Shishkov Ultimate #73, Suhr Pro series T1 Sonic Blue/Rosewood, 2013 LP Traditional Lightburst, 2012 Fender American Standard Strat Charcoal Frost/Rosewood, 1995 PRS CE 24 Maple Top Black Cherry (bought new) ,2005 EBMM Steve Morse Buttercream (1 of 2 in that year's COY run), 2019 Rickenbacker 660/12 Ruby, 1979 Ibanez ST-50 Black (my first electric-it went missing for 18 years when I left for Berklee and a drummer friend found it under his basement stairs in 2011. I picked it up from him at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway.) Taylor 514CE, Taylor 454CE, Yamaha LS6-ARE 2019 Rickenbacker 4003S Mapleglo, 1993 EBMM Sterling Bass Red/Maple, 1996 Lakland 4-94 Amber/Maple, Fender MIJ '60s Traditional Jazz Bass Fretless Sunburst
  11. I fall into the "Big Rush Fan" camp. (50+ shows, can play most of it while watching the news, blah blah blah) Since the news broke I have been contacted by at least 10 people from my distant past (think 30+ years since any contact) making sure I am OK, but mostly thanking me for our shared love of the band-reminiscing about shows or trying to learn crazy songs that were way above our ability at the time or just getting stoned in the woods with a boom box. That is what Rush is about. For me, It's like losing the best teacher I ever had, except that instead of one semester or school year the learning has continued for 39 years-from the point I figured out what I was getting out of the relationship until now and will likely continue. The guy set a nearly impossible standard for self-improvement, intellectual curiosity, and finding a way to bounce back from some of the most horrible personal stuff imaginable.
  12. I bought a MK1 Head with GA-FC on Craigslist for $250 about 2 years ago. Never bothered with the software. The 5" speaker in it is only good for home practice but the damned thing drives a 4x12 cab really well. It's really pretty great. I would not hesitate to show up at a gig with it.
  13. i'm super excited to have been told by my wife that I get to take my 14 year old daughter to see BIllie Eilish in March. Gonna blast VH1 the whole way there.
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