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  1. Said in your best Cliff Clavin voice~😆
  2. Just when you think you're out... They drag you back in!
  3. You mean, switch the "Amps" impedance selector in half right? 😉
  4. I find a 1/2 power option with the loop master volume to be very useful features... also there is a 6v6 SS 112 & a EL34S 50w 112 On Reverb "just to try out" but highly recommend the mini heads Splawn Super Sport Combo https://reverb.com/item/28160239-splawn-super-sport-combo?_aid=pla&utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share 2019 Splawn Super Sport Combo, 50w, EL34 https://reverb.com/item/29790833-2019-splawn-super-sport-combo-50w-el34?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share
  5. You do have nice amps however, I might add that since the addition of the two Splawns, I have pretty much sold all my other amps off... Boogie Mark III, Rivera, Soldano, various Marshalls, another Astroverb, Riviera era Fender Concert, etc... they just have that very cool Marshall~esque sound that's been in my head since the 80s... I encourage you to try one out 😉
  6. Yes sir... 6V6... I also have a full size head 50watter with 1/2 power option "kinda heavy though" 😞
  7. Why not just make more?.. Surplus can easily be sold on eBay or Reverb
  8. This whole episode reminds me of a klusterfuk transaction I had on eBay where I sold a bunch of freshly pulled JBL 075 and 077 bullet tweeters... shipped to a PO Box via eBay Global Shipping program, shortly after, the buyer wanted a full refund stating that I had replaced the OEM diaphragms with aftermarkets... luckily I had very good photos of the wax seals that were still intact and through a series of emails had him accidentally confess that he opened them up, thus revealing he tried to switch and return 😞 EBay representatives were monitoring the email and shut him down accordingly 😉
  9. If it was mine, I would get it fixed as I personally love and adore those old receivers... I'm not a audiophile per se and have a old giant Pioneer SX 1980 that sounds incredible!.. I can actually hear the bass drum pedal springs squeak on Since I've Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin 😆
  10. It depends... Do you love the blissfully warm Sound?.. are you fairly handy with electronics? Transistors & light bulbs are cheap... However, If you have to Outsource the repair work, probably not...
  11. Double stamp?.. I don't see anything... Put down the booze old man 😆
  12. 6V6 Splawn Super Sport head with a Bogner Cube or a Rivera era Super Champ, BBE Green Screamer
  13. Now $329... 9 times out of 10 Amazon has direct link source to most sale items
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