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  1. I dunno,... I'm kind of diggin this guitar and its graphic... It's got that Budokan thing going on especially if you remove all signatures from the front with WD-40 or something~
  2. I've always had good luck meeting & obtaining signatures with famous people including Michael Schenker... he has always been very nice to me & has signed quite a few items for me... I've even had Joe Satriani sign one of my old Charvels... I once had Whitesnake sign the back of one of my American Beretta necks then youth+bong hits+and a inquisitive mind had me sand the profile down right up to the truss rod 😞 & I'm not sure why I'm confessing all this πŸ˜†
  3. Both USA's on headstock looks weird... Hmmmm... after current review, maybe not πŸ˜†
  4. I'm not sure if this counts or not but... Too many Star Licks VHS guitar lessons
  5. I also own a Dark Terror and thought I liked the sound until I bought a 1 watt Marshall JVM1H
  6. Please excuse me for my ignorance but is this a parts guitar?.. a custom replica? Where's the neck pickup?.. Or a modified Cali?
  7. Exactly!.. & If you record a CD on Vinyl, it'll still be digital with added pops and crackles
  8. You need to stick around because you're the glue that keeps us all together... Live long!πŸ––
  9. The whole idea of a vinyl vs CD is "analog vs digital"... Why would you use a digital source then record it with analog? 😞
  10. Sending a prayer and good wishes for your speedy recovery... Even though you have a girl's nameπŸ˜†
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