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  1. Outside of the Beatles, CT is my favorite all-time band and I've seen them at least 20 times (I lost count years ago) starting in 1980 and have had the good fortune to hang out with them after a show here in downtown Denver back in the late 1990's. Hung out at the bar talking with Bun E. and Robin for a few hours and couldn't have been better guys. Bun E. talked about fishing and Robin talked about being a Packers fan and we didn't even talk music! Saw them last when they opened for Poison 2 years ago and at Red Rocks back in 2015 or 2016 when they were touring with Peter Frampton. Frampton ended up being sick so we got lucky and CT performed solo for well over 2 hours, one of the best shows I've ever seen them put on! It was also filmed for the AXS channel and I have that saved on my DVR too. While I do miss Bun E. Dax does an incredible job on the skins and it's great to see Tom busting out his old Hamer 12's again... I had spoken to him about them back in the late 90's and he wasn't happy with them then for some reason (he was playing those Chandler 12-string basses at the time), and I must say those new Gretsch 12ers he's playing now are super cool! One of my old friends Scott "Scooter" Stevenson was the guy that helped design the Uncle Dick guitar as well as his Hamer Synth Sax guitar back in the 1980s too. Glad to hear they are still at the top of their game and hopefully they'll make it out west here sometime in 2020!
  2. That is just amazing! Congrats and enjoy it, one of my dream basses!!! 😎
  3. While it's got a very few slight scratches it's about as clean as you can find for an '81! No checking or fade to the finish, and the case has more wear than the guitar so it was definitely a closet queen... 😀
  4. Congrats, love it! I've got an '81 bound Vector (purchased from another forum member) and it is an amazing guitar. Really love the neck profile and it's nice and punchy sounding too...
  5. That is a beautiful PRS, congrats Ernie! Can't believe that's just a 10-top... What a great score!
  6. Best by far: Finally got a "bucket list" guitar, an all-original 1964 Stratocaster in excellent condition. Purchased from Austin Vintage Guitars on my first trip to Austin... Asked if they had any '64-'65 Strats in stock and they brought down one of both. The '65 was in Olympic White but after playing it I wasn't overly enthralled. That changed completely the second I played the '64. In fact, it's one of the finest guitars I've ever played and I've owned literally hundreds of them! Didn't even plug it in for about 45 minutes, as I couldn't wipe the smile off my face! Finally got around to electrifying it and was equally amazed. I've read about '63-'64 pickups and what they say is true, best sounding Fender p/u's I've ever heard! Neck is dated April '64 and the p/u's are dated June 2, 1964 as I did all the inspection necessary when purchasing this type of instrument. Has the original case with the original hang tag booklet (and matching serial #!), strap, and even an old white plastic Fender pick sleeve. The action was so low I had to raise it a bit to meet my needs and it doesn't buzz at all and plays like a dream up and down the neck. It just FEELS right! I've played many pre-CBS Fenders over the years but never one that felt or sounded as good as this one does. This one will stay in the collection for a long time:
  7. Just gorgeous! Best of luck with the sale Ken and hope your dog gets better soon!
  8. Just did a quick search on SOLD '75 Strats on Ebay and 2 recently sold for $2,500-$2,600 and both were in more common colors (Sunburst and Walnut) and neither look as nice as this one. The Sunburst one sold for $2,600 and had replaced pickups and a 5-way switch. I'd think yours would be valued a bit more than either of these, but YMMV.
  9. Cool guitar and black Strats from that era aren't as common as one would think (and this is an earlier '75 model since this is the year they transitioned to black plastics too). I'm guessing it would be priced in the $3-3.5K range at most dealers with a replaced switch (and kudos to you for hanging onto the original parts!)... Don't know what the current market demand is for mid-70s Strats really is but as mentioned the color will make it more desirable to many. Sure is a nice looking one and best of luck with the sale!
  10. Love me some Gurus! One of my favorite bands and I saw them 30 years ago here in Denver. They will be out here again next Halloween as part of their 2020 tour and I'll be there for sure! Mars Needs Guitars is one of my favorite albums from the 1980's and they've continued to follow that formula for decades now. Glad to see they still have fans here in the States too! 👍
  11. Here's my real relic which is actually pretty clean, an all original 1964 Strat:
  12. That is gorgeous! Love the color and the top... Congrats!!! 👍
  13. Wildwood is one of the best guitar shops in the world! They are the largest Fender Custom Shop dealer in the world too... I've purchased several guitars from them and their long-time sales guy Bruce is a personal friend. Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with... Highly recommended!
  14. I've got a Quilter Aviator combo (100w) with the 8" Celestion speaker and it weighs 20 lbs and the clean channel sounds great with pedals and I love it for easy jam sessions and quick rehearsals. Does it sound as good as my Boogie, Vox, or H&K tube amps? Not quite but it definitely has punch and definition and it weighs half of the other amps/cabs. The Celestion 8" speaker also stuns me with it's clarity and full-range response for such as small speaker. It's a great solution for it's portability and overall tone when you don't feel like dragging the larger gear around with you. I read several reviews before purchasing it too and have been happy with it now for over 2 years. YMMV...
  15. You got that for a 2018 SG? That's like taking candy from a baby, congrats and it's a beauty!!! 😮🤘
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