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  1. On 5/24/2021 at 12:47 PM, DaveH said:

    I'll give ya $350 for it. 😂

    The finish did turn out good. How big was your spray booth?

    Nice try.  

    Per the booth, not big enough.  But it was 8’ high by 4’ wide and 5’ deep.   I actually converted a part of my patio by installing vertical 2”x2” and then stapling 6mil clear tarp around.    I had filters and fans(sure it was err explosion proof yeah that’s it) to extract and pump in air.   Luckily i already have a 35 gallon air compressor.  
    I might refinish the first guitar with nitro.  The tru oil feels pretty nice but doesn’t look as good. 

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  2. 3 hours ago, polara said:

    I THINK Precision is part of Fast Guitars, who do a fine job on building some high-end guitars you have heard of... of course the builder makes a difference, but if this is the company I'm thinking of, the wood and machining will be very good.

    You are correct.  

  3. B986378E-2BDE-4B80-9F8C-437AFE91F36C.jpeg4D005307-793C-49F9-8B8C-F4538D01AAB9.jpeg1CCAEFAF-64A5-4EA2-9363-FA5A3D404461.jpegI’ve done 2 from precision.  The nicest of all the kits I’ve seen.  Both mine have had really nice wood.  

    first one dc special/Junior.  Wish I would have just ordered this with one pickup.  Turned out good but would’ve been better if my finishing skills were better   Plays great.  This guitar rings out loud and longer than any other guitar I’ve owned   I wish they would set the neck further into the body like a Hamer. Their double pickup route is dumb looking even it does sound fine  I know it’s so the neck doesn’t crack but if they did it the Hamer way it would be awesome  

    Second was the korina standard/explorer.  Plus I ordered it with an ebony board  and ebony headstock overlay.    I just don’t have the budget to pay 4K for a korina standard.   It’s nice that these are the same thickness (1.75” ) as a Hamer not the skinnier body of a Gibson.
    The wood is lovely on mine and my nitro finish turned out better than I could have imagined.  I took my time and built a spray booth.  Had a couple mistakes that I sanded back and fixed  

    This is now my #1 guitar   Wired it up with Gravelin charlottes which I also have in my Studio Custom   The string to string definition on this guitar is awesome   I wouldn’t expect much tone difference to the studio custom with the same pickups but there is bit of difference   The studio custom just sounds mushier on the bottom end  and chording.   But it does sing just a tad more on leads. I’ve even been toying with selling the studio custom so I can do another precision build in the style of a flame maple topped standard.   I really dig the body shape. 


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  4. More recently I’ve been down to go to big production shows.  

    For my bday the wife got me tickets to Iron Maiden’s last tour.   Damn it was awesome.  If I can rock at that age I’d be happy.  Plus it was all the old favorites.  

    Saw Kiss in Oakland last year right before the shutdowns with my dad, brother and both brother in laws.  They might not be at the top of their game and giant money making douches, but they still put on a show.  Glad to see them at least once in my life.  An experience for sure. 


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  5. First big arena concert was Nine Inch Nails and some dude named David Bowie in 94.  How was I to know I already knew most of the songs the headliner played.  I guess my parents had great taste.  Awesome show.  

    Pantera in February 2001.  The might have been in the edge of break up but it was an awesome show.  Soulfly played a bunch of Sepultura songs.  It was bad ass.  Drank 7&7 out of a big gulp on the lightrail as we pre funked headed to the show.  

    Voodoo glow skulls at a small club called La luna (formerly pine street theater) in 96.  Never seen so much energy and precision in such a small venue since.  Blew my 16 year old mind.  

    Less than Jake.  Multiple times at clubs in Portland in the nineties.   Never failed to put on the best show.  Always felt I got more than my dollars worth.  

    The Floozies 2 years ago here in Portland.  You want badass electro funk with a seriously underrated duo? Hadn’t even heard of them, went with a friend who insisted.   This guitarist doesn’t get flashy yet is so good, with nary a note missed.  They incorporate modern tech with amazing musicianship.  If you like funk prepare to have your mind altered. Its the next generation of funk.   Serious song writing abilities   Jam after jam   



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  6. 5 hours ago, Scarab85 said:

    Just wondering, what does "COCV" mean anyway? I've seen that referenced here but unsure of the acronym. Also, when you say price is "insane", in today's market what should these sell for then? 

    While stop tail and tuneomatic bridged Hamer korinas are “rare” compared to     wraptail juniors, I’d  think they are less desirable around here.  At least for me it is.  Solid korina wrap tails seem to sell around $1500 it seems.   I would price this the same if it  were me and I was trying to seriously sell it.  Then again not a lot of them for sale lately.  

    that being said not my guitar.   Who knows with with the way the guitar market has been through this COVID year 🤔

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