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  1. I agree with the price/ performance intersection of MIJ Guitars from this era. I often play a 1977 Yamaha SG-1500. Originally sold from Sound Post Music in Evanston, IL (the sticker is still on the back of the headstock) it’s not stock- as the pickups and electronics were swapped out before (and again after) I got it back in 2012. It’s rock solid, plays/ stays in tune and with push/pull coil spitting, it’s very versatile. There’s also a 81’ Yamaha SA-2000 here (although it’s more appointed) I’ve had since buying it new for back in ‘82 that I used to play in a lounge quartet. Both are top-notch instruments. Here’s the SG-1500 from earlier this month...
  2. I have a cd from about 15 years ago with these guys- The Twangbangers, or something. It’s highlights include amalgamations of Kirchen’s signature of being on the brink of running off the rails and then landing on his feet (creating some great pickin’) and Volkert’s just being ridiculously great.
  3. Back in 9th grade we had a little garage band and while listening to some records of stuff we wanted to learn, my older brother comes in the room waiving this album that he had just bought (proclaiming something like “ if you guys want to play something good then try some of this”) that ended up being three sides of vinyl that forever changed this then-ninth grader...
  4. I have both versions, but more experience with the original. I originally just used it at rehearsals, but getting some gigs late last that had very limited space- (our band is a 9 piece) I decided to just use my fly rig. The FOH guy said that the tones were very good and since I’m using iems, I don’t really hear what’s out in the room anyways, so I trust his word. A few weeks ago the V-2 arrived and at that gig I ran it into the return on my amp (with the cab sim off) and it sounded great- the Clean, Plexi and Cali sounds were all very useable. (I prefer the drift functionality on the original’s delay vs. the on/off setting with the V-2, but the dotted eighth note addition is a nice add to the new one. Also the effects loop allows for additional capabilities. This past Saturday & Sunday, just the V-2 was used- Saturday was outdoors (but limited stage space) and Sunday was a decent sized stage under a giant tent for about 1200 or so, but with another band loading on as soon as we got off, so I didn’t want to mess with an amp and the peripherals. The XLR worked great and again, the sound guy- who I trust, said the sounds were very good. In retrospect, these Fly Rigs (and the likes) are convenient, have some pretty decent and useable sounds and offer a lot of flexibility. There’s certainly more capable stuff out there- our bandleader has a Kemper, but to me these sound and perform/ play very good, and convincingly so though both an amp and a PA.
  5. That’s some serious (now) Central Wisconsin Lumber!...
  6. I had my audiologist make some impressions and the resulting the fitted earpieces accept filters of -5, -10, -15 db and so on. Good luck with the hearing test.
  7. More aesthetics as I’m not thinking about it one way or the other when playing...
  8. Here’s the whole version of that episode that i’m sure many of us have already viewed. Ed can’t even keep a straight face...
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