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  1. Cool is this a Megadeth class?.. can I join in?.. I brought my pencil... 😆 I'd like to add another example of the complimenting contrast starting at about 2:17 🤘
  2. Hi George, hope all is well... you had a Super 58 in the bridge?.. the pickups in this Destroyer II are the alnico 5 V2 bridge & alnico 8 Super 70 neck... pretty cool combo & surprisingly versatile
  3. That Vector is hideous!.. You should probably give it to me 😆
  4. Dueling Destroyer II's 🤘 The sands of time for me are running low~~~~~~ YEAH!
  5. Nope, I'm looking at a 210H in Arizona... & thanks for the tips... Just doing the math to see if it's a worthwhile project or not... and now he just dropped it down to $350... But do I need yet another project?.. that's the question... seems like all these deals come up when I'm trying to thin the herd 😆
  6. Hey y'all, I'm thinking about picking up a slightly used 2018 Marshall jvm210h 100w for cheap "$400"... the previous owner says it was working then just quit, I asked him if the tubes are still glowing and he said just 3 are... wondering if it's worth picking up and troubleshooting or not... I'm thinking even if three tubes are working he should still get sound right?
  7. Congrats!.. great guitars~ & that's a really cool graphic
  8. Good plan... May I suggest some Double Live Gonzo instead? 🤘
  9. Hey Texsunburst59 whatever happened to that Kramer Baretta?
  10. This is my deserted island album... Side 3 or C with Lights Out and Rock Bottom just give me chills every freaking time I listen to it~
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