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    Eric Otten

    I had so many terrific conversations with the man. Late night, thoughtful talks about just about everything. I did several repairs for him and valued him as a friend. May God Bless his soul.
  2. I passed for now. Disclosure was not readliy offered.. Perhaps later, I'll get it. Ah....the fun of the guitar biz..................................
  3. I didn't route it, I cleaned it up. It was disfigured. I got it play, and play it I did. Whatever....
  4. Yeah, that middle pickup route done by a drunk beaver was almost invisible to the casual observer.
  5. Bite me. I DID IT! It was fucked up anyway. It actually sounds a TON better now, and all the other damage to it made it unrestorable without removing the top and filling routes. I was going to fill the extra route and reveneer the top, so I put on the wraparound before I restored it. It worked great so I left it. This holier than thou attitude is sad. It's a fucking guitar.
  6. In transit to BCR, these are the pics from my guy that found it. 1958, all original. Factory Grover guitar. OHSC in pebble black/yellow lining. VERY GOOD condition. $55k Greg at bcrmusic dot com
  7. Ready to tour the world a few dozen more times......
  8. Frets leveled/crowned/polished and rosewood cleaned and oiled..... What break? Color matching done right.....
  9. No way in hell he could afford them! If I hired them, I would have no problem paying them. I have one year's backlog of repairs with just me.....If they came aboard I could easily find enough work to keep them busy.
  10. Since the images are being linked all over the web, I have exceeded Photobucket's bandwidth. Go here to stay updated.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/BCR-Music-Sound/176454402425822
  11. When I am contacted by these folks, price is rarely an issue. As to who is paying? That changes per customer. KISS Korporate paid for Tommy's guitar, Neil Young pays cash, Green Day paid out of the PD's wallet.....it's always different.
  12. Well, here's the latest.... Our handy filler plate with the classic clamp mark.... Grandpa's hand struck 1930's rasp makes short work of the mahogany.... After some scraping and sanding..... After using my Top Secret Uncle Greg's grain filler/rigidity adder/smoothedy poop..... Now it's time to paint it away. Everyone having fun?
  13. Fantastic seeing you again after all this time, fella. Back to the job at hand..... So the wood between the splines cannot be trusted. The area is thin because of the truss rod nut route, and the damage was extreme there. SO..... Grandad's rasp is used to carve a hollow where the wood was poop.... Then a piece of 50's Honduran is hand shaped to match the contour of the cut... Then it's "clamp and wait" time....
  14. Late night leveling session with my grandfather's favorite chisel.....
  15. How it looks before the splines. The routes go all the way to the face, through the cracked areas. Rough cut splines of 1950's Honduran mahogany from the Kalamazoo factory... Shaped and ready to be glued in... Clamped in with hot hide glue..... Stay tuned for more fun......
  16. Jon has the earliest Classic I have seen, and it fell. So I get to put it back. Here's a few shots of the work.... How it arrived(by courier)... Broked up bad... After hours of fiber clearing, coffee drinking and careful refitting...the hot hide glue and clamps come into play.... Not strong enough, time for the routing. By hand. With a Dremel.
  17. I have a gig at the end of the month if I can get in on this. Bil rocked FUCKING HARD.
  18. I have a ridiculous collection of vintage Les Pauls and modern handmade guitars. My main guitar? A $699 Schecter Solo6 Custom. The thing WORKS.
  19. Unless it is refinished in "Swirl". The guitar, not the kid. Why waste good paint?
  20. Carvins are like the kid that is always hanging out but never really makes a damn bit of difference in what's going on.
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