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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here, the best guitar forum on the web! 👍
  2. I've owned several over the years (mostly vintage ones including a '65 360, '67 330, and a '63 625), and found the 360 is a bit more comfortable with the rounded front edges but both the 330 and 360 sound very similar to my ears. I like the sound and the visuals, but like Chris while I lust for them when I have one they just don't mesh with me that well... I do currently own a 360-12/V63 since I played in a popular Beatles tribute band for several years, and I upgraded the bridge to a 12-saddle version as otherwise it never sounded in-tune to me. Definitely like the vintage toaster pickups
  3. Thanks Dutchman, appreciate that! I must confess that I do enjoy good whiskey now and then, but I'm no conessouir by any means... 😆
  4. Speaking of Hamer 12 string guitars, does anyone know if Robin Zander still has that Hamer/Ric 620 copy 12-string he used to play in the late 70's/early 80's? That was one of the coolest ever IMO!
  5. Today it was such a beautiful day in Denver that I decided to snap a few guitar/car photos. The first photo shows my '85 Hamer Electaglide SMG and my killer '81 Hamer Bound Vector, while the second one shows my '86 PRS Custom in Vintage Yellow with a one piece top and my '87 PRS Signature #106 in Faded Tortoise Shell. The car is my 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S in Lava Orange... I've had the license plates since 1993 and won't ever let them go until I can drive no more... 😆
  6. Very cool, sounds great and loved that guitar solo, very Eliotty! 😎
  7. I've got the X-Vive and only used it once live and several times in rehearsals, and it works great and lasts much longer on a charge than the traditional battery packs ever did. I think I used it for 3-4 rehearals at 2-3 hours apiece before having to recharge them, and no more batteries to replace. Haven't experienced a single drop-out yet either! They supposedly don't have the range of more expensive systems, but I'm never more than 30-40' away from my rig and even then that's rare. Highly recommended and I personally like the "bug" style units as I hate the cable and battery packs. The
  8. I've owned many over the years, but I'd have to say the Electraglide SMG. The guitars neck is just so perfect for me and it plays so effortlessly... It's a bit on the heavy side but man does it sing!
  9. Great stuff here! Oh the memories... My first show was Kiss and the opener was a band called Detective in 1977 at McNichols Arena in Denver (their Love Gun tour). I was 12 at the time and my buddies mom took us to see them, and saw them again in Nov '79 on the Dynasty tour at the same venue. My first outdoor concert was Sunday #1 at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO (CU campus) in July 1980 and comprised of Bill Bruford Band opening (was supposed to be April Wine but drummer had broken his arm/leg, can't recall), Sammy Hagar (I was 15 and he blew me away!), Blackfoot, REO Speedwagon, and headlin
  10. I purchased my PRS Private Stock Santana model from this seller and let's just say I got it for a MUCH better deal than his asking price on the website. Good guy and easy to deal with too.
  11. EVH was a big influence on me early on... I remember the first time I heard "Ice Cream Man" and I was floored! His sense of hard-rock style and swagger set the stage for the 80's and beyond. While I think there have been players that technically surpassed him, no one else had that tone and style that only Eddie could bring. His sense of melody and timing were sublime, and he will go down along with Hendrix as the biggest rock guitar innovators ever. RIP EVH... we'll miss you! 😢
  12. I recall the first time I saw or heard a Duo-Tone, it was Pearl Jam at Red Rocks back in 1995 (on their ill-fated self-sponsored tour that only lasted 5-7 dates IIRC) as I was lucky enough to be in the front row and when they started playing "Daughter" I was looking around on the stage to see who was playing the acoustic intro, then realized the guitarist was playing it on a Hamer DuoTone. That was a mesmerizing moment for me (the concert wasn't bad either 😉) and I was determined to get one someday. Took me another 14 years but I finally got my first one in 2009 (it's a '96 3-holer in Natura
  13. Doesn't get much better than that, awesome!!! 👍
  14. I've always thought TRG overprices their inventory, and this is another example...
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