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  1. Personally if you're not going to do it for a living, I would just get a regular soldering gun… As opposed to a fancy soldering station... I've used this for years, it is a 2 stage 30/130watt.. You'll need the extra "boost" for ground soldering and it's only $31.. trust me, it works great! Weller TB100PK 30 Watt/130 Watt Therma Boost Heat Tool https://a.co/d/0tXwMtr
  2. Normally I would but it's about $200 more than I would pay for it and I'm really leary of buying guitars from a State that just suffered a massive Hurricane 🌀
  3. I love it... I have a soft spot for old beat up guitars... "lots of rust though and wonder if the neck is straight and if the pickups work?"... half tempted to spend a year cleaning her up, installing new frets, removing that slider switch & pickguard and just playing her as she deserves to be played again
  4. I don't know the level of your craftiness but It can be done…Those cracks are on your side as is the light relic look... good luck in your quest
  5. One day people are going to realize that there are more Les Pauls than there are stars in the sky
  6. You can get that touched up by a pro or go and find/have mix color match paint and do it yourself... via airbrush or spray can... professional auto paint stores will color match the paint and put it in a spray can all charged up with air... then carefully mask off the area "use low stick tape or tape that you've stuck to your jeans first" to avoid additional paint lifting... depends how much you want to spend
  7. Not to sound like a smart ass but Google is your friend... there are plenty of videos to check out... relax, and watch 1/2 dozen videos before attempting... I made a sanding beam with a piece of straight box aluminum but bought a "FretGuru" Crowning File @ Amazon for $40 "indispensable"... good luck and take your time... might also be a good time to pick up some 600-2000 grit sandpaper or 0000 steel wool
  8. Yes 1st check seating... Sanding will work but you'll need to re-crown the flat spot you just created... but 1st check for straightness and adjust relief via truss rod...
  9. I'd drive an hour for that guitar... you can EASILY make $1000+ reselling it ~ Although you may have to wait a tad until this inflation subsides a bit... but maybe not,
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