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  1. I have a dedicated strap for each of my guitars. Couch, Souldier, Levy’s and others. I also have a checkerboard strap for each one. Sometimes that is what is needed.
  2. I’d like to know what Olivia’s drum teacher is thinking with Neil in the next room “listening”. That’s a gutsy dude.
  3. I'm a fan but I only own one Rick right now. It's a 660/12 with the wider neck. I can get close enough with my other 6 string guitars, but there is no duplicating the 12 string sound. That doesn't mean there are not other really nice 12 strings out there (Hamers included) but the 660/12 solves most of the problems that people run into with a Rickenbacker-wider neck, toaster pickups, 12 saddle bridge.
  4. May 1980 Ibanez ST-50, received the prior Christmas. Still have it. 35MM slide scanned with an iPhone app. Those are my keyboards behind me. There were three (!) other guitarists in the band so I only joined in for "Free Bird" and "Green Grass and High Tides". And YES, I dragged a Rhodes around in an Anvil Case.
  5. Imma go with anything by the Doors anything that involves Natalie Merchant’s eternally flat singing Bad to the Bone-actually anything by that guy Most Stones tunes I am feeling particularly appalled tonight so I’ll stop myself
  6. I had heard that. I remember another band that we double billed with a few times called "Shell Shock". They had gotten hold of some pre-everything wireless units and the guitarists would roller skate around the room. They played' "Jukebox Hero" and subbed in the words "Shell Shock's gonna make it to the top" Oy vey.
  7. Remember how Moe would answer the phone? "Hello RISING Sun" And Eddie counting the money with the little visor on his head? What a scene that place was.
  8. First real band. This picture is from the fall of '79. I am on the lower left. More of a Susanne Pleshette look than the mullet that followed. I am still in touch with most of these guys. This was two years later. Completely different group of guys. The drinking age was still 18 at the time so we put these all over our High School. The Rising Sun booked two bands per night 6 nights a week. Each band played alternate sets so you had to jam everything on the stage or tear down between. The ashtrays were cat food cans with the labels removed. We thought was had it MADE when we got a wee
  9. The design looks like it might be copied from an X-Ray machine. It would be right at home next to the spit sink.
  10. TGP hated the 7.25" radius until they loved the 7.25" radius. It's all Mayer's fault.
  11. Just noticed the inlays. Clever twist on the "Arnie". That whole guitar is just stellar. Is there a full center block?
  12. The first two MH albums (along with Budokan and One More From The Road) were instrumental in getting me from beginner to semi-competent guitarist. I wore all those records out playing along to them. A lot of hard living in that band-hard to believe there are no survivors of the original lineup. RIP.
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