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  1. Yep, there are some export taxes, vat and all that good stuff that can be up to 30% of original price. I’ll need to go to customs office write dozen of papers etc. I have Euro, seller in USA wants dollar, PayPal has horrible exchange rate. I might get guitar from USA but it going to cost me more money that if I get it here. Maybe somebody knows way to smuggle guitar in EU without all of that, but not me That’s why I’m looking to get it in EU But might consider to get in from USA if I find it cheap.
  2. Hello everybody. I did post this video on Facebook hamer page, but forgot to post it here. I compared three hamers Californian with mahagony body, deluxe with alder, and another Cali with maple body. all the guitars are almost same weight same fresh strings, but unfortunately I didn't have identical pickups. Anyway I hope you find that video interesting. cheers
  3. how did you repaint headstock and keep logo untouched?