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  1. Wildwood is one of the best guitar shops in the world! They are the largest Fender Custom Shop dealer in the world too... I've purchased several guitars from them and their long-time sales guy Bruce is a personal friend. Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with... Highly recommended!
  2. I've got a Quilter Aviator combo (100w) with the 8" Celestion speaker and it weighs 20 lbs and the clean channel sounds great with pedals and I love it for easy jam sessions and quick rehearsals. Does it sound as good as my Boogie, Vox, or H&K tube amps? Not quite but it definitely has punch and definition and it weighs half of the other amps/cabs. The Celestion 8" speaker also stuns me with it's clarity and full-range response for such as small speaker. It's a great solution for it's portability and overall tone when you don't feel like dragging the larger gear around with you. I read several reviews before purchasing it too and have been happy with it now for over 2 years. YMMV...
  3. You got that for a 2018 SG? That's like taking candy from a baby, congrats and it's a beauty!!! 😮🤘
  4. I picked up one of my bucket list guitars, an all-original '64 Strat, from Austin Vintage Guitars earlier this summer... Great folks to deal with and they have plenty of great guitars to ogle over!! https://www.austinvintageguitars.com/
  5. What a pair of stunning guitars! Hope you're doing alright and best of luck with the sales!
  6. Damn, this getting old stuff sucks! Definitely a trend setter from the late 70s/early 80s. RIP Ric...
  7. Late summer 1982 at an outdoor festival with my first Hamer, an early Sunburst. Wish I still had it! I traded a mid 1970s Les Paul Standard for it and the Hamer came with an Anvil flight case too!
  8. While overall I agree (especially given the body of work both Lennon and McCartney put out with the Beatles and solo), one can argue that "Something" and "Here Comes The Sun" are as iconic as anything Lennon and/or McCartney came up with. Wasn't it Sinatra that said "Something" is the greatest song Lennon and McCartney ever wrote? 😮 YMMV... 😀
  9. By the late '60s George had proven himself the equal, or even better, of a songwriter than Lennon or McCartney. This album just put the icing on the cake... One of the all-time greats and never really seems to get his due. It's funny how he only got the chance to put a one or two songs on each Beatles record, but when you hear the list of the greatest Beatles songs of all-time his always rise to the top of the list (Something, Here Comes the Sun, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Taxman, etc.) As I've grown older George has become my favorite of all the Beatles!👍
  10. Here's my 2000 PRS Singlecut with a one-piece 10 top, first year they were made. Second is my 2016 Gibson Aged 1959 Lester reissue that just feels and looks right...
  11. I've got 3, and they are very special guitars to me: 1985 Electraglide SMG 😎 1981 Bound Vector 🤘 1996 Duotone 😀 The '85 Electraglide might have the best neck I've ever played on ANY electric guitar, period.
  12. I'm supposed to meet the other buyer this weekend, but if it falls through I'll let you know... Thanks!
  13. Hey HHB, sorry for the late response... I've also got it listed on Craig's List and someone else has committed via email, but I'm awaiting confirmation from them. If they don't get back to me in the next day I'll let you have it via postal money order. I'll confirm once I hear back from the first potential buyer, thanks!
  14. Here is a used Carvin EM900S UHF Stereo/Mono in-ear monitor system with 2 sets of earphones and the optional rack-mount ears. The system works great and allows you to get your preferred monitor mix sent right to your earphones. It is a true diversity system that offers 960 selectable channels so it can be used with other systems and not interfere with them. This set up includes the original set of Carvin earphones (missing one of the 6 ear buds of various sizes), as well as a set of Shure single driver earbuds with its own sets of various size earbuds that sells new for $100 separately . Outside of some scratches on the top of the unit (see pics) from being rack-mounted, the unit is in great condition and works amazingly well. I used it in a band with 3 other players that also used them and we never had any issues in using them in any environment. Go price a new true diversity in-ear system and you'll see this is a bargain! If you've never used one, you owe it to yourself to save your hearing on-stage and get the exact mix you want to hear right in your ears. Includes everything pictured including the original owners manual. Don't have any use for it anymore otherwise I'd be keeping it.Asking $275 shipped/PP within the continental USA. Reach out if you have any questions, thanks!
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