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  1. On those Specials the neck humbucker is flipped from the factory. I've seen several of them and all have been that way. Super-cool fiddles there Django49, and I especially love that Santana... Stunning guitar and great top and finish. GLWS!
  2. No contest, the all original '64 Strat I picked up 2 years ago at Austin Vintage Guitars when my wife took me there for my birthday. I was born in '65 and asked if they had any '65s in stock, and they brought me an Olympic White '65 and this '64, which was an easy winner. Easily one of the best playing/sounding Strats I've ever heard. Neck is dated April '64 and all 3 pickups dated 6/2/64. Has the case-candy too... A pre-CBS Fender was always on my "bucket list" so I was glad I finally could fulfill that mission!
  3. Here's a few: 2019 Gibson Limited Edition Firebird I in Frost Blue, 1986 PRS Pre-Standard in Baby Blue (the one on the left is also an '86 and is a serial # only 36 off the blue one), and my Fender Roland-Ready Strat in George Harrison's Rocky paint job:
  4. Kiss at McNichols Arena in Denver, 1977 on the Alive II tour. I was 12 and it was my first concert. I think my ears are still ringing today! Also saw them in 1979 on the Dynasty tour and their 1996 reunion tour which was almost a carbon copy. INXS at Red Rocks in 1986... It was raining that night and the band was just ON! Michael Hutchence wiped out on stage early on and just got up and kept on going. Just an amazing evening and one of my favorite bands of all time. Cheap Trick at Red Rocks in 2016. They were supposed to open for Peter Frampton but he ended up being sick so Tr
  5. That new Jackson at $2,700 is a Japanese made model, not USA. While I love me some Japanese Jacksons (my '93 JTX model is one of the finest sounding and playing guitars I've ever owned), I can't fathom paying that for a non-USA model. I've owned my fair share of Jacksons over the years including some early ones that I wish I never sold, but that is a reach for me at that price-point. I too love the Strat-head Jacksons! I've got my refinished USA Adrian Smith model and the JTX and those take good care of me. ๐Ÿ˜
  6. I've got 10 PRSi, with 2 Pre-Standards from 1986 (all mahogany construction), 5 Customs of various vintages, a Singlecut, Private Stock Santana, and a 594 Semi-Hollow. Custom's are my faves and the best sounding ones are probably the Pre-Standards. For some reason those early T & B pickups just kill in solid mahogany bodies... If I need to grab 1 for a gig it's usually my 2005 20th Anniversary Custom, as I love the 59/09 Pickups PRS put in it for me back in 2009:
  7. A band I used to play with in the 80's had one of those Hendrick's in bubble gum pink. Hard to forget those! Hideous guitar IMO but they are very collectible today...
  8. I actually worked on the video crew for the "In The Round In Your Face" video shoot in Denver (which included the videos for "Pour Some Sugar On Me", Armaggedon It", etc.) and I was up on the stage during the day with Rick Allen and he pointed underneath the stage and asked if I knew what went on under there, when I shrugged and asked he replied "it's like Caligula under there!" ๐Ÿ˜… They were all great guys and it was an incredible experience for a young buck like myself. Phil showed me his entire Jackson tour collection up close and personal too as I was enamored with Jacksons at the time...
  9. Happy Birthday Chris, how cool is that?!!! Nice Dwight he's got there too... ๐Ÿ‘
  10. Cool new tune, reminded me of Sick Man of Europe from 10+ years ago. I remember talking to Robin years ago and couldn't believe he smoked with that voice of his. He just shrugged and said it never bothered him. That was over 20 years ago and his voice, while not what it once was, is still better than most! Love me some CT!!! ๐Ÿ‘
  11. YES! Bound neck and dots... Not much cooler than that! If I was currently in the market that would be a contender.๐Ÿ‘
  12. I've got one that a buddy did a custom paint job in the 1990's, a Yellow Submarine graphic that I just love. The neck has a slight twist to it so it's mostly a wall decoration at this point, but it does still play OK and sounds good too. When I got it it was "none more black" and I figured it would be a perfect candidate for a paint job. Here it is (the back has a sweet Yellow Sub painted on it with a white background.
  13. John Mann made the original PRS tremolos too, and they are superior to the later 2 piece versions that PRS switched to. One of the reasons I like vintage PRSi so much!
  14. U2 at Red Rocks summer of 1983, for the "Under a Blood Red Sky" recording and video. Had several friends attend but I just couldn't be convinced to go for some reason. One of my old college buddies described it as "magical" and he obviously wasn't kidding. Still kicking myself for that one to this day... I did get to see them on the Joshua Tree tour in Denver which was also filmed for the "Rattle & Hum" movie, and while it was a great concert too in '83 they were still up & coming versus being huge by the time Rattle & Hum was filmed. Plus, can't compare an indoor arena (or ba
  15. Yeah, I know and Keith was his godfather IIRC, but he still would have been better at 13 than Kenny Jones could ever be... ๐Ÿ˜†
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