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  1. Funky Chicken

    Happy Birthday Mike

    Happy Birthday, Mike! 🎂🍺🎸
  2. Paging Mr. Platzer...
  3. Funky Chicken

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Super cool.
  4. Funky Chicken

    Who did most for Rock Guitar or who made you take it up.

    The Beatles probably caused more kids to pick up a guitar than anyone else. i was already a musician when Rick Nielsen caused me to switch from piano to guitar.
  5. Funky Chicken

    NGD-Rickenbacker 660-12

  6. Funky Chicken

    NGD-Rickenbacker 660-12

    Working on it. Super stupid with that kind of stuff.
  7. Funky Chicken

    NGD-Rickenbacker 660-12

    That's where we sourced the binding for my Shishkov. I'll see what they have for this. Thanks for reminding me. Gonna need to change out the strap buttons to start.
  8. Funky Chicken

    NGD-Rickenbacker 660-12

    I've wanted one of these for a looooonnnnggggg time. Have always been looking for a used one but they are not plentiful and the prices are usually stupid. I bought and sold other guitars, had a Shishkov built, and still really pined for a 660-12. Never even played one but knew the small neck on the other 12 string models wasn't for me. The Ruby color was introduced in 2012 and the announcement that they were discontinuing it came at Winter NAMM 2016. Two weeks ago after taking pictures of a PRS I was going to put on CL I ended up at Dave's Guitars' website. Up pops a Ruby 660-12 under "new arrivals". Wait, what? The color was discontinued over two years ago. Turns out that due to Rickenbacker's weird production schedule there were still some Ruby guitars on order and it took 2 plus years for them to work their way thru the system. Email sent. PRS traded at a value higher than I would have expected to get on CL. New guitar priced below any current used one listed on Reverb or Ebay. I have owned Ricks in the distant past (360-6, 330-12, a couple of basses) and understand their idiosyncracies pretty well. This guitar is my dream 12 string. Shocked to find it set up perfectly out of the box. Plug it in to an AC15, throw a little compression at it, and holy shit. It's every 12 string sound I ever wanted.
  9. Funky Chicken

    Zandard Owners

    Yeah, but more orangey-er.
  10. Funky Chicken

    Zandard Owners

    I toyed with having my Ultimate built with those cosmetics. Love those.
  11. Funky Chicken

    My 1980 Standard in 1980

    I had a Rhodes 73 in high school that came with an Anvil Case when I bought it used. As if the damn thing wasn't heavy enough on its own.
  12. I am in the same general area as Biz Prof. Fortunate to have a walkout basement where we can hunker down. Will case everything up and put it in an unfinished area of the basement at the front of the house. Trees could be a problem. It is looking like our prospects are improving with the updated forecast track but better safe than sorry. Stay safe, y'all.
  13. Funky Chicken

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    I think I need to get back in line. If only I could figure out what I want.
  14. I went and saw 2001-A Space Odyssey in IMAX last night. It looked just like that guitar.
  15. Funky Chicken

    The Producers in Milwaukee tonight !

    Huge fan here-saw them not too long ago here in Raleigh. They are a little loose but it's all good. Criminally underappreciated band.