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  1. The sky is red, I don't understand, past midnight I still see the land. People are sayin' the woman is damned, she makes you burn with a wave of her hand. The city's a blaze, the town's on fire. The woman's flames are reaching higher. We were fools, we called her liar. All I hear is "Burn!" I didn't believe she was devil's sperm. She said, "Curse you all, you'll never learn! When I leave there's no return." The people laughed till she said, "Burn!" Warning came, no one cared. Earth was shakin', we stood and stared. When it came no one was spared. Still I hear is "Burn!"
  2. Said in your best Cliff Clavin voice~?
  3. Just when you think you're out... They drag you back in!
  4. You mean, switch the "Amps" impedance selector in half right? ?
  5. I find a 1/2 power option with the loop master volume to be very useful features... also there is a 6v6 SS 112 & a EL34S 50w 112 On Reverb "just to try out" but highly recommend the mini heads Splawn Super Sport Combo https://reverb.com/item/28160239-splawn-super-sport-combo?_aid=pla&utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share 2019 Splawn Super Sport Combo, 50w, EL34 https://reverb.com/item/29790833-2019-splawn-super-sport-combo-50w-el34?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share
  6. You do have nice amps however, I might add that since the addition of the two Splawns, I have pretty much sold all my other amps off... Boogie Mark III, Rivera, Soldano, various Marshalls, another Astroverb, Riviera era Fender Concert, etc... they just have that very cool Marshall~esque sound that's been in my head since the 80s... I encourage you to try one out ?
  7. Yes sir... 6V6... I also have a full size head 50watter with 1/2 power option "kinda heavy though" ?
  8. Why not just make more?.. Surplus can easily be sold on eBay or Reverb
  9. This whole episode reminds me of a klusterfuk transaction I had on eBay where I sold a bunch of freshly pulled JBL 075 and 077 bullet tweeters... shipped to a PO Box via eBay Global Shipping program, shortly after, the buyer wanted a full refund stating that I had replaced the OEM diaphragms with aftermarkets... luckily I had very good photos of the wax seals that were still intact and through a series of emails had him accidentally confess that he opened them up, thus revealing he tried to switch and return ? EBay representatives were monitoring the email and shut him down accordingly ?
  10. If it was mine, I would get it fixed as I personally love and adore those old receivers... I'm not a audiophile per se and have a old giant Pioneer SX 1980 that sounds incredible!.. I can actually hear the bass drum pedal springs squeak on Since I've Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin ?
  11. It depends... Do you love the blissfully warm Sound?.. are you fairly handy with electronics? Transistors & light bulbs are cheap... However, If you have to Outsource the repair work, probably not...
  12. Double stamp?.. I don't see anything... Put down the booze old man ?
  13. 6V6 Splawn Super Sport head with a Bogner Cube or a Rivera era Super Champ, BBE Green Screamer
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