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  1. i'm super excited to have been told by my wife that I get to take my 14 year old daughter to see BIllie Eilish in March. Gonna blast VH1 the whole way there.
  2. I see a couple of animals in that top. A horse/dragon-y thing coming out of the bridge pickup cavity on the bass side toward the bridge A Polar Bear type thing grazing on the treble side of the bridge pickup toward the controls. I'm not high, either.
  3. I got married in '96 and Bowser was the entertainer on the honeymoon cruise we went on. He looked about 80 by then.
  4. I've got a 2013 Traditional that is a bit of a beater. The nitro is pretty delicate on mine, FWIW-it doesn't like stands at all. Sweet guitar though. Perfect LP for someone who feels like they need to have an LP but aren't diehard fans.
  5. I just want to know if Bill Nash was driving that backhoe.
  6. I've still got my Rockman. Still works. A couple times a year I pull it out for a laugh.
  7. Lots of help here-I knew I could count on you people. Im wanting something a little more zingy and “present” this time around.
  8. I just don't have any real experience with it. If you had Mike build you a guitar using Korina/Limba, why did you make that choice? I'd like my next build to have a slightly different voice than my Ultimate.
  9. So they both arrived and I left the day after for a week's vacation at my in-laws place. Did not bring them. First impressions- The Rickenbacker is on the light side (good). Felt really good to strap on-plugged it in and there it was. Not sure how I went all this time without having one around the house considering Squire and Lee are my biggest bass influences. I need to get the cover off the treble pickup and install the bezel I bought from the Rickenbacker boutique when I get home. The Jazz bass will be a great solution for having a fretless without having a lot of money tied up in one. If I trip over a really nice fretless Cruise 2Tek that would be a different story...
  10. I have owned multiple Rickenbacker instruments. They are kinda like the hot girl with issues that you know you should stay away from but they make it really difficult for you to do so.......
  11. I’ve already been looking at options, but did not know that Pickguardian had a solution. Thanks for the help! i had a 4001 as a kid for about a year but I sold it and got an Aria Pro II like John Taylor of Duran Duran. That was a great bass-wish I still had it.
  12. So I bought a Gibson ES-Les Paul during the CME blowout of late 2017. Never bonded with it. Then my Shishkov arrived and it became clear that the Gibson was gonna go. I don’t mind trading with a reputable dealer, and I find that if you buy something right you can make a trade work pretty well. The Gibson is already at Dave’s and I have a new Rickenbacker 4003S in Mapleglo on its way. Traded even up so I virtually broke even on the Gibson. So what do I do next? Back to CME for the July 4th sale. Fender MIJ Jazz Bass Fretless in 3 color sunburst “used, floor model” for under $650 shipped. I’ve had the same two basses since 1998. I just doubled my bass count in a week and I’m still surfing around for a fretted Jazz Bass. Stupid GAS.
  13. Dave’s momma didn’t raise no dummy. All of my Dave’s transactions have been stellar. Very generous with trade values, as well.
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