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  1. Hmm.  I recently got an old used sustainblock bridge.  I was told it came off an 82 so I assumed narrow.  The string spacing is 2.00 inches but the saddles Are wide.   They measure out at .410 and won’t center over the holes.  Is this normal or did somebody mix and match and some point?



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  2. I don’t  really give a hoot who owned a guitar before me as long as it’s a guitar I want, but that jr is being sold by a working musician with some notoriety, if others are into that sort of thing. 

    I kinda wish Hamer had made more korina specials with 2 humbuckers    I bet it sounds badass    



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  3. On 1/14/2022 at 3:30 PM, tbonesullivan said:

    Nail Polish remover is dilute acetone, and should remove superglue. Definitely easier to work with than straight acetone, which often evaporates too fast to do any good.  You can try scraping off the excess with a razor blade CAREFULLY before using the solvents.

    Thanks for the info.  Will definitely start with the acetone(nail polish)   I’m pretty good at leveling with a razor blade.  Gonna give this a go tomorrow.  At worst I’ll work up through the high grits when done and polish out.   

  4. It’s a Long story, and while usually an eff up like this would be my own doing, someone got a drop of superglue on one of my hamers.  Right on the back of the neck where my thumb contacts it near the 14 th fret.    It’s a 2003 so I assume a urethane finish.  Any good ways to remove this short of scraping and sanding without screwing up the original finish?

    acetone maybe?   

    thanks for any help.  


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